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With a capital of 5 million dong, what business should be high profit, quick capital recovery?

You are passionate about starting a business to get rich, but withWhat business should I do with 5 million? Is 5 million capital business real? Those questions, those questions will be answered through this article. So if you are planning to start a business with a capital of less than 5 million, don’t miss it. With a small capital of 5 million you can choose the following business trends.

What business should I do with 5 million capital?

What kind of business should you trade with 5 million capital?

With the amount of 5 million, it is not correct to say that this is a small amount, it is not correct to say that it is a large amount. In business, it seems that 5 million can’t do anything, but you believe that 5 million capital is not real, only 5 million if you know how to choose a suitable business model and a strategy. If the business strategy is right, it is certain that the concept of “business capital of 5 million” will no longer be a utopia. You can absolutely profit from this amount.

For those of you who want to learn more about new ideas that are trending today, you can read more in the article 5 Business ideas that are trending.

1. What business with a capital of 5 million?

Each business form has its own characteristics and ways, success or not depends on many factors such as environment, circumstances, amount of investment capital, market demand. Therefore, not every business way is suitable for you, it is necessary to analyze and choose the right idea.

What business should I do with 5 million capital?

With a capital of 5 million, what business is easy to succeed?

1.1. Business capital of 5 million with handmade cosmetics

According to the annual market, handmade cosmetics will still be a hot trend of women when the situation of fake, fake and poor quality cosmetics is rampant. Among these cosmetics, handmade lipstick is the most chosen business idea with a capital of 5 million.

Simple, easy to do with many different recipes, you just need to use available natural ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax… to create lipsticks with diverse colors to meet market demand. weakness of young people. It’s too simple to do business with less than 5 million capital, isn’t it?

So with a capital of 5 million, how many lipsticks will you be able to trade? To complete 10 colored hanmade lipsticks, with a volume of 45g, you only need to prepare 8g wax, 35ml base oil, 4g shea butter, 10ml mineral color, 2ml organic lipstick flavor. Investing 20,000 VND to buy raw materials, you have earned 5, 6 times more profit when each lipstick has a selling price of about 80,000 – 120,000 VND.

Both saving costs for input materials and attracting a large number of online communities. Therefore, with the amount of 5 million you can completely invest in the business of handmade cosmetics – helping to earn a small revenue source.

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1.2. What should 5 million capital do? – Online fashion business

Although it is no longer a new business trend, with the demand for beautiful and untouchable fashion becoming more and more crowded among young people, spending a capital of 5 million on order fashion business is perfect. completely possible and do not worry about capital loss. Because with this 5 million capital business idea, you just need to find the items that are trending and unique, then post them on your personal Facebook/Zalo, or your website for people to order. Only when the goods are ordered and the customer pays, will you buy them and earn commissions.

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What business should I do with 5 million capital?

What products should I sell with a capital of 5 million? – Online fashion business

Doing business with capital of 5 million with online fashion is completely possible. With its capital of 5 million and with a very rich fashion market, such as clothes, shoes, bags…. Your job is just wandering on websites, or markets, wholesale markets (Ninh Hiep Market, Dong Xuan market, Tan Binh market) and looking for unique fashion models, taking pictures and posting them. his personal page.

However, in order for this 5 million capital business to stand, there is one thing you need to keep in mind is to carefully check the quality of the product before posting it on the ad. If there is no prior inspection, the product you get back is very likely to be counterfeited, the real product is not the same as the photo and reduces your personal reputation.

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1.3. Selling crates – a business trend with a capital of 5 million VND

What business should 5 million capital do? Selling crates is one of the most useful options, because today, users not only prefer branded models, but also cheap, diverse models with many fancy designs that attract a lot of attention. strong. Capturing user psychology, understanding market needs, will help you a lot in applying smart and effective business methods.


Trading in crates – Business trend with capital of 5 million VND

Box goods, also known as sida goods, include fashion items such as: clothes, shoes, bags or belts… This item is very popular because of its cheap price, good material, and many beautiful and fancy designs. should be chosen by many people.

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Business capital of 5 million with boxed clothes and things you should note! Unlike other ways of selling clothes, selling goods in boxes has its own characteristics, which beginners need to learn a lot of experience such as needing to know the weight and quantity of products for example: baby goods. Baby bales 100kg, 600-800 products, Jeans of all kinds packed in, less than 200 pieces…

What business with 5 million
All the effective ways to manage a boxed clothing store for new shop owners


If you import mixed goods, it is best to go to the place to pick them up to avoid risks such as poor quality or incorrect samples. Besides, it is necessary to have a fashion sense to advise customers directly. In order to avoid stockpiling or having to import at high prices, you need to be skillful in building a good relationship with the owner, creating goodwill to create good conditions in exchange and return.

If you are just starting a business with a capital of 5 million, do not have much experience, then you should buy pick up goods, although the price is a little bit higher than the bale, but it will ensure safety and create trust for buyers. . You should set up a Facebook account, join trade and sale groups to promote your products, making it easier for consumers to access your products. To learn more about how to trade in crates, you should read the article:

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1.4. What is the capital of 5 million? Selling junk food online

With the development of digital technology, social networking sites, have gradually changed customer habits. Online shopping, which is becoming the focus of attracting great attention from consumers, just through a message or phone call, you will be delivered and served at home at a reasonable price.

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Have you ever asked yourself what business should you do with a capital of 5 million? What business should I do with a capital of 5 million? Not yet. Because of that mentality, if you have a capital of 5 million dong, you will easily earn high profits when implementing this business form.

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What business with 5 million

What business is 5 million capital? Selling junk food online

To create the best effect, you need to understand the needs of the user, what dishes they usually order, what snacks do they like, which objects are the main ones? Once grasped, make a reasonable spending plan for each material item. In particular, with the items available in the kitchen, it is advisable to make the most of the way to save costs, to process many delicious and attractive dishes to attract a large number of customers with this 5 million capital business project. Please.

No need to lose ground rent, little investment, high profit, very quick return of capital, selling junk food will be the most suitable business form. The formula for selling snacks online successfully is: delicious + attractive + beautiful + suitable price + convenient delivery, ordering + enthusiastic service. All will make your brand “Business with 5 million capital”.

If you have no experience with how to do business with a capital of 5 million, then at the beginning of your business, you should promote strong products on forums and social networks to reach the online community in the fastest way. Currently, instead of bottled water that is not good for health, consumers prefer drinks made from natural ingredients such as green tea, juice, fruit… Therefore, making more profit from selling food and drinks is no longer a difficult thing. Do you still have any problems with the business of 5 million capital is just a simple thing?, if not, hurry up and implement this good idea.

1.5. Selling handmade goods – business ideas with capital of 5 million VND

If you do not know what business with a capital of 5 million, you can sell handmade goods. Handmade products such as bags, fashion accessories, decorations… are trending for many people, thanks to their uniqueness, cuteness, and never-before-seen products. Therefore, many people are willing to spend several hundred thousand, even millions, to buy a handmade item when it is the advantage for handmade items that customers are always willing to pay to own a unique or trendy item. fashionable. Therefore, this is a pretty good idea for those who are intending to do business with capital of 5 million.

What business with 5 million

Selling handmade goods – business ideas with capital of 5 million VND

For those of you who do not know what business to do with a capital of 5 million with handmade goods, it requires you to spend a lot of time on it, find out which model the market demand is favoring, to start working. To be more effective, you should form a group of friends with the same passion, to implement ideas together, you can sell handmade items seasonally for example: making handmade paper, selling fortune trees with real money. , handmade lucky money or handmade worship items during the Lunar New Year… If you choose to do business with this 5 million capital, remember to visit the article on 14 ways to make beautiful handmade items that thousands of people will love to refer to the samples of handmade items. color.

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1.6. Selling sidewalk iced tea with only 5 million VND

You don’t know what business to do with 5 million capital? and have you thought about opening a sidewalk iced tea shop? If not, do it now, because this is a very simple model, but the profit is very high. It can be said that selling iced tea is one of the business trends with a capital of 5 million VND which is quite effective today.

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Iced tea, sidewalk hot tea have become popular and are popular drinks of all subjects. This is a spontaneous business form, so there is no need to pay for renting a place or store. Just invest from 1 to 2 million VND for all tools, furniture, materials, in return you can collect 15-30 million VND/month. Don’t think that with a cup of tea 3,000 VND is too cheap, because on average, a day you can earn 500,000 – 1000,000 profit from this form of business with capital of 5 million.

What should you do with a capital of 5 million VND? No need to invest, prepare much but earn huge profits, the secret of success of a tea seller is to find a clue to provide delicious tea, the tea must be green in color, can be marinated at the same time. variety of flowers to enhance the attractive taste. To be able to earn more profit from many other sources, you can sell tea with a combination of peanut candy, tobacco, sunflower or other drinks to serve a wide range of audiences. The right place to sell iced tea is usually in crowded areas such as sidewalks near schools, companies … Therefore, to avoid being difficult from the ward police team, you should extract a few hundred thousand to make laws, help they concede or notify in advance when an orderly team goes to check. What are you waiting for, without immediately implementing a business project with a capital of 5 million by selling pavement stones right away.

In addition to selling iced tea, you can sell many other items when doing business on the sidewalk. Let’s read the article 5 Sidewalk business items that sell at a profit and see which products can earn millions of dong per day.

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The article is also quite complete to answer a series of questions: What business should I do with a capital of 5 million?, What business should I do with a capital of 5 million? Right. Hopefully, through the article, you will give yourself some tips to implement your 5 million business idea. If you are out of trouble, quickly realize your dream of doing business with 5 million capital today. Good luck!.

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