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With 20 million in what business and what is the most profitable investment?

Have you ever wondered what business with 20 million capital should be? What business with 20 million helps to make quick profit? This article will show you how to do business with effective capital of 20 million dong, which can earn tens of millions of dollars per month.

You have 20 million in savings. You want to use this money to start a business. But you are wondering what business 20 million should do? Or start a business with this small amount of capital to get rich quickly and sustainably. That is also one of the questions that many young people ponder when they intend to start a business.

What business should 20 million invest in? 20 million is not too big to start a business. However, this amount of capital can completely bring you a profit of tens of millions per month if you know how to invest wisely, wisely and know how to invest effectively. But not everyone knows What business with 20 million to get big profits. Therefore, in this article, I will share with you successful business ideas with a capital of 20 million!

1. 20 million capital business with designer clothes

What business should 20 million capital do? Nowadays, people often tend to “eat well and dress well”, beautiful, unique and strange self-designed outfits will be the first choice of fashionistas. They are willing to spend tens of millions of dong to bring back clothes with delicate and beautiful designs.

If you have a good taste in fashion as well as good taste, starting a business with a capital of 20 million VND with designer clothes will be an option that promises to bring you huge profits.

In the beginning, with a business project of 20 million capital, when you do not have money to buy machines or hire workers to sew clothes, you should contact garment factories to process clothes for hire in small quantities. from 20 to 100 products.

The sewing price of each product will range from 25-50k depending on the products you sew are skirts, shirts, pants as well as the complexity and sophistication in the sewing process.

What business is 20 million?

What business with capital 20 million? – Can you design your own clothes?

With an initial capital of only 20 million, you should choose to sew about 30 patterns. To know what fabric to buy, how much to buy, how much is the most reasonable cost to buy fabric, you should contact the sewing factory for advice and the most accurate choice.

What should 20 million do? Buy a variety of beautiful – unique – strange fabrics in fabric stores to save costs. At the same time, beautiful fabrics can make your outfits more beautiful, less duplicated, and offer more choices for customers.

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Investment capital to buy fabric accounts for about 10 million, the rest will be money to pay for the cost of the garment factory. If you can find a cooperation facility for installment payment, you should invest in sewing 50 products to reduce the price of sewing as well as to diversify products for sale.

To help your self-designed products get closer to customers, you should sell products online on social networking sites. Facebook is one of the most effective online sales channels that you should not ignore.

The selling price of the clothes usually ranges from 120,000 to 200,000 VND, double profit compared to the capital so that you have enough funds to maintain, develop and expand your self-designed clothing business model.

If your product is really beautiful and meets the needs of customers, you can earn tens of millions of dong per month, even more so with a business idea of ​​20 million dong.

In addition to the idea of ​​​​designing and processing fashion yourself, you can refer to more good ideas about this field in the article:

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2. Sell breakfast food in front of the school

If you do not know what business to do with 20 million, 20 million capital should do business to make a profit, you can choose to sell breakfast. Food trading makes great profits, not afraid of losses, but the investment is not much.

You just need to invest in some cooking utensils along with the investment in buying a small trailer to facilitate moving and storing things.

At the same time, to save costs, you should buy used cars from people who need to liquidate or ask at scrap shops. If there is a large area near the school, you can also set up a few tables for guests to eat directly.

Breakfast at the school gate also doesn’t have to be too luxurious, just simple dishes such as sticky rice, porridge, donuts, spring rolls, etc. Breakfast is a little diversified to give customers more choices. .

What business is 20 million?

20 million capital business with selling bread

You can read the article 6 Must-have breakfast selling experiences to learn more about how to do it:

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3. 20 million investment in bank savings

If you still don’t know what business to do with 20 million in hand, you can deposit money in the bank to earn interest. Every month, you can save an extra 20% of your salary and deposit it at the bank, if you pay like that, at the end of the year you will also earn about 40-50 million. With this larger capital, you will have more options for business investment.

4. Trading in phone accessories

Almost everyone owns at least one smartphone. Therefore, investing 20 million to do business and trade in phone accessories is a wise decision.

With this amount, you should spend 5 million to learn about consulting skills, screen stickers, installation of all kinds of cases. Use another 10 million to buy accessories and some supplies for work. The remaining amount is to pay for the cost of renting the premises.

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5. Is it possible to have a capital of 20 million in fashion business?

This is not a new product for young people today. Especially for many startups, they initially want to stay away from this product because they think the market is saturated with too much competition, with both online and direct business.

However, I don’t have to see it like that, I put this item in the business list with a capital of 20 million to introduce to you. Recognizing that this item is quite competitive, the business efficiency has never decreased.

What business is 20 million?

Is it possible to have a capital of 20 million in fashion business?

What small business with online time goods? You should not focus on mass product lines. Should choose a certain segment such as specializing in swimwear business, time for stylish girls.

In addition, when you first start doing business with this item, you should only take it in small quantities, each sample only takes 1 to 2 pieces to probe market demand.

With a capital of 20 million, use 15 million for goods, the rest will be expected if there is a problem.

Online fashion business will limit the cost of building a store, so all the money obtained will be used for goods.

What business is 20 million?

Fashion business with capital of 20 million VND

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Sales management has never been an easy matter for any fashion business store owner. That’s why not everyone can “survive” in this potential business. So what is the most appropriate direction for fashion stores to minimize losses and recover capital quickly? >>> The secret of leisurely fashion store management

6. Super profitable iced tea business with 20 million VND

What should 20 million do to bring money back to the pocket?. Iced tea is known to be a super profitable item, with quite a bit of capital. If you calculate for the ingredients to prepare, it only costs you 1 million a day. The remaining money will be to buy plastic chairs. On average, about 5000 VND you will have 1 chair. If you buy a set with a table, it will be 3 million VND with 10 sets.

However, doing business with this item will cost you space rent. Although doing business on public land is prohibited and is thought to be free. But to be at peace on this business area, you need to pay a rather large amount of money than the source of goods.

With a popular location like at universities, usually up to 6 million VND for 15m2. And gradually decrease in other areas with less visitors. There are many places that are much more expensive.

However, after only a few months of doing business with 20 million VND with this item, you can have an average income of 10 million VND a month, sometimes higher.

3. Barbecue business with capital of 20 million?

If you are not sure what business to do with 20 million, this will be the right item to help you make a profit with your 20 million. This business item is suitable in areas near universities, or markets, this is a cheap gathering place for many young people and the premises do not need to be too large.

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What business does this item with bread is also quite attractive. With a small shop with a capital of 20 million, it will cost you about 3 million VND to rent space per month, maybe add a few chairs or a set of tables and chairs depending on your needs. The rest of the money you should save to hire hourly staff, and buy raw materials.

The area around universities, high schools, and many people like junk food after school, so the potential of this 20 million business article is quite large.

What business is 20 million?

What business with 20 million VND to make billions?

You can refer to articles about snacks to earn millions to have more options when doing business.

7. Small fruit shop – 20 million business capital enough?

This business model with capital of 20 million is suitable for those who have available business premises. No need to be too big, about 8 – 9m2 is enough, you can save monthly rent and don’t need to spend time decorating the store because this is an item that doesn’t pay too much attention to that.

This is followed by about 10 million investment in refrigeration equipment to preserve fruits, which will make them last longer and also give customers a reputation that your products are always fresh.

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What business is 20 million?

Small fruit shop – 20 million business capital enough?

Doing business with a capital of 20 million with this fruit product 1 feature is that the item can be rotated quickly so you don’t have to worry about running out of capital. In order to have a large number of customers, the retail business combined with a number of locations specializing in picking such fruits will ensure stable output.

It can be at businesses or popular restaurants. Doing business with a capital of 20 million with this item needs to ensure good quality, which is the early morning wholesale markets. Cheaper and better quality products.

The knowledge that I share above is the knowledge that I have synthesized from my own practical business experience along with the knowledge of famous CEOs and successful business people.

Hopefully, through this article, you have found out how to do business with 20 million in hand, as well as wondering what 20 million should do to help make profits quickly. Many people have successfully started their businesses from scratch. Therefore, nothing can make it difficult for your business career when you already own a capital of 20 million VND.

Let’s start planning and realizing your dream of starting a business with 20 million capital right now! Don’t miss out on these super profitable opportunities to get rich. Good luck!

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