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What to do to start a showroom?

The most important furniture business is the output, if there is an output, there is nothing to worry about anymore. If you have a capital of 200 – 500 million, you should open a furniture showroom. How is the experience of opening a furniture showroom for beginners? Find out in this article.

There are a few different ways to start a furniture showroom. You can buy and sell used furniture, sell furniture online, sell home furniture, depending on your capital and ability. However, first you need to find out whether you should trade in imported furniture or design your own furniture. How to get the best price?

1. Should you trade in domestic or foreign furniture?

  • Trading in imported furniture usually has higher investment costs. Popular in Vietnam, showrooms often act as distribution agents for foreign manufacturers such as Ikea (currently Uma, Ikshop… are acting as distribution representatives for this company).
  • Self-made furniture business – don’t worry about not selling if it’s beautiful and suitable for users. The important thing is that the cost of self-closing will be very high – unless you open a whole factory.

2. Should we embrace both design and construction?

As we have analyzed above, the business of imported furniture is usually more beautiful and does not need to calculate design costs. For those who are just starting to open an interior showroom business, if they do not have experience in the design industry, they should not embrace both construction and design.

Furniture business

Furniture business

Household furniture business should embrace both construction and design? If possible, you should do it because it will help increase profits, but the design and construction jobs are not as easy as you think. Each project requires different levels of architecture, experience, processes, management, etc., as well as many items such as glass, wooden floors, carpets, walls, etc.

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If your potential is limited, we recommend that you only focus on the business segment (can be added buy and sell old furniture is also a good suggestion), and in terms of construction or design, only one or two main items should be embraced.

So, to close the success, you must first understand: If you are good at that area, you should focus on that area, embrace a lot, but poor performance will only make customers disappointed and lose trust in you more.

Construction and design you can combine with third parties – subcontractors with more expertise to help customers be more satisfied when choosing you.

3. Predict and capture the right trends, make a difference to increase competition

How to sell furniture effectively That is, you have to predict and keep up with the trends of the times, regularly launching new, unique and strange designs to attract customers.

Everyone knows that furniture is a high-value commodity, customers have to spend a lot of money to buy it, so they consider it very carefully. Therefore, their requirements are not low. If your product does not have a breakthrough, multi-utilities, of course they will choose another better store.

In addition to being a high-value item, furniture is also a decoration for the house, so each time there will be a “fashion” or a different trend. You have to predict the next time which trend is popular to catch up, this greatly determines the sales and also the experience in opening furniture showroom that you should keep in mind. Customers will care about whether their house is beautifully decorated, trendy or not, but do not want to be an old-fashioned owner!

The investment in designs also helps increase competitiveness, creating uniqueness that is difficult to confuse with other stores, reducing price pressure, attracting customers right from the advertising stage,… Same product , a design, a quality, but whichever side is cheaper, of course, customers will choose that party. Investing in product designs not only increases your competitive advantage, but also helps you earn extremely high profits.

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Experience opening furniture showroom for beginners

4. Experience in opening a furniture showroom – Breaking the inherent standards

Because each project, each customer has their own requirements, nothing can be according to rigid standards. Should break, but be flexible and ingenious. In addition to providing products with sizes, mass-market designs, you also need to bring other ideas, a little strange.

However, it still has to be within the allowable limits to ensure that it is still usable, to avoid suffering or “breaking the way” so that no one can use it. This is also Furniture store opening experience – A small but martial trick that is successful when applied, why?

As mentioned above, each project and each customer has their own requirements and preferences, so please take the time to penetrate and study the market carefully to see which item the customer needs to suffer for and then distribute that item. At this point you will be the sole supplier.

The second is because of selling unique items, which are only produced on demand and are available, so the price for customers will not be much, you can boldly propose a selling price.

In addition, the trend of interior design for apartments, creative offices of young companies is the current trend.

see more: Interior website design – solution for small and medium furniture businesses.

5. Knowledge of materials, knowledge of interior design

If you are not knowledgeable about the type of product you are about to trade, you will face a lot of risks such as: Importing poor quality goods, fake goods, second-class goods, third-class goods, etc., even if they have not been sold yet, they have been damaged. but the import price is high, etc. Not only make you lose customers, lose credibility, but also reduce sales, the risk of shop collapse is high.

furniture business

Understanding of materials when dealing in furniture

Understanding good materials helps you choose a quality supply, good price, helping to reduce worries How much capital does an online furniture business require? In addition, when selling, you can confidently advise customers on products that are suitable for their budget as well as instructions for use and maintenance that will help them feel more secure and trust your store.

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Just knowing about the product is not enough. Want to be a furniture dealer? You also need to have knowledge of interior design as well. Most customers only buy when there is a need, but do not know how to choose the right one for their home.

If you are not thorough about the design, you will only introduce the product, not help the customer to solve the problem of choosing the most suitable and best quality product to meet their requirements.

When giving customers trust and peace of mind, you have made an unforgettable impression in the hearts of customers and they have been completely convinced by you. That way, when there is a need, they will come back and recommend to many others.

6. Use sales technology

The ways of selling handmade goods have become too outdated in today’s technology age. Especially for those of you who intend to cum online furniture business nice online furniture business the more you should pay attention to these useful tools.

The current consumption trend of young people is online shopping and package shopping. That means buy an item and they won’t need to worry about the installation, the warranty behind. If you open a furniture showroom, you need to pay attention to this issue.

One of the best ways to do business today is to use sales through a smart platform, which helps you save manpower, time and money and manage your inventory extremely effectively.

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