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What is the right direction at the moment?

Food and beverage business is a model that many people choose to invest in, believing that it will bring an abundant and stable income. However, the current market is constantly changing, there are opportunities and challenges that require owners to grasp and overcome to gain an advantage.

So which direction for the catering business to have a firm foothold in the market? Please refer to the following suggestions of Blog Sapo.

1. Current food business market situation

Many people think that the food business market is no longer attractive because of the appearance of more risks such as epidemics, too high competition, etc. complex, although prepared in advance, it is still inevitable to lose more or less.

The shop’s opening today and tomorrow’s closing takes place as usual, but there are still many models to increase revenue despite difficulties. So what are their differences? Is this the trend of the next years? First, let’s point out 4 mistakes that successful food business models never make.

effective food business

Is the food service business market flourishing?

2. Common mistakes made when doing food service business

2.1 Being too perfectionist when choosing the location of the premises

Golden land everyone wants, but the quantity is limited and the cost is not easy at all. Many people put too much emphasis on the location of the premises, but spend many months struggling to find, select, and lose their “golden time”.

Whether the catering business succeeds or not depends on many factors, the premises occupy an important but not a prerequisite position, so if you have tried to search in many ways but cannot choose a good place – good price then you can reduce the requirements a bit or borrow more to complete this stage soon.

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You can refer to how to choose a space here to save time and find a suitable location soon.

Read more: How to find a good restaurant with a good price in a convenient location

2.2 No competitive advantage

Many restaurants and eateries did not have a nice location, a small area, average food that could not highlight the quality of service or compete on price, then the failure was worth it.

Fading in all aspects, always staying in the safe zone is a double-edged sword that causes many restaurants to lose money right from the first days of opening. No reason can justify this case, even if you don’t know where your advantage is over your competitors, how can customers choose.

catering business

The risk of great failure in the catering business

2.3 Using old-fashioned marketing

The market changes, people’s tastes change, with the entry of hundreds of new marketing methods using technology you will have to update and effectively apply to your food business model.

No matter how prominent your restaurant is, how good the food is, but if you don’t know how to express it, it’s inevitable to fail, and to fail in regret.

Currently, the effective marketing methods for the catering business are using social networks, running ads, communicating with images, using promotions and sales promotion.

Instead of constantly talking about your strengths through superficial content leaflets and unfounded advertisements, let customers believe and be attracted by specific evidence such as detailed reviews on groups. food, images of attractive dishes, diverse menus, images of unique restaurant space ….

In addition, you can refer to the following article for more good promotions for restaurants and eateries.

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2.4 Manual management – Outdated service specifications

While other shops order at the table, your shop still orders manually, in other shops customers pay by card, but you still have to wait in line to pay or wait for an hour but still receive a notice of out of order.

Customers always compare the experiences they have through each restaurant, not only in terms of food but also service quality. Therefore, keep upgrading to prevail over your opponents in all aspects.

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One of the simplest is the application restaurant management software, the restaurant into its business. The software allows ordering at the table, quick payment through many forms, avoiding the wrong dish, slow to order at peak hours.

Moreover, in the management position, you will also be “more relaxed” when at the end of the day, just open the phone to see the income and expenditure report immediately, know which dishes attract customers, which dishes are sluggish to balance in time. time.

There are millions of restaurants and eateries that are applying technology to management and operation, if your restaurant has not been updated, failure is understandable.

manual catering business management

Catering business is easy to fail with manual management form

3. What is the right direction for the catering business model at the moment?

3.1 Reducing costs when doing food and beverage business

The reduction of costs to increase revenue, every newspaper says, every teacher teaches, but how to reduce it, few people really know and show you how to do it right. Therefore, in this article, Sapo Blog will suggest you 3 ways to reduce costs immediately you can apply today:

  • Use management software: In fact, the catering business model can reduce operating costs by up to 30% thanks to the application of technology in management. The reason is that with the participation of software, the shop will use resources better, avoiding the situation when there is a surplus of people, when the service is not timely.

At the same time, manage materials more closely, no longer waste expired, spoiled food, suffer losses when not stocking enough raw materials for processing in peak seasons.

  • Good grasp of new trends: You can easily keep up to date with new market trends by constantly monitoring social networking sites about food and hot news. As a result, apply immediately to your model to increase revenue without spending too much on marketing and advertising.

For example, there is a wave of discount programs for people passing through the bars designed by the restaurant. In a short time, it has attracted many articles about, many people want to participate without any advertising costs.

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If you are about to start a business, you can refer to the following articles to save initial costs:

Read more: How much capital does it take to open a restaurant? Make a table of economical but effective costs

catering business

Reducing costs helps the catering business have many advantages

3.2 Food service business through many food delivery apps

The sustainable direction for many restaurants and eateries is to focus on exploiting the market through food delivery apps, you can use many apps to maximize the number of visitors.

However, you should use management software to synchronize revenue, centrally manage business activities on many apps at the same time, save time and increase sales efficiency.

You can refer to the instructions for registering for food delivery apps in the article below, helping you to register faster, without spending much time learning:

Read more: Top 7 food delivery apps to help your restaurant increase revenue quickly

Sapo FnB is a pioneering software that helps shop owners synchronize menus on many delivery apps, automatically aggregate revenue reports and launch many attractive incentive programs.

More specifically, when registering Grabfood via Sapo, you will enjoy the following incentives:

  • Save 1/2 time of application review Grabfood partner registration
  • 5% off/bill of shoppers when paying via QR code

With this offer, your shop can reduce service fees by millions of dong per month, attracting more customers through Discount promotion directly on the bill.

If you read this far, please immediately share the program information on your social networks, fanpage, and personal page to attract a lot of customers and increase revenue immediately.

For more information about CTKM, please see here Please.

The food and beverage business is always a fertile land for those who know how to update new trends and change to gain a competitive advantage. Hopefully with the above suggestions will help you avoid unfortunate mistakes and have the right direction in the future.

And now, register now to Sapo FnB to increase competitiveness, reduce management costs, reverse the trend, increase revenue quickly!

Restaurant management software

Restaurant management software – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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