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What is the procedure for registering a retail store business?

You are preparing to open a retail store but do not know what the procedure for registering a store business includes? How long does it take to open a business? In this article, Blog Sapo will guide you through the detailed procedure of applying for a store business license.

1. What are the regulations on store business registration procedures?

To start a retail store business, you need to complete all the procedures for applying for a store business license in accordance with the law. When the authorities check, you will be able to present the necessary documents.

For retail stores, you need to register your business as an individual business household according to the provisions of Article 71.

Store business registration procedures

Store business registration procedures need to be completed soon

1.1 Business registration process

To complete procedures for applying for a shop business license, bYou need to apply in person at the business registration office of the district People’s Committee (where the business is located) or submit the business household registration online.

For example: If you plan to open a retail store in Cau Giay, you need to complete and submit an application for business household registration at the People’s Committee of Cau Giay district.

1.2 What documents do business registration documents include?

  • Application form (according to the form prescribed by law): The content of the application for business household registration includes basic information such as Name, phone number, address, business lines, Business capital, Number of employees , …
  • Copy of valid ID card or ID card or passport of individuals participating in the household business
  • List of capital contributors (if the business household has 2 or more capital contributors)
  • Copy of household registration book of the individual establishing the business household
  • Copy of Land Use Right Certificate or House Lease Contract (in case of rental housing)
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Store business registration procedures

Application form for a store business license

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1.3 Time limit for processing business registration

Time to grant business registration: 03 working days from the date of providing complete and valid documents

Time to receive requests and return results: Within 3 working days from the date of receipt of the application

Conditions for being granted a business household registration certificate:

  • Business lines and trades not on the list of business lines and trades banned from business;
  • The name of the business household that intends to register must comply with the provisions of Article 73 of this Decree;
  • Pay the required registration fee.

Store business registration procedures

The shop is granted a business license if the documents are valid

In case the application is invalid, within 03 working days from the date you come to carry out the procedures for opening a business store, the business registration office of the district must clearly notify the contents that need to be amended and supplemented. in writing to the person establishing the household business.

If after 03 working days, from the date of carrying out the procedures for applying for a store business license, the certificate of business household registration is not received or the notice requesting amendment and supplementation of the registration dossier is not received. business household, the business household registrant has the right to lodge a complaint in accordance with the law on complaints and denunciations.

Periodically on the first working week of each month, the business registration office of the district shall send the list of business households registered in the previous month to the tax authority of the same level, the business registration office and the specialized management agency at the same level. conscious.

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2. Some notes after business registration

You need to register for a tax code within the next 03 working days from the date of carrying out procedures for opening a business store.

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Taxes to be paid when registering an individual business, including license tax and value added tax and personal income tax.

Store business registration procedures

In some cases, opening a business will have to pay tax

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The amount of tax to be paid depends on the store’s sales:

  • If the average annual revenue is over 500 million VND/year, the annual license tax rate is 1 million VND/year
  • If the annual revenue is from over 300 million to 500 million/year, the tax rate is 500 thousand VND/year
  • If the revenue is over 100 million to 300 million/year, the payment rate is 300,000 VND/year.
  • If the revenue reaches 100 million/year, then you will not have to pay this tax according to Circular 92/2015/TT – BTC instructs people to implement value-added tax and personal income tax…

When the authorities check, if you fail to present the origin of the goods, you will violate the regulations on goods and may be administratively sanctioned according to the provisions of Article 21 of Decree 185/2013/ND-CP on administrative sanctions in commercial activities, etc.

A fine of from 200,000 to 400 thousand if the value of infringing goods is less than 1 million or you will pay a higher fine depending on the value of infringing goods, there will be a corresponding fine.

So the article has shared with you about the store business registration procedure. Please complete the shop business license soon to operate smoothly and according to the regulations! Wish you successful business.

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