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What is Shopee? Shopee’s business model that you don’t know

What is Shopee? Surely there are still many people who do not know about Shopee as well as the information about this e-commerce platform. So this article of Sapo will help you get an overview of Shopee and its business model.

1. What is Shopee? Shopee is from which country?

Shopee is one of the hottest shopping e-commerce sites today. Shopee was founded by Forrest Li’s SEA group in Singapore in 2015. It is an online shopping marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, making online business easier.

Which country's shopee?
What is Shopee? Shopee of which country?

At Shopee, sellers post products or services they offer without consulting or shipping, and buyers can access visual information without having to go to the shop to shop, helping with shopping. becomes a lot easier.

Shopee is present in 7 countries in Asia, including: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, on August 8, 2016 was officially present in Vietnam.

2. About Shopee

Shopee has a lot of different items and products, the designs are also extremely diverse such as:

  • Clothes
  • Toy
  • Houseware
  • Electronic device
  • Fashion accessories

Since its launch, Shopee’s revenue has grown exponentially and is growing rapidly, with over 160 million active users, approximately 6 million sellers, and 7,000 brands and distributors. top mix

shopee business model
Shopee’s business model

Shopee’s business model is Win – Win, mutually beneficial to help both sellers and shoppers reach each other easily, gradually replacing other online sales channels such as Facebook, Youtube,…

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This e-commerce platform is always updating with new features so that buyers and sellers can reach each other in the easiest way. Some of the features include:

  • Building on mobile application platform
  • Shopee Live Chat
  • Secure payment with many forms for customers to choose from
  • Free app
  • Safe and fast shipping

3. What products does Shopee provide?

There are many products that are sold on Shopee such as: Health life, beauty, fashion, sportswear, food and beverage, electronic items, household items, from popular items to luxury goods. slag. You can find and buy on Shopee.

On Shopee, there is feedback on the product, so if any feedback is fake, imitation goods, poor quality goods, the shop owner will be permanently stopped selling. Therefore, buyers can feel more secure when buying on Shopee. You can also consult the public feedback to decide whether to buy from that shop or not.

4. Payment methods on Shopee that buyers can choose

Shopee has many forms of payment to support shoppers, including:

  • Payment on receipt (COD)
  • Payment via Visa card
  • Payment via e-wallet Shopee Pay
Who's Shopee?
Shopee’s payment method

When you make a purchase, if you have any problems, you may not receive the goods or return the goods, Shopee will support a refund to your e-wallet.

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5. Advantages of using Shopee

When shopping on Shopee, you can be assured of the buyer and seller protection policy of this e-commerce platform. Besides, you can find and buy any product with Shopee.

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The products and services are priced very competitively to ensure the shopping needs of consumers. Shopee supports shipping fees, and can track order status, as well as receive attractive offers and vouchers from the Floor.

For sellers on Shopee, this is a “fertile ground” for sellers when a store has millions of visits to Shopee to shop, you can reach buyers in a simple way. easier.

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Above Sapo helped you know what Shopee is and understand more about this e-commerce platform, hopefully you have gained more useful information to be able to start a business or shop on this Shopee channel. – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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