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What is FnB? Technology trends that change the future of the FnB industry

In recent years, the Vietnamese market has witnessed the rapid development of the FnB industry. One of the contributions that made this remarkable progress was the application of advanced technology in management and operation. Before diving into the analysis, let’s find out what F&B is and the technologies that have been applied to the FnB business.

1. What is FnB?

FnB (Food and Beverage Department) is a term for the food and catering industry. This is one of the business areas with the largest growth rate because the market is expanding and people’s demand for eating out is increasing.

However, a lucrative market always goes hand in hand with the participation of many competitors. The number of restaurants, eateries and cafes has continuously increased rapidly in recent years and shows almost no sign of slowing down.

Managers are required to find for themselves competitive weapons to improve service and product quality, save management costs, and expand market share. The winner is always the one who adapts and is willing to change to keep up with new trends, especially in the aspect of technology application in business management and operations. Here are the “tech stars” who have been, are and will be helping the FnB business out of the Covid 19 quagmire, growing strongly.

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FnB industry is growing in VietnamWhat is FnB? How is FnB business?

2. Technology Trends in FnB . Business

Technology has contributed significantly to the achievements of the FnB business over the past decade. However, only a few of them became trends, popularized and persisted to this day.

Accompanying the old applications is the birth of a series of new applications that inherit modern technology, which are expected to change the future of the FnB industry in the near future. Let’s take a look at 6 typical technologies currently on the market, ready to reach users in 2022.

2.1. Technology has been applied well in the business of the FnB industry

The FnB industry is where it is today in part thanks to the support of popular technology applications such as food ordering software, management software for cafes, restaurants, food delivery… Let’s go through cost analysis. Learn more about these technologies.

  • Order food via handheld device

The use of ipads and phones to receive orders directly at the table is a familiar image in restaurants, bars, and cafes today. This is one of the pioneering technologies of the FnB industry and affirms certain advantages. According to the description of many “Bosses”, this technology has brought a new breeze to their stores, helping them reduce rush hour congestion, customers are more satisfied with service quality, save on labor costs. maximum work.

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More specifically, ordering food via a handheld device helps waiters not have to move constantly between the dining table and the kitchen area. At the same time, replace manual recording tasks, avoiding errors and confusion. These positive feedbacks are like leverage for food service applications to be available in almost all FnB business models, from retail to chain systems.

FnB industry embraces new technology trendsTechnology applicationsin the business of FnB . industry

  • Specialized restaurant, cafeteria, and cafe management software

Up to 2900 keyword searches restaurant management software, restaurants, cafes on Google every month. The above figure proves that the demand for technology application in restaurant operation management is extremely large and efficiency has also been proven.

This will be a solution to help connect departments from ordering, processing to cashiering. The entire operation of a restaurant is centrally handled on the software, which will help store managers know the number of empty tables, track financial statements anytime, anywhere, with just one click. handheld devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

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A simpler description, with an ipad or phone, when the waiter receives the order at the table, the system will automatically transfer the list of dishes to the kitchen. Subtract the quantity of materials when completing the processing and transfer the invoice to the cashier if the customer requests payment.

Process automation and decentralized functionality help limit human impact on data, while effectively preventing fraud. Managers can be assured of the day’s reports, thereby making informed management decisions.

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Software to reduce management costs for the FnB industry
Management software to help automate the service process

While restaurant, restaurant and cafe management software was born to serve the “boss”, Food Delivery was born because of the needs of customers. So what is Food Delivery? Food Delivery was rekindled in the Vietnamese market 10 years ago, but it really exploded after the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

The saying “Sell online or die” has partly shown the fierceness in the F&B business in the past 6 months. Managers are required to change the way they operate, apply order management technology, and ship goods smoothly to save revenue.

Even after the storm has passed, Food Delivery is still an area that brings great revenue to many restaurants, eateries and cafes. The application of this technology is no longer a difficult problem, you should consider choosing a new direction in this online sales field.

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2.2. Technology is predicted to explode in the future

Trends are always changing, so managers need to constantly update new technologies in restaurant, cafeteria and cafe management. Below are the applications and software that have just been launched by major technology companies, bringing the FnB service industry to a new level, which is expected to explode in the future.

  • Pay with voice recognition

In addition to applications and software being put into operation, payment is also expected to have a big change in implementation methods in the FnB industry. The first is to mention payment by voice recognition, with this technology, customers almost “do nothing” to complete the bill payment. This is a dream scenario and is gradually being realized in a number of restaurants around the world, with many people responding and willing to pay a fee to own this technology.

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Recently, payment and service provider Mastercard has begun testing voice recognition technology in a number of San Francisco eateries. The sound melodies used are often inspired by the local culture, easily recognizable, easy to remember and create a huge brand impression.

  • Cashless payment

Cashless payment is now too familiar to many countries. However, in Vietnam, cashless payment is gradually becoming popular in many forms such as: swiping cards, transferring funds, scanning QR codes or paying via e-wallets Moca, Momo…

The advantages of this form are clearly reflected in the fight against fraud, corruption, money laundering, helping managers better control assets and making payments easier for customers. However, the synchronization in localities and small cities still faces many difficulties because customers cannot completely change the habit of using cash.

The FnB industry successfully applied voice recognition technologyMastercard for successful test of voice payments

If you have the opportunity to go to Japanese and Chinese restaurants, you will be surprised because the service staff here are mostly robots. Even these “citizens” are more active and fresh when meeting guests. The technology of manufacturing Robots serving at restaurants is not really popular in Vietnam but will be the future that we are aiming for.

This technology is considered to help restaurants, eateries and cafes save labor costs, increase service quality, and avoid errors. Even, many manufacturers in the world are starting to produce real “chefs”, directly involved in the food processing process, managing the inventory of raw materials.

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3. Successful brands thanks to the application of new technology

3.1. Starbucks

Experts in the FnB industry once compared Starbucks to a technology company when witnessing this cafe chain put a series of modern applications into management and service. Starting with the Starbucks Digital Network digital content system, which has been deployed since 2008, the company continuously invests in new technology applications such as wireless charging stations, in-store virtual reality games, and software. Restaurant manager.

As soon as they step into the Roastery (Starbucks’ enhanced experience space), customers will experience augmented reality (AR) and discover the production process and quality coffee source of the store. The captivating stories told through this app are able to convey the message in an authentic and emotional way.

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This is one of the factors that help Starbucks become a coffee brand that is loved by many customers. Attracting not only coffee lovers but also those who want to explore the technology of the future.

Starbucks successfully applied technologyStarbucks leads customers into an augmented reality experience space

3.2. The coffee house

To achieve the current success, The Coffee House has spent up to 50% of its capacity investing in technology. After 4 years of research and construction, this cult brand has surprised both the F&B and technology world when it launched a Food Delivery application that commits to 30-minute delivery and Pickup (customers order at the table by themselves without needing to pay for it). to service staff).

At first glance, this looks like a traditional company in the FnB business, but in fact they have entered the technology segment to “serve themselves”, trying to reinvent themselves in the face of a constantly changing market.

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3.3. McDonald’s

Try to visit McDonald’s stores in Vietnam, surely you will be quite surprised when you order food yourself on a large screen placed in the middle of the store. With a few simple steps, you’ve got yourself your favorite dish without having to wait in long queues at rush hour.

This is just one of many innovative technologies being used at McDonald’s. Around the world, people have been able to order and receive items without entering the shop, play virtual reality games at the store, receive special care by AI technology.

After all, it seems that McDonald’s has acquired most of the modern technology in the world to give to its dear customers. Therefore, after the success of each brand is the foresight and willingness to adapt of the manager.

Food Pickup technology in FnB industry will continue to developYou can order and pay by yourself without any staff

Looking at the formation and development of big brands, we can see that right from the first stages, when the scale was still quite small, they quickly equipped themselves with effective management software, applications. enhance user experience. From there, there is a pedal to go faster, go further into the current fierce market. So if it were you, which technology would you choose to invest in your FnB store?

Hopefully the above sharing will help you have a better overview of FnB-enabled technology applications on the market. If possible, start with a restaurant management software, restaurant, simple cafe. This is considered a tool to help you build a solid operating foundation for your store, accompanying you on the path of future development.

Restaurant management software

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