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What does it take to open a fresh ice cream business?

What does it take to open a fresh ice cream shop? How much capital does ice cream business need? Which small ice cream shop model is popular today?… If you are having similar problems, let’s learn this article, and refer to your own ice cream business experiences.

Fresh ice cream with many different unique flavors is becoming an indispensable attractive snack of young people. With this trend, there are many fresh ice cream business ideas you can start such as opening an ice cream shop, ice cream cup, ice cream box, ice cream hotpot, etc.

Having said that, these are refreshing snacks that can be used for business in both cold and hot seasons. Enjoying ice cream both to refresh the body, relieve stress is a factor that connects friends and relatives together, so selling ice cream is a pretty practical choice for you.

In fact, there are many ice cream parlors now open, but to satisfy all the needs of customers, especially in the hot summer, there are not yet. A delicious ice cream parlor is evaluated in many ways, including price, ice cream quality, variety of ice creams, restaurant layout, service style, etc. to help customers visit more often.

In addition to investing in opening a fresh ice cream shop, renting space and equipment for ice cream storage, preservation and making, you can completely sell fresh ice cream online through food ordering applications, websites and fanpages, Instagram. …

fresh ice cream business

What do you need to prepare to open a fresh ice cream shop?

1. How much capital does it take to open an ice cream shop?

Just like trading other products, the first thing that determines whether you can trade ice cream or not is capital. Investment capital depends on the size of the business you choose.

If you do not have much experience and little capital, you should open a small-scale ice cream shop. If you have a lot of capital and experience in management, you can open a medium and large ice cream shop. A small ice cream shop model will help you start a business more easily than a large scale. With a small model, the capital you need to prepare ranges from 50-100 million VND. This amount is spent on the following:

  • Deposit and rental of premises – shop business.
  • Money to repair and design a small ice cream shop.
  • Money to buy ice cream tools, tables and chairs, display cabinets.
  • Money to buy equipment, supplies, small business ice cream machines, freezers for ice cream, cups, glasses, ice cream plates, ice cream ingredients and other equipment.
  • A separate reserve fund to prepare for the first few months when the ice cream business has not yet paid back.

selling fresh ice cream

Opening a shop selling fresh ice cream needs to prepare a lot of capital to prevent risks from arising

A small tip for you if you run an ice cream shop with a small model: You need an ice cream machine for a small shop for about 30-40 million. (Buy old machines about 10-20 million), freezer 10 million, more tables and chairs, cups, cups, glasses, spoons… about 15 million more.

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Thus, for this new model, you need to have 50-70 million to take care of the initial steps for fresh ice cream business. As for the ice cream business on a larger scale, it is estimated that you have to spend about 200 million for the investment capital. Once you have the equipment and machinery to make fresh ice cream, you have to buy ice cream ingredients.

Find out the sources of quality ingredients, reasonable prices, ensuring food hygiene and safety. You should research many suppliers to get the most suitable source of raw materials. Once you have chosen a supplier, make a contract or agreement so that both parties can cooperate for a long time.

With the supplies, tools and materials to buy, you should make a detailed list and should learn, consult with suppliers before deciding to buy or cooperate for a long time. You can easily find out information and prices of items on websites, forums, etc. to choose for yourself a quality, stable and affordable supplier.

2. How to choose the premises and decorate the ice cream shop to attract customers?

Your business location affects your ice cream business. If you choose a large restaurant with a beautiful frontage, located in a busy, densely populated area, the deposit and rent is quite high. The rental price ranges from 10 to 20 million/month.

But if you have little capital, choose ice cream business locations in the alley but still close to schools (universities, colleges, intermediate schools, 3, 2, 1), markets, commercial centers. commercial,…

Because this is a dish with a price and hobby that is very suitable for young people such as students and students. Therefore, take advantage of the area crowded with young people to sell! If renting space in the alley, the cost will be cheaper, about 3-7 million/month.

If you have little capital, you should choose a moderate space, not too big to do anything. Just a few chairs – plastic tables, menu boards, umbrellas… are enough to help you start a fresh ice cream business. The location of the shop is considered a decisive factor to the success of the ice cream parlor.

open ice cream shop

Decorating a beautiful ice cream shop is how you attract customers

How to decorate the ice cream shop and display: The shop is always clean, airy and dry so that customers can rest assured to eat and rest.

If you intend to run a small ice cream shop, decorate the ice cream shop in a cute and youthful style. Should combine music and eating to match the interests of young people. Striking and fancy colors will bring excitement to this audience. If possible, equip a wifi network to serve the needs of surfing the web and entertainment for customers.

But with large-scale ice cream shops, it is necessary to promote luxury and comfort. In addition to the wifi network, decorate the ice cream shop with plants and pictures.

Parents will love to take their children to luxurious, clean shops, so please decorate them in a way that is harmonious for both adults and still makes the little ones excited. For example, you can decorate your ice cream shop with balloons or let staff wear stuffed animals (animals, cartoon characters) to serve the children.

3. Experience in hiring staff for ice cream shops

Hiring more or less staff depends on the size of the restaurant. You need to have at least 3 employees for the shop to operate. At the beginning, there may be no customers, so you and your family members should help the shop together to save costs.

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However, if your family members are not good at this field, you still need to have 1 ice cream worker, 1 waiter, 1 cashier, and you – the shop owner can be a supervisor. Employee rent can range from 8-15 million/month depending on business area (city or countryside).

fresh ice cream business

Professional staff will also help you entice guests to come

For larger scale, there must be 1 ice cream maker, 1 cashier, 2 waiters, 1 valet.

Depending on the level of good business or not, calculate the number of employees to hire reasonably. Avoid hiring too many employees but the store has few customers, making employees play all day long. Please refer to the current salary of ice cream shop staff in the market to offer a reasonable payment.

In addition, if you pay attention, you will see that most of today’s ice cream shops, from large to small, have equipped themselves with an order software at the table to help the owner and staff “less hard”, and attract customers. for professional service. Quick score Top 5 hottest order software today to apply immediately to your model.

fresh ice cream business

Top 5 best ordering software trusted by many people

If you are the owner of a sticky rice shop, the order software is an indispensable helper. This tool helps you do business effectively from improving service quality to saving management costs.


4. Business registration for ice cream shop

Experience when opening an ice cream shop is that in order for your store to come into operation, you need to have a business license. Because you rent a business, you must go to the ward or commune where the business is located to get a license. Your ice cream shop only pays flat tax in the form of individual business households.

5. Experience in choosing raw materials when trading fresh ice cream

When you first open a shop selling fresh ice cream, you need to learn carefully about all the ice cream lines available on the market and how to make fresh ice cream business. Also, learn how to store ice cream before starting a business to avoid quality problems.

fresh ice cream business

What is the experience of opening an expensive ice cream shop? – choose good ingredients

It is necessary to learn carefully about the source of input materials that are guaranteed, of good quality and at a reasonable price. You can search for resources online, through websites, forums, and Facebook groups. Then, go to the place and survey to understand the situation.

Suppliers must always supply in full according to the contract of both parties. Should consult and learn to choose the best supplier. Thus, your brand of fresh ice cream is prestigious, quality, and clean to meet all customer requirements.

6. Right time to do ice cream business

Start-up time should choose summer for opening ice cream parlor. On hot days, people’s thirst for refreshment is extremely high, why not do business?

7. Attractive menu design – experience opening a fresh ice cream shop

The menu needs to be varied and attractive. There must be many types of ice cream, all kinds of flavors so that customers can experiment and want to come back for more.

In addition to ice cream, tables and chairs, the menu must be beautifully designed, including the name + photo + price of the product. To diversify products, sell other soft drinks to serve other interests such as fruit juices, smoothies, melon seeds, sunflower, soft drinks, etc.

Note: the menu should be designed in the same style as the store’s label to create a professional brand identity.

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8. Develop a plan to open an ice cream shop

You should make a complete list of equipment, materials and supplies that need to be purchased and make a backup plan if there is a problem. How to make a suitable recruitment plan.

Most importantly, build a table of accurate revenue and expenditure plans for the store so that at the end of the month you can get the clearest loss and profit overview.

Marketing plans must also be deployed evenly, such as banners, signs, leaflets, advertisements, etc. to attract customers. In terms of advertising, you can run ads on Facebook or places to eat like Foody, Lozi, etc., the more people know about the restaurant. When the operation is effective, there should be incentive programs, customer gratitude to strengthen the brand of the shop.

fresh ice cream business

Fresh ice cream business is not difficult

9. Summary of ice cream business experience

According to research and market investigation, selling ice cream is quite lucrative. Most commercial ice cream recipes are very simple, you can find hundreds of recipes online. Just buy cream powder (cream embryo) mixed with water, mix well and then put the mixture into an automatic ice cream machine. You will have the product in just 15 minutes.

On average, a 1.3kg pack of cream powder will cost 60,000 VND. If you mix this 1.3kg with 3.5 liters of water, it will produce 5kg of fresh cream, equivalent to 70-80 ice cream. Making more or less ice cream depends on the skill and experience of each person. In addition, the cost of buying waffles is also quite cheap, about 200 VND / cake. Thus, the total cost of producing 5kg of fresh ice cream is only about 100,000 VND.

When selling for an average price of 4,000 – 5,000 VND/tree, the seller will earn from the accompanying waffles costing about 200 VND/cake. Thus, the total cost to produce 5Kg of fresh cream is just under 100,000 VND.

Selling at an average price of 4,000 VND / tree, the seller will earn from 280,000 VND to 400,000 VND. In the hot days of summer, an average ice cream shop can sell more than 100 trees, which is very normal.

Once you have mastered how to make business fresh ice cream, you can refer to online recipes combined with your creativity to make a new ice cream flavor.

Surely the fresh and delicious taste will make your ice cream shop different from other ice cream shops. By then, the shop will have its own brand, more customers know. So with a super profitable fresh cream business that is safe and clean, why don’t you try it?

Through the article sharing about the experience of opening an ice cream shop, I’m sure you have found the answer to the question of how much capital is needed to open an ice cream shop, how to design a small ice cream shop, how much is the profit from the cake. how much? Right. If you already know it all, quickly implement your ice cream business idea right away.

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In addition, when opening a fresh ice cream shop, you need to know the number of orders as well as the inventory of ingredients, profit and loss every day. Sapo FnB ice cream shop management software will help you manage your store from A to Z with just a few clicks. Let’s find out now.

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