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What business with 50 million? Read it now and don’t give up on these tips.

What business with 50 million dong? What business should there be 50 million? How to make a business plan with VND 50 million? If you do not know what business to invest with a capital of 50 million VND, here are 8 ideas you can refer to to start a profitable business.

Looking at successful young entrepreneurs, surely all of us have wished we could be like them. And there were many people, they came up from some accumulated capital, or even borrowed, but with their bravery and determination, they became young entrepreneurs, admired by many people. There are many questions to be asked such as: “I have accumulated 50 million to invest, but I don’t know what business to do with that 50 million?”or “What business should I invest with 50 million to get a high profit?”. So for you, when you have 50 million in hand, do you dare to invest in business?

50 million – a rather large number for those who are new to the business path. Even if you borrow money, as long as you carry the responsibility to pay, you will feel the value of those capital. Because this is the first time doing business, the investor’s psychology will be quite timid and have to think carefully. Even, sometimes, your head is full of thoughts “What business should I do with a capital of 50 million?”

100% of successful startups are those who dare to play, dare to bear, have determination in business. Therefore, get out of the vicious cycle of anxiety and start investing right away. With a capital of 50 million, you can easily become the boss or the owner of small businesses. You can use that capital to open a small coffee shop and be confident that in 5 years, 10 years from now, you will be the owner of a chain of stores throughout Hanoi city….

First, let’s refer to some business suggestions with a capital of 50 million that I have collected from people with business experience:

1. Open a copy shop and printing and typing services

With a capital of 50 million, what business should I do?, opening a photocopy shop is extremely easy. Let’s list the costs that you have to spend to open a restaurant:

  • Cost of buying photocopier: VND 20,000,000
  • Cost of buying a computer: 7,000,000 VND
  • Color printer and laser printer: VND 5,000,000
  • Variable fee: 2,000,000 VND (When you run out of paper, get it at that time)
  • Income: Ranges about 100,000-150,000 VND/1ram of A4 paper

Location is a very important factor to help you get more profit. The best place to open a photocopy shop is around schools and areas where many students are concentrated. The cost of renting the shop depends on the location of the shop, if it is close to the school, the price will be about 10-20 million VND, but if it is far from the above areas, the price will only fall to about 5-10 million VND. It is true that a business idea with a capital of 50 million is not bad, is it?

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2. Capital of 50 million in jewelry business.

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of business with a capital of 50 million? Let’s learn more together. Young people are subjects that often follow fashion, so stylish, unique and personal jewelry is always your hobby. This jewelry store can sell products such as beads, necklaces, rings that look like Korean stars… preferably cheap and easy to change when needed.

Should capital of 50 million VND do jewelry business?. You only need to spend 30 million VND to make capital to import goods. You should enter many new and diverse designs, especially suitable for the trend of students.

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Next, you have to spend about 5-10 million to rent a store depending on the area and convenience. If you want to rent a store near schools or in a residential area, you will have to spend a lot of money but in return you will reach a wider audience. The shop area only needs about 25-35m2 to be enough, you don’t need to be too big because our capital is limited. In addition, you should invest about 6 million more to buy store decoration items, the more unique the more you attract customers and increase your profits.

What business with 50 million

What business should I do with 50 million? – jewelry is choice

Besides selling at the store, this item is also very easy to do online business, so you should design a sales website if your investment capital is limited. With only a few hundred thousand VND/month, you can create an online sales website to sell products and reach out to many potential customers on the internet. It’s a good business idea with a capital of 50 million dong, isn’t it.

3. Doing business with 50 million – Fresh flower shop

If you are having a headache because you do not know what to do with 50 million, please refer to the fresh flower business. If you are confident that you have a little dexterity and a gift for flower arrangement, this fresh flower business will not be difficult for you. However, according to many people, this work is quite hard because if you want to have beautiful and cheap flowers, you need to wake up at 3 am to go to the flower market to choose fresh flowers, beautiful flowers and after carrying flowers. When you return, you continue to clean and cut thorns (roses), trim leaves, branches…

Is doing business with 50 million enough?. The capital to import flowers is only about 20 million to 25 million, renting the space is about 5 million to 10 million, and it is indispensable for some decorations and necessary materials for flower care and flower decoration. 10 million. The amount of mobile money for daily work is about 3 million.

However, the profit from selling flowers is very large, even up to 100-200%, if you are clever, you can earn more profit than that. For example, the same bouquet of 20 flowers, but if you know how to decorate it nicely and catch the eye, you can definitely sell it for twice the original price. The most convenient location for trading fresh flowers is at the crossroads, near the market or near office buildings. So you have no headache with what business with your capital of 50 million yet? If not, then read on.

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4. Fashion shop with a business idea of ​​50 million VND

Many people think what business should be with a capital of 50 million, is a clothing shop business with 50 million enough? However, if you know how to calculate the reasonable cost, then 50 million will be enough for the start-up phase and certainly to maintain you will have to enter more capital.

What business with 50 million

Fashion shop with a business idea of ​​50 million VND

The premises of a fashion shop must be larger than that of other product stores because we must create a comfortable feeling for customers when choosing and trying on clothes.

Therefore, the cost to rent the store is estimated at 10 million to 15 million. Next, you have to prepare enough capital to import goods. Initially, you can take all the remaining money to go to import goods, especially, you have to choose the hot models, suitable for the weather and the preferences of the objects you are aiming for.

Besides, you can diversify products by trading in accompanying fashion accessories such as hairpins, belts, bags or lingerie… so that customers can freely mix and choose. overall style for yourself.

In addition, if you want to open a clothing store with 50 million dong in hand, choosing to sell clothes online also saves a lot of space rental costs.

Let’s start with the following articles:

So to open a successful clothing store, where should you start? Add an article below to help guide you on how to budget for opening a fashion store and make profitable business plans. Watch it now!

What business with 50 million

Experience opening a profitable business fashion shop for beginners


5. Souvenir shop – business with 50 million?

To succeed in this business with a capital of 50 million, you have to invest in hunting for items that meet all 3 beautiful – unique – strange criteria to create a unique style unlike other stores. The profit margin from each of these items is also quite attractive, about 50%-70%.


Souvenir shop – business with 50 million?

The amount of capital spent may be less than 50 million, such as: The cost of renting a shop is about 7 million (the store only needs about 25m2 is enough), the cost of importing goods is about 20 million, the cost of decorating the store is about 5 million . The rest, you should invest in building a website for online business because it will bring you a profit equal to offline sales. You just need to take a photo of the product and post it for sale, the number of people interacting will be a lot and so you can attract more customers. The cost to invest, build and maintain the website is about 3 million VND/year.

6. Open a snack shop

What business with 50 million? What business should there be 50 million? How about a snack shop? Nowadays, selling food online is extremely popular. Therefore, when opening a snack shop, you can combine it with online sales to get maximum profit.

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Some expenses needed to open a snack shop:

  • Cost of renting a shop: You should just rent a shop with an area of ​​​​about 30m2 with a price of about 10 million VND.
  • Import of materials and products for processing: 10 million VND
  • The cost of decorating and making a sign: 3 million VND
  • Cost of advertising rental, store review: 10 million VND
  • Mobility costs, staffing costs: 10 million.

The right place for you to implement this business idea with a capital of 50 million is the area near the school, or the densely populated areas. In order to attract direct customers and online customers, you should choose a specific and unique item to sell, so customers will be interested and want to come to try.

What business with 50 million

Snacks are a good idea for any business with 50 million

It can be combined with online ordering and table booking sites such as Delivery Now, Jamja, Table Now … to help customers easily order through it and have it delivered to their door. This form is currently extremely popular, customers just need to order online, the shipper will come to the shop to order and bring it to customers’ homes. Therefore, seize this opportunity to expand your online business school!

7. Gold investment, stock investment with capital of 50 million?

It sounds quite strange, but if you are not aware What business with 50 million And if you like professional investment, then invest in gold! Listen to the opinions of experts to be able to invest in the most accurate way. Currently, gold investment in the Vietnamese market is having a lot of fluctuations, to become a good investor, you must know how to consider the situation before making a final decision. business with 50 million VND enter this field.

Or you can take more risk by investing in stocks. Please refer to friends who have invested in stocks to learn more skills and experiences from them. However, stocks in Vietnam market are still quite low, the development trend is not fast, so if you want to succeed, you need to learn more knowledge and accept to work and study for a long time in a volatile market. This.

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Above are 7 business trends that are easy to make profit with little capital. Hope this article will help you answer the question “What business with 50 million dong? What business should I do with 50 million?, what business with a capital of 50 million dong?”. If you have found the answer, then make your dream come true. Wish you choose for yourself a suitable product and get the most profit.

In addition, once you have identified a business idea with a capital of 50 million, do not forget to set up your store Sapo POS – store management software, to manage products, inventory, revenue, exact profit and loss. The software saves you 50% of management time and effort, is it worth the investment?

Software sales

Software sales – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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