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What business to invest with a capital of 300 million VND to bring a lot of money

What business with capital of 300 million in 2019? With a capital of 300 million, what business is easy to profit? If you do not know what business to do with 300 million in hand, you can refer to the 4 business ways below.

With a capital of 300 million, what business is easy to profit? This is a question that many people are wondering. With 300 million you can deposit interest in the bank, which is also a good and safe choice if you are not passionate about business. But only trading can make you rich. So what business can we start with a capital of 300 million in hand?

1. What business with 300 million: can open a pawn shop?

People’s demand for property mortgages is increasing day by day, which shows that your opportunity to get rich is always within reach. If you don’t know What business with a capital of 300 million VND you can open a pawn shop, 1 month as long as you pawn a customer from 150-200 million, the interest rate only needs to be up to 5,000 dong/day without needing a loan, it has brought you huge profits already. Having 300 million in hand but not knowing what business to do in 2019, obviously opening a pawn shop will be the best choice.

There are two important points you need to keep in mind when implementing this daring get rich idea:

  • Location selection: Should open the service in big cities, towns, towns, near universities, industrial parks, markets, etc. will attract more customers.
  • Being able to value things well: This is a pretty important factor, because if you don’t set the right price, you will easily be “cheated” by paying too much for an item.

2. Fast food – business with capital 300 million VND

With a capital of 300 million, what business should I do? you can invest in fast food franchise business of favorite brands in Vietnam such as McDonald’s, Lotteria, KFC Fried Chicken, Papa’s Chicken, Kokekokko Fried Chicken…

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This business model is currently being pursued by many young people and the results are very positive because of the advantage of not needing too much capital but extremely high profits. For example: 1 cake you sell for 15,000 VND, the original price is about 8,500 VND, so you make a profit of 6,500 VND.

So, the more you sell, the higher the profit. 300 million is enough money to help you fully confidently show your talent in 2019 with a business idea with a capital of 300 million in the form of a fast food franchise.

Fast food – what business with 300 million capital?

However, there are two main notes that you absolutely must not ignore if you want to realize this business idea with a capital of 300 million, which are:

  • Price. This factor is extremely important, especially at the beginning of the shop opening. You should calculate and offer a reasonable price, both to attract customers and still make a profit, or you should include promotional conditions such as buying as many promotions as possible (for example, buy 5 get 1 free). , or buy cake and give water, …
  • The premises and space of the restaurant. You should choose the premises right next to the office, office or school, market, … will attract a large number of customers who are office workers, civil servants, teachers, students, customers – customers potential. Should have a large, airy, clean space, no need for fancy decoration, enough tables and chairs for guests to sit.

Online customer marketing. The trend of buying snacks online and having home delivery is now too popular, and most office workers love this way of buying, because it’s simple, fast, and doesn’t take time to leave the office. job. Once you have chosen to do a 300 million business with fast food, don’t worry about spending about 7 million VND to design a website selling junk food.

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3. What to invest with 300 million? Internet shop business

If you don’t know what business to do with a capital of 300 million, this idea is probably considered the simplest, most leisurely because you just need to invest in machinery, open the door to welcome guests in the morning, then close the door to rest. .

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Having an amount of 300 million in hand is enough for you to invest in a small net shop with a huge configuration machine to meet the needs of customers for surfing the net and playing high-speed games.

What to invest with 300 million? Internet shop business

Equipment and machinery is something you can’t spend your money on, because computers are not as far-fetched today as they were a few years ago, even in rural areas they don’t understand anymore.

So, when you open a shop, you must determine that you have things that people in that area do not have and need. Make sure the network is strong, the computer is well configured, runs smoothly, and has many features to meet the needs of customers.

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What business experience with 300 million capital? Location and price. Should choose premises in densely populated areas, next to the gates of high schools, schools or universities. The restaurant space needs to be clean and tidy.

The price per hour must be suitable for the residential area there, so there are incentives to use a lot, the reduction is much (for example, 1 hour 5,000 VND, if you use the machine 5 hours, it will be 20,000 VND, for example). You should sell more water, cake, fruit or snacks is also a good idea to serve customers and increase income.

4. What business with 300 million? Car and motorbike washing service

If you do not know what business with a capital of 300 million should be, this idea is really good, because you just need to rent the space near the National Highway, where there is a dense population, and the cost of washing tools. The car is not too expensive, 300 million capital is more than enough business.

And surely every vehicle must run through this road from cars, trucks, to long-distance container trucks, which will bring you a fairly high and stable income. The more diligent, careful, more guests, the higher your income will be. What other reason is there that you don’t immediately implement a business idea with a capital of 300 million in this 2019?

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What business with a capital of 300 million? Car and motorbike washing service

Since we mainly target cars, trucks and especially long-distance container trucks, you have to really understand a bit about the vehicle, the structure of the vehicle parts, and most importantly, work hard and be careful. If you don’t mind suffering, you can realize this idea.

Successfully enriching with this business idea with a capital of 300 million, you need to note the following two main points:

  • The first is the ground. As mentioned above, it is imperative that you choose the site of National Highway 1A – the road with many cars passing through every day, the owners of trucks and especially long-distance container trucks definitely need you. .
  • Price and service quality. Regarding the price, you must refer to the average price of the surrounding shops and then carefully calculate it so that after paying the rent, depreciation of fixed assets and other expenses, you are still profitable. The most important is still service style and quality. You must make sure your shop works quickly to ensure the journey for customers, clean and not cause damage to vehicle parts.

Hopefully the above ideas have partly answered the question of what business with 300 million capital should do, what business with that 300 million capital. It is said that success is not waiting, if you have an amount of 300 million and you want to be successful, from today determine for yourself what business goals should be with 300 million capital, 300 million capital should be What business and how to invest, then immediately start implementing this idea.

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