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What business to invest with 200 million dong for the highest profit?

What business with 200 million? What should 200 million capital invest? What business should 200 million? Here are ways to invest to get rich with 200 million VND you can refer to.

What business will you invest with a capital of 200 million VND? In a competitive economic era, the more creative and unique the business choice, the easier it is to succeed.

If you have a few billion in capital, it will be easy for you to choose the idea you want, but if you have 200 million capital now, what business will you do? If you can’t find the right idea, you can refer to some effective enrichment suggestions below.

1. What business with 200 million: Open a Photo shop

If you don’t know what business to do with 200 million in your hometown, you can invest in a photocopy shop, serving printing and photocopying services. If you want the shop to grow quickly, you should choose a location near schools and universities, because the demand for photocopying and printing in these locations will be very high, especially in the graduation exam season and project protection.

If you have to rent space, you should choose a place that is easy to find and has an area of ​​​​about 10-15m .2 You can open a business with your own 200 million.


What business should 200 million capital do now?

What do you need to prepare for a business of 200 million to open a photocopy shop? The current copiers integrate a lot of utilities such as printing, copying documents, scanning, faxing… The average price of these new machines is about 25-40 million.

In addition, to save costs, you can buy used machines at a cheaper price, but the quality is still guaranteed. When buying used machines, you should not choose too old models but should choose popular models such as Canon, Ricoh, Toshiba … both easy to use and easy to replace components when the machine is damaged.

RICOH FT-7650, 7660, 7950, 7960, AFICO 550, 650; TOSHIBA E6570, E50, E55… are a few suggestions of copiers that you can choose to buy.

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Besides, a small tip when doing business with this 200 million capital is that you can combine selling some stationery items to increase the store’s income.

If you don’t know what to trade in additional items for a 200 million project, you can choose some products such as old books, stationery tools, comic book rental… With a capital of 200 million, you can deduct an amount of 10 million to invest in these extra selling products.

2. What business should I do with a capital of 200 million: Fashion store?

If you are a fashionista, and don’t know what business to do with 200 million, why don’t you always choose fashion items to do business to get rich? You can open a children’s clothing store, office fashion business, or whatever product you feel is a potential market demand.

business-gi-elephant-100-trillion 1

What should 200 million capital invest to earn big money?

With a capital of 200 million, what business should I do now? If you invest in opening a traditional shop now, it will be quite expensive when you have to rent space.

Therefore, we can spend 20 million to import clothes, 30 million to design and build the store. Remember, never spend all the capital you have, the remaining 50 million you just leave it there in case of arising cases.

When you have found the answer to the question of what business to do with 200 million, do not forget to study the market carefully. Survey what people need? Which items are easy to sell…

Find the target market and then choose the product. Fashion business is not just buying and selling, you really have to understand the tastes and fashion trends of the customer group that you are targeting.

The most important thing is still the quality of the product. Customers will buy and trust your shop more if you sell them a product that guarantees a reliable and quality source.

To bring your brand to many people if you just started a business with 200 million, do not forget about advertising strategies, promotions, incentives for loyal customers to attract them to visit the next time.

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Besides selling in-store, you also need to promote online sales to increase sales and brand recognition for your shop. To manage your store effectively, you should use sales management software to save time and avoid loss of goods.

All the ways to manage a professional and effective clothing store


3. Open a cafe/restaurant when doing business with 200 million VND

If you do not know what business to do with a capital of 200 million, right now you can invest this capital of 200 million to open a cafe or a small restaurant, invest and decorate the shop space according to your ability and its economy.

What business

What business with 200 million now? Is it possible to open a cafe with 200 million?

Running a restaurant and cafe is a job that not only brings you fun but also brings in a fairly effective source of income. However, in order to stay strong, you must have experience, business calculation and good management ability.

The costs that you have to spend when starting a business in this challenging field include: money to buy raw materials, equipment, costs for decoration, labor costs, electricity and water, taxes, advertising money, billboards, space rent…

When deciding to open a coffee shop with this 200 million-dollar business project, you need to determine the location of the shop so that it is reasonable, the menu of drinks and food like? How competitive is the price to ensure a stable profit and customer base?

Next you have to find good chefs and bartenders, good service staff and satisfied customers. There must be specific goals and plans from the way the business is managed to the little things like parking, service, reception. cashier, … to better understand what business with 200 million, 200 million capital should invest, please read more reference articles below.

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Open a cafe or restaurant with any business project with 200 million, you certainly cannot ignore restaurant management software, because it helps

4. Open a bookstore/story for business with 200 million

If you do not know with a capital of 200 million what to invest effectively, a potential business field is the bookstore business. With only a capital of about 200 million VND, you can completely open a bookstore.

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Currently, the state of being lazy to read books of Vietnamese people is quite common, so the choice of any item must be carefully considered. If near the school, sell all kinds of textbooks, accompanied by school supplies, such as briefcases, paper, notebooks, pens, etc.

Is the business cost of 200 million enough to open a bookstore? The cost to rent space is about 30-50 m2 5 to 10 million. If you trade in stories, you can buy old stories to save money compared to buying new ones. The store should be decorated so that it is airy, neat and clean.

Business capital of 200 million is not enough is also a problem to be solved. The biggest expense and the most headache is the capital to import books. This cost depends on the type of book and the number of books you import.

It is recommended to import books from major publishers and distributors to negotiate the best discount when importing books. You should clearly classify the types of books that you will sell such as textbooks, children’s books, monographs or comics, etc.

Besides, it is possible to trade in additional services such as selling books online, stationery to increase diversity and increase profits.

Doing business has never been easy, no matter what you choose What business with 200 million the product also needs to meet the needs of the user. To start a business with the idea of ​​​​200 million capital, what to invest, what business with 200 million capital, do not forget to make a business plan, research the market carefully to invest and get rich with your capital of 200 million VND. best efficiency.

Hopefully through this article will give you a business idea with your 200 million, what should you do with 200 million. Good luck!

When entering the business, do not forget to invest in a sales management software. You will capture inventory, revenue, profit and loss as well as clear customer and supplier information. Now, let’s find out how this software helps your business.

Software sales

Software sales – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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