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What business should there be to make money?

To open a business store, location or space is an important factor, directly determining the number of customers and store revenue. However, many people are “lucky” to own a beautiful, super-strong ground, but do not know what business to do to bring high efficiency. Let’s join Sapo Blog to summarize the industries and fields in the following article to answer the question “What business should be done with the premises?.

1. The importance of premises in business

Everyone knows that if you want to open a business store, you need billions of things to take care of from importing goods, purchasing necessary supplies and equipment. However, in order to carry out the above steps, you need to own a premises in advance that are suitable for your intended business. Many sellers assess that, finding a suitable space, strategy is considered an extremely important factor, deciding up to 50% of business success.

important frequency of the ground
The importance of premises in business

Store premises are also an effective advertising tool. If in a prime location, every day hundreds or thousands of visitors pass by. On the first day, they can look at the name of the store, then look inside to see the interior, how to decorate the store. Finally, pay attention to the product menu. These things are small but gradually creep into the subconscious of customers and one day, they will use your product to solve their personal needs. That is the importance of the ground.

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2. What kind of ground is considered prime?

It is best to choose places with large road surfaces, large fronts, densely populated areas, near markets, schools, hospitals, places where many people pass by, convenient traffic, near national highways… for business purposes. become smoother. Of course, when there are many certain customers, the rate of people visiting your store will also be higher. In addition, to minimize the choice of business locations in deep alleys, difficult for cars and motorbikes to enter, one-way roads and near planned locations.

3. What business should I do with a large space?

3.1 Restaurant and bar business

The restaurant business requires the shop owner to have a large frontage and a little cooking talent. If there are two factors above, do not hesitate to open a restaurant for yourself. Once you have a large space, you need to invest time in setting up the spaces for the kitchen, the cashier counter and the place where customers enjoy the food. Then, buy equipment, decorate the store in a different style, bearing the manager’s imprint.

restaurant business
What business should there be? – Restaurant and restaurant business

Before thinking about how to ship, how to manage, sellers need to determine what the main product they intend to trade is? You need to survey as well as find out the needs of the people in the area. One suggestion is that you can do a vegetarian food business because the demand for enjoying vegetarian and vegan products is increasing, but the restaurants in the market have not yet met that number of customers. And if the premises are near companies, factories, and schools, you can sell lunch according to the set. You can create competitiveness by offering a little more discount to get the quantity when there is no rental cost.

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3.2 Fashion business

Fashion business has never been so hot for sellers to choose to start a business, especially when you already own a large enough premises. Then, the most time-consuming job is to find the source of quality and affordable goods. However, you should focus on a certain audience: men’s fashion, mother and baby fashion,… Fashion whose business model is suitable for large premises, in densely populated areas.

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fashion business
Having a large space to do business in fashion

The process of operating and managing a fashion store has never been easy for any business owner. So, strongly invest in a sales management software. The characteristics of fashion products are many designs, colors and sizes. Using management software will let you know the exact quantity of each item, so that you can quickly choose and advise customers.

Free experience of sales management software Sapo POS

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4. If you have a small space, what business should you do?

Not everyone is lucky enough to own a large space to start a business. Don’t worry too much because the following Sapo will suggest fields and industries that are suitable for small space.

4.1 Laundromat

This is a growing business field and is gradually being replicated quite a lot, especially in the city area, serving mainly students, students who do not have enough money or workers who are too busy with their jobs. subsistence. If you have a small premises but do not know what to do in areas with many of these objects, do not hesitate to open a laundromat.

laundry shop
Laundry shop

4.2 Hair Care Salon

Hair care is an indispensable need of everyone, of all ages and genders. If you only cut your hair, it is quite difficult to attract customers. Instead, combine more services: masking, ear wax removal, acne removal, eyebrow shaving and trimming, manicure, eyelash extensions, etc.

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The article answered the question: “What business should I do if I have a premises?”. Depending on the location and area of ​​the premises, you choose the appropriate business service. If you have a need to use the software to manage sales, please click the register button below.

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