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What business should I do with 500 million? Let’s invest in these 6 things

What business should I do with 500 million?? How to start a business with 500 million to make a profit? Let’s go with Sapo Blog to find the answer in the sharing post below!

1. Deposit savings

You have 500 million in hand but do not know what business to make a profit? No need to think much, just throw money in the bank and forget it, 1 year later you will also receive about 30-32 million in interest.

However, this is just a plan to keep money, rather, to prevent risks, for those of you who like safety, don’t like it and don’t have a business sense, not an investment. If you are adventurous and want to try your hand at business, consider 5 options to start a business with 500 million VND below.

What business should I do with 500 million?

What business with 500 million? Should you deposit savings?

2. Open mini supermarket, convenience store

What business with 500 million? So open a mini supermarket, or a small grocery store. The advantage of the mini supermarket is that all essential goods are available on the shelves, arranged scientifically so customers are easy to see, pay extremely fast, the price is cheaper than the dealers, …

Especially in the era when everyone is busy with work, family, can be convenient on the way to work, pick up children, … stop by and can buy what they want without having to go to big supermarkets and take time. Why have 500 million in hand but not open a convenience store, a trend of starting a business with 500 million dong in 2021?

What business should 500 million invest in?

Open mini supermarket, convenience store – Should 500 million capital do business?

What is the business experience with 500 million? If you open a convenience store, you must be living in crowded and developed places such as cities, big towns, near industrial parks, schools, etc., which will attract more customers. Next is the price. You definitely have to sell cheaper than agents, so new customers choose to buy at your mini supermarket more, you will earn more profits.

Grocery store management solution

3. 500 million capital should open a small coffee shop

What business with 500 million capital? Opening a coffee shop is not new, but if you have an idea to build a unique brand with your own style, be bold.

Customers are too bored with traditional cafes, coffee cups have no distinctive flavor at all. Be bold if you like the idea of ​​opening a cafe if you still don’t know what to do with 500 million in your hand!

The coffee shop business requires you to first have a capital of more than 500 million because the cost will still increase quite a lot. In addition, those who live in cities and towns will be more suitable for this idea because finding premises must necessarily choose in high-income residential areas.

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What business should I do with 500 million capital?

500 million capital should open a small coffee shop

If you choose this business plan with 500 million, you must pay attention to the following two main notes:

  • The first is to choose the group of customers you target and the taste of coffee. You can divide by age group such as students, students or working people, business people, etc. or by interests such as dog lovers, flower lovers, classical culture lovers, music lovers, etc. That group of customers will decide the design as well as the coffee taste, the price of the cafe.
  • Next is the view and design. You have to find a space with an open view, right on the big road, the design must be unique, different and suitable for the group of potential customers you want to target compared to other shops so will make customers curious. Would love to come and recommend to their friends more.

Easy to say but difficult to do. A lot of people are making silly mistakes when opening a coffee shop business.

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4. Snack shop – 500 million should do business?

When you do not know what business with a capital of 500 million, you can choose this business. Today’s food needs are no longer full, but delicious, must be strange, and snacks always meet this condition.

Moreover, opening a snack shop will be extremely low-risk, without worrying about losses. If you have 500 million and still don’t know how to start 2021, confidently open a restaurant, snacking will definitely bring you success!.

500 million can sell snacks

Snack shop – 500 million should do business?

This business idea with a capital of 500 million is suitable for many audiences, as long as you love the business, are passionate and knowledgeable about the food, it’s ok. But to realize this idea, you must not ignore the following two notes:

  • The first is that the food must be delicious, must be strange to the taste of the majority of customers. As long as the food is delicious, beautifully decorated, a little more, your restaurant will quickly be crowded.
  • Second is space and price. The space of the restaurant must be large enough for guests to sit comfortably, clean and tidy, causing sympathy for customers right from the moment they enter. Of course, the price must be cheap, then you can compete with other shops.

5. What business with 500 million: Pet services

Currently, keeping pets has become popular, even a trend among young people. Therefore, the idea of ​​​​having 500 million VND should do business in 2021 with pets and pet services is very hot and popular. If you have a capital of about 500 million but do not know what business to do, this is an attractive option you should consider.

Pet business and pet services have many areas for you to choose from depending on your interests and forte. Some business ideas with 500 million can be mentioned such as opening a shop selling pet clothes and accessories, trading pet toys, food, handmade items for pets; some services for pets such as bathing and beauty services, pet care services, training services, walking dogs…

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500 million capital can do pet business

What business with 500 million: Pet services

When investing in a pet store business, you should choose residential areas with high income. Depending on the location and area of ​​the business premises, the cost of renting a shop can range from 8-15 million VND/month. So with a capital of 500 million VND you can start a business with this potential business idea.

6. With 500 million, you should do business and rent out tents and backpacks

Why start a business with 500 million VND in this industry?. Going on a “trip” has long become a hobby of many young people who are passionate about “displacementism”. To go on a trip, you not only have to prepare common items to use during travel, but also have specialized items. Selling and renting tents and backpacks is a business idea with a capital of 500 million that can help you succeed if you dare to think, dare to do.

business travel equipment with capital 500 million VND

With 500 million, you should do business and rent out tents and backpacks

Before doing business, you need to find a source of goods at a reasonable price, then your business with a capital of 500 million will be profitable. When opening a shop, you should provide from A – Z all the necessary items for the journey from tents, sleeping bags, blankets to clothes, shoes, scarves, masks, other accessories, even dry food so that the “experts” do not need to go to another store but can still be fully equipped, quickly and conveniently.

Not only selling and renting backpacks, you can also turn your shop into a space for backpacking enthusiasts to come and socialize by organizing some interesting events or you can Take a trip to both experience, record videos to share on social networks and also to understand more about your business to see if there is any need to add or reduce or improve.

7. 500 million should do business: stock investment, gold

The stock market and gold have slowed down in recent years, but the end of 2017 has shown many signs of improvement. What business will you do with 500 million, apply your knowledge to invest in stocks, gold, surely the success rate is not low.

As mentioned above, suitable subjects for trading in securities and gold must be those who have knowledge of securities, regularly monitor the economic and political situation, especially understand the laws of Vietnam’s market. and love to take risks.

with 500 million can invest in securities

What should 500 million do: invest in stocks, gold.

The following two important points should not be overlooked if you want your business idea to be successful with 500 million VND, that is:

  • Mastering the market rules, accurately predicting the fluctuations of the financial and political markets in Vietnam, plus your own knowledge, success will surely be not far from you.
  • Seize the right opportunity. Investing means you have to know how to hit the right time, just being slower or faster will not bring results, sometimes even losses. When you see the right time, do not hesitate because the opportunity will certainly not appear twice.
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8. Invest in real estate

What business should 500 million capital do? Like stocks and gold, real estate slowed down in previous years, but since 2016 has grown again. According to the analysis of economists, it is certain that in 2021, real estate will have many prosperity. Not to mention investing in real estate is always considered the most profitable business plan with a capital of 500 million, in two years it can increase 2-3 times, if 5 years it can increase 5 times. Having 500 million in hand but do not know what business to do in 2021, investing in real estate is the idea of ​​starting a business with a capital of 500 million is not bad.

real estate investment business

500 million can invest in real estate

If you are knowledgeable about the economic and financial situation, have extensive knowledge of real estate, then of course you will be a suitable object to invest in real estate.

However, to invest in real estate you need to pay attention to the following two important factors:

  • The most important is the real estate location. If you choose a piece of land in a deserted, less populated place, the price will be cheaper. But, if later around there are planning to open roads, open schools, hospitals, industrial parks, etc., then the price will certainly be pushed up many times.
  • Next is to apply your knowledge, plus your relationships to predict whether the real estate location you choose has a lot of potential or not. This prediction is very important, deciding up to the amount of 500 million your investment will profit or lose. Because if you predict correctly in the near future that real estate will have a project to open a road, build a hospital, etc., it will certainly increase in price, if wrong, of course not only will not increase the price but also risk lowering the price leading to losses.

Have What business 500 million to make profit is a difficult question, you need to calculate carefully to invest in the most effective way. If you don’t know what to do with 500 million, and are afraid to take risks, you should deposit about 400 million in the bank, the remaining 100 million will be used for business.

Hopefully, the article will help you have an overview and make a choice for your startup with 500 million VND. We all know that doing business is not an easy thing. However, the person who starts early has the best chance of success. Don’t let your “money making” ideas just stay in your mind, but start implementing it today.

Good luck!

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