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What business investment in Da Nang high profit, income over 20 tubers?

What business should I do in Da Nang? What business ideas in Da Nang bring high efficiency? Doing business in Da Nang is not difficult but to find it Business ideas in Da Nang Bringing a high income is not easy at all. The effect here is understood as bringing in a profit of at least 30 million VND/month.

In this most livable land in Vietnam, if you have experience and extensive knowledge plus passion, you can do business in any field you want. So what business in Da Nang now? Here are the top 5 effective business ideas in Da Nang that Blog Sapo wants to share to those of you who are passionate about business but do not know what to do in this city.

1. What business in Da Nang is effective?

1.1 What to do in Da Nang – Open an English class

No need to worry should What to do in Da Nang? if you have good english. Should cooperate with a few other associates, you can open a small English teaching center. This is a good business idea in Da Nang.

Because it is a tourist land, foreign languages ​​are always favored, and education is very important, so Da Nang will be a fertile land for this idea. Later, when you have enough potential, you can expand your scale, teach more languages ​​such as Korean, Chinese, etc. because the tourists from this country very often come to Da Nang.

What business in Da Nang city? – Open an English class

1.2 Business ideas in Da Nang with a cafe

What to do in Da Nang? least risk? It’s opening a coffee shop. No need for a lot of capital, as long as you know about this anesthetic drink a bit, if you know how to make it, even better. This option has a caveat that you must find a suitable location.

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What business in Da Nang city? – Open a cafe

The place to open a cafe must be on large roads, with many people passing by such as parks, famous bridges, near the beach, etc. to attract a large number of tourists and local people. If you have enough money, it’s great to invest in decorating the shop so that it’s eye-catching. Consider this business idea in Da Nang if you don’t know what to do!

1.3 What business should be done in Da Nang? – Opening a tour is too standard

Business tours is a good suggestion if you still do not know what business to do in Da Nang. This business idea in Da Nang will require you to have more knowledge and experience, and of course the competition is also fiercer. Since Da Nang is a city of tourism, tourist offices have sprung up like mushrooms.

If you do not differentiate yourself, your services are not improved, it is very difficult to compete. Let’s make a match with hotels, with famous tourist attractions of this city such as Ba Na, Hoi An, Son Tra Peninsula, … so that the parties can do business for mutual benefits.

If you want to implement this business idea in Da Nang successfully, the most important thing is to design a tourism website.

The travel website is where you will post all the information about the tour you are providing such as: tour schedule, price, means of transportation, … so that customers can easily find information. and choose the tour they want.

Please refer to the article: Build a beautiful travel website, attract millions of visitors to be able to own a satisfactory travel website!


What business should I do in Da Nang? Opening a tour is too standard

1.4 What business in Da Nang? – Homestay is a great choice

Instead of choosing majestic motels, or high-class hotels, tourists prefer to experience living right at the home of locals. Simply because they want to have a closer view of the living space and the true cultural identity of the region.

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This emerging trend is making the homestay business trend bloom, and homestay business people in Da Nang are making a profit like a kite in the wind.

What business should I do in Da Nang? – Business homestay service

If you are not sure what business to do in Da Nang, you can invest in a homestay business. Please see the following article about homestay business experience to see if it is difficult or easy to make a profit of several tens of millions/month in this livable land.

Homestay business, an emerging trend of earning tens of millions of dong per month


Doing business in Da Nang city has a disadvantage that profits cannot be very high. Because of the policy of building a green, clean, beautiful, delicious and cheap city.

If you offer a product or service that is too expensive, no one will find you. But if you work hard, plus a little talent, you can absolutely earn 20 million a month after deducting expenses – equivalent to 1 month of your salary.

2. What business to invest in Da Nang?

In terms of Macro, Da Nang will focus on developing the following 4 main areas, please research carefully to choose what business you should invest in Da Nang and seize the best business opportunities here:

  • The first is Tourism: This is known to everyone, I will not explain much more.
  • Monday Education: As mentioned above, Da Nang attaches great importance to human cultivation. Therefore, many young people often choose universities here to study instead of going to the city. Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, especially young people from Thanh Hoa back to Phu Yen, Binh Dinh. In addition to friendly people, simple living standards, etc., students also enjoy a special education that far exceeds many other provinces in the country. Teaching centers, career guidance, etc. will be too standard suggestions for those who are passionate about teaching.
  • Tuesday is Health: Similar to education, health – health is also an area where Da Nang is only behind billions of dollars in Hanoi and the city named after Uncle Ho. As for Hue and other provinces, Da Nang is far beyond the range of 5-7 years in terms of development potential. This will be a business opportunity for young people who know how to grasp the weather and terrain, the rest is for people to depend on themselves.
  • Wednesday is Silicon Valley: Do you see Da Nang is oriented to develop in the style of Northern California and San Francisco, two world-famous cities? Clean environment, gentle people, beautiful scenery, excellent quality of life… It is a model city of Vietnam that is hard for any name to surpass.
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After carefully researching the above areas, before deciding what business to do in Da Nang, you need to perform one more task. Is it determining whether you will start a long-term business or just try it?

If you are trying to gain experience, you should only choose easy and small-scale businesses to do business. And if the long-term calculation is up to 20-30 years, even if you live forever, you have to study and consider the future potential of Da Nang city very carefully.

Then there should be a clear investment strategy to be ready to face all the challenges ahead, avoiding the elimination rule of socio-economic development.

See more: What business should I do in Saigon?

Above are the business ideas in Da Nang that Blog Sapo wants to share with you who are passionate but do not know what business to do in Da Nang. Hope you will choose for yourself a suitable business model and start a successful business in this beautiful city!

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