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What business in the epidemic season? Top 5 items worth doing business during and after the pandemic

The impact that the Covid pandemic has had on the economy, business activities and people’s lives cannot be denied. Vietnam has had to go through four major epidemics and many businesses and shops have not been able to overcome the harshness brought by the pandemic.

However, for many people, this is an opportunity to start a new business, both ensuring the ability to increase income and bring special benefits to the community. So what business should be done during the epidemic season and what are the things to keep in mind to sell effectively even in the most difficult periods? Let’s find out together with in the sharing below.

1. What business during the epidemic season?

In fact, almost all industries are affected by the Covid epidemic, especially in people’s income. Therefore, trading in luxury goods will not be the right choice at this time or in the long run. Instead, essential items, consumer goods, necessities will be the choice that business owners should consider.

1.1 Food business

It can be said that food and food are the most important factors for everyone’s life. The market demand will never decrease for this commodity. That’s why food is definitely the number 1 suggestion to answer the question “What business to do during the pandemic?”

What business in the epidemic season?

Food business is relatively diverse in types as well as sales channels for you to choose from. It can be fresh food, fruit, frozen food or dry food,… Depending on the demand as well as the source of goods and competition in the area you do business, you can choose the items. suitable business.

In fact, not only during the pandemic but even in the post-epidemic recovery state and long-term business orientation, this is a type of business that you can completely consider choosing.

In particular, you can completely expand the business of these items easily on online sales channels to reach more customers and increase sales more effectively.

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1.2 Grocery, mini supermarket

As one of the industries least affected by the epidemic, the grocery business is a business that no one can deny its potential. Demand for fast-moving consumer goods is immense at any given time or place.

What business in the epidemic season?

You can consider the best-selling items during the epidemic season as essential consumer items to ensure the store’s ability to sell. However, when you have better capital, you should also expand more items and brands to increase revenue and better meet people’s consumption needs.

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1.3 Health care products

It can be seen that the epidemic has made people think differently about taking care of themselves and their families. The demand for body health care products as well as living space is increasing to improve the ability to protect the body against the negative effects of the environment and disease.

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What is the business season?

If you have a reliable source and good knowledge about supplements and functional foods, this is a good business idea. Because even before the epidemic appeared, the demand for these health-promoting products was huge. However, be sure of the product’s origin, absolutely do not sell fake goods, imitation goods, poor quality goods to protect the interests of consumers.

In addition, there are some items that are relatively easy to sell and the demand is extremely high to answer “what business should I do during the epidemic season?” are protective products for the epidemic season such as anti-droplet glasses, hand sanitizer, antibacterial spray, …

In fact, masks are not really recommended items because customers tend to buy masks at pharmacies or supermarkets with pre-listed prices and guaranteed quality.

1.4 Garden supplies

Due to the impact of the epidemic, people have to stay at home more, many people have started with vegetable pedestals, small potted plants to further green the house as well as have an additional source of clean food for the family.

What business in the epidemic season?

No need to start too professional, you can start with basic gardening products such as: water sprayer, gardening gloves, shovel, rake, pruning shears, saw, measuring device, plant pots (plastic) , land), hanging baskets, etc. Depending on the type and size as well as the situation in your locality, you can enter more variety like running a real store.

1.5 Kitchen equipment

Not just the right answer for “what business in the epidemic season?” but at any time, kitchen equipment and utensils are always items of great interest to bring convenience to everyone’s kitchen space. And of course, when people stay at home more due to the impact of the Covid epidemic, the kitchen will also receive more attention.

What is the business season?

Depending on capital and supply, you can focus on high-value products such as fryers, electric stoves, gas stoves, rice cookers,…or simple kitchen tools like garlic peelers, mini grinder, mini fruit peeler,…

These items usually don’t cost too much, but their form and convenience make it possible for shoppers to quickly make a purchasing decision. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to start a business during and after the pandemic.

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2. How to do business in the most effective epidemic season?

2.1 Expansion of online business

Obviously, with limitations after the issuance of Directives 15 and 16 in many localities and complicated developments of the Covid pandemic, online business is one of the top solutions that business owners need to consider.

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Doing business on online channels such as Facebook, Zalo, e-commerce floor or Website not only helps the store increase its accessibility to many potential customers, but also can meet more purchasing needs anywhere. . This is considered one of the important factors to enhance the experience and increase revenue for the store’s business.

To start an online business, you can start from social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, and sell to groups. Some sales software like Sapo POS allow you to quickly create an online ordering channel with an intuitive interface, allowing you to put all your products on the menu and make it easier for customers to order. .

web order

No need to wade through each comment, each message or exchange too many times, the ordering channel will help customers quickly choose the items they want and order immediately with the necessary information about the product. order, address, form of payment.

Due to the integration on the software, the business owner can receive and manage all orders as soon as the customer places an order. Especially the ability to push shipping orders anywhere right on the software, track the bill of lading as well as check it in the most accurate way.

E-commerce floor channels are also a sales channel that store owners can consider if the size of the store is medium and large with a stable order volume to increase revenue more effectively. Depending on the business item, you can consider doing business on Shopee, Tiki or Lazada, Sendo channels to ensure the best business performance.

Experience the online ordering channel and the 7-day Sapo POS sales software for free right now

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2.2 Always ensure a stable source of goods

Maintaining and controlling inventory is a must for every type of business. Simply put, you can’t sell if you don’t have enough inventory or run out of stock without even knowing it. This not only directly affects business operations but also the customer experience.

In particular, for some stores doing business on e-commerce floors, often running out of stock without knowing or canceling orders due to no sales also makes your stall undervalued and reduces visibility when customers are not satisfied. search row.

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Therefore, regularly checking goods and managing inventory properly is an important factor that any store needs to pay attention to. There are many ways to manage goods such as books, excel or warehouse management software. Depending on the business model and quantity of goods, you can choose the appropriate management method to help you understand the entire input, output and inventory status of the entire store as well as across sales channels.

2.3 Always pay attention to delivery activities

It can be said that people’s consumption trends have markedly changed from traditional shopping to online shopping, especially before the effects of the pandemic. That is the reason that delivery activities are more and more concerned to ensure delivery and minimize problems that may occur in the business process.

If you do business on e-commerce platforms, delivery is not a concern because you will push orders directly through the exchange’s shipping partners. However, for a self-sufficient online business, understanding delivery activities is an extremely important factor to both optimize costs and improve the efficiency of transportation and control.

You can search and compare each shipping unit to choose the most suitable one. Or for stores that are managed by sales software, the software will allow you to push orders and compare shipping costs as well as update the shipping status of each order, each shipping unit.

2.4 Experience free online sales applications

The epidemic season is also a time when online shop owners face financial difficulties. How to increase sales, optimize personnel costs, … is always a question that any business person wants to find the answer to.

With the desire to become an application to help millions of stores, online shops can start selling in the simplest way, helping business people to worry less about memorizing sales debts and easily recovering sales. Debt, Sapo 365 application was developed and oriented to become an effective support companion for shop owners in their business process:

  • Create an online sales page in just 5 minutes
  • Record debt, transaction history absolutely accurate
  • Automatic debt reminder helps online shop owners proactively know the repayment time through debt reminder messages via Zalo, Messenger, SMS, … in a “subtle” way.
Free online sales application
Sapo 365 . application

If you are a small seller, selling concentrated in apartments, residential areas, small grocers, … and have no need to use professional paid software, then Sapo 365 debit book is the choice. top for you.

Sapo hopes that the above sharing can help you find the most suitable answer to the question “what business to do in the epidemic season” as well as how to do business during the epidemic season most effectively. – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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