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What are the top 5 business ideas in the most “soldier” industrial park today?

Hi Blog Sapo, I am currently working in Bau Xeo Industrial Park – Dong Nai. I am intending to start a business to earn extra income to make up for the meager monthly salary. However, I don’t know what business to do in the industrial park? The business idea in which industrial park is effective? What is the easiest thing to do in the industrial park today? Looking forward to Blog Sapo advice. I would like to thank you!

Friend Tran Hien, Dong Nai


Hi Hien, thank you for trusting and sending questions to Sapo Blog.

Industrial parks often have their own characteristics because it is where many workers are concentrated. If you are also one of the workers here, then perhaps no one other than you is the one who understands their needs best. To find business idea in industrial park Then you need to take the time to observe and learn the habits of people living in that area to see if they have any urgent needs that have not been met or rely on the working habits of workers to choose products. most suitable to help business near the industrial park effectively.

In the question you also did not specify your current situation, for example, whether there is a house there or not, how much capital is there, whether the industrial park has developed many types of businesses or not… Usually , there will be business ideas near the private industrial park that are suitable for the market characteristics there. The following are quite effective business ideas in the industrial park for those of you who do not know what to do near the industrial park. You can refer to choose for yourself the most suitable business idea near the industrial park!

What business in the industrial park?

What business in the industrial park is the easiest to make money today?

1. Hostel business

Hostel business is said to be an effective business idea near the industrial park that has never cooled down. Because workers in industrial zones often come from other provinces to work, so the demand for housing of these subjects is very large.

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If you are living and have a large house near the industrial park but don’t know what to do in the industrial park, don’t be afraid to borrow money and build a row of hostels for workers to rent.

Although the initial capital is relatively large, the payback time is also very fast, it only takes 4 – 8 years for you to recover the initial capital. After that, you just need to sit at home and the money will automatically run into your pocket, just collect the workers’ rent every month.

What business in the industrial park?

What business in the industrial zone? – Room for rent

However, not every time you build an inn and then throw it away, there will be workers to rent your room. Your hostel must ensure the following criteria: good security, cool and clean rooms, fire prevention and safety, etc., so that the new workers can rest assured to settle down. This.

Room business is not a new business idea in the industrial park, but it will certainly be the most successful and profitable business idea in the industrial park today.

2. Selling breakfast food

Breakfast business is a pretty good idea if you don’t know what business to do near the industrial park? Surely a nutritious breakfast will help workers “full stomach” to be able to start a long working day. Breakfast is very diverse, you can sell breakfast foods such as vermicelli, pho, .. or simple dishes such as sticky rice, bread. If you can’t rent space to open a shop, you only need a trolley to do business in the industrial park.

What to sell in the industrial zone? – Selling breakfast food

However, you need to consider the diet of workers in that industrial zone. If the workers in that area are only provided with lunch and dinner, the breakfast business is a great business idea in the industrial park.

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Besides, there are also some industrial zones, where workers are covered by the company for 3 meals at the factory, breakfast business will not be suitable anymore. At this point, you can switch to the snack business at supper, dinner, etc. at the end of the shift.

3. Open an iced tea shop

If the food business is not suitable in your area or there are already too many breakfast shops there, you can turn to the beverage business. Opening an iced tea shop is a good idea if you don’t know what to do in an industrial park. You just need to spend a small amount of capital to buy the necessary items such as: plastic chair, water cup, ice box, cigarette box, … and a few raw tea leaves to start your business. business now.

In addition to iced tea, you can sell some other beverages such as tamarind juice, ice crocodile water, soft drinks… This is a business idea with little capital but not little profit, not only applicable in the area. industry but also in densely populated areas, offices, schools…

What business should be done near the industrial park? – Selling iced tea

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4. Grocery business

Trading in essential goods is the answer to the question of what to do in the industrial park. If the motel business meets the accommodation needs, the restaurant business meets the food needs, then opening a grocery store will meet the basic shopping needs of workers.

A business grocery store in an industrial zone will provide necessary items for workers’ daily life such as: toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper, etc. At first you can try each item 1 is less see which item is most consumed.

Usually in each locality, each area will have a more popular brand, as long as you grasp the habits of the people and focus on selling that item, the grocery business will be more convenient.

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What business in the industrial park?

What business in the industrial zone? – Open a grocery store

How much capital to open a grocery store depends on the size of the store and the items you import for sale. For detailed costs, you can refer to the article: How much capital does it take to open a grocery store? After determining the amount of capital, start taking the steps to open a grocery store to start a business idea near this industrial park!

5. What to trade in the industrial zone – Cheap clothes

What business should be near the industrial park? – Cheap clothes are hot selling products in industrial zones that you can consider. Most workers in industrial parks are low-income people, they often cannot afford to buy expensive clothes or famous brands. Therefore, cheap clothing is an extremely suitable business item if you do not know what to do in the industrial park.

What business in the industrial park? – Selling cheap clothes

You can go to buy goods at wholesale markets and then sell them to workers, to make a profit, you must definitely be able to import goods at cheap wholesale clothing stores. You can refer to the following articles to find yourself cheap and reputable places to buy goods:

Termites buy clothes wholesale in Ninh Hiep market Termites buy clothes at Dong Xuan market wholesale

If you have a sales space near a main road, you can sell it at a store, if not, you can sell on the sidewalk, but that will be difficult because of many factors such as sunshine, rain, police…

Here are some business ideas near the industrial park to answer the question What business in the industrial park? your friend Tran Hien. Hope these tips have partly satisfied your concerns. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send questions to Sapo Blog! BlogSapo is always ready to help you. Good luck!

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