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Top business ideas for the hottest “money-making” office people today!

Which office workers’ left-hand occupation is “hot” today? Office people want to do business to get rich, what business should they do? What business ideas for office workers are effective? The following article will share with you business ideas with low capital and high profit for office workers who want to earn more income.

The business industry has never been as explosive as it is today and it doesn’t take people with a lot of experience to become an entrepreneur. The opportunity to earn more income from the side jobs of office workers is also expanding accordingly. It is important that you know how to take advantage of your free time to grasp, be determined and really persevere. The most optimal solution to the question of part-time jobs for office workers in 2021 with little capital and high profit is an online business, just need a computer with an internet connection, if you have capital, you can import goods and sell them, if you don’t have capital, find a source. and then sell orders.

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1. The side job of the “hot” office people in 2021?

1.1 Popular business for office workers: selling clothes online

Office workers are those who have a fixed working time during office hours (usually from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm), and they have a lot of time for the evening. The main work of office workers usually works mainly on computers, so online fashion business is a side job of office workers, which is very popular today, is a great choice for civilized people. want to do business to get rich and earn extra income.

Business ideas for office people

The side job of office workers – online fashion business

Fashion, here including clothes, shoes, accessories, are timeless items, always with high consumption. Finding resources is also very easy. First, you should determine the type of goods you want to sell, it can be imported goods, VNXK or Guangzhou goods, cheap clothes, etc. Then contact and select the source of goods. There are many ways for you to get goods such as directly going to pick up goods from abroad, buying through foreign websites, domestic wholesale markets or wholesale shops.

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Regarding VNXK and Guangzhou wholesale products, you should carefully refer to the source through the article To import genuine VNXK clothes or Synthesize sources of Guangzhou clothing at wholesale prices.

Sales order will be the optimal choice for office workers, less time and less capital. What you need to do is find one or several fashion sources, sell products and make sure to take the first order as prescribed to get the wholesale price, maybe 1 million, 2 million, depending on the shop. Search on Google, Facebook, forums… and best of all, go directly to their store to verify the quality of the source. Refer to How to successfully sell orders to shape the style of penetration and sales, and build a brand.

1.2 The side job of office workers – Cosmetics business

Business ideas for office people

Side jobs of civil servants, offices – cosmetic business

This is not a business idea for new office people, but it is very suitable for civil servants and office workers. Especially high-end or imported product lines. Young people also develop and make a lot of money with this business idea, but most of them are products with low prices or handmade cosmetics businessbecause business and customers are mainly students, income is not high.

As for office workers with a stable income, the need to use cosmetics is high and they are willing to spend a monthly amount to spend on this. Not to mention many women who consider “addicted” to cosmetics, their shopping needs are extremely high. Therefore, online cosmetics business is considered a side job of office workers, which is quite popular today. You do not need to worry about how to find customers, take advantage of your colleagues, recommend them to use. You can start small and then grow.

The source of goods can be imported from many countries around the world, the line of cosmetics imported in Vietnam is now very diverse: Russia, America, Japan, France …. And the psychology of foreign consumers in the country will never “sell out” your business idea. Or you can accept to be a small distributor for famous cosmetic brands in the country. In the case of selling handmade cosmetics, you need to spend time researching or learning how to make handmade cosmetics such as handmade lipstick, soap, coconut oil, shampoo, shower gel, handmade BB Cream… safely. and guarantee to customers.

However, because office workers have little time to manage, when starting a business, you should use an online business form. When you have a certain amount of capital, you can open a store and hire employees. With this business idea for business people, you can use your free time at the company or at home, check in information about orders and hire a carrier for customers.

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1.3 Trading in household appliances

Currently, any item can be sold online, including household appliances. With the advantage of saving time, effort as well as cost, consumers tend to search to buy online instead of having to choose to buy. Household goods have many types of goods, many brands. Imported household goods, VNXK goods, company-made goods or household goods from cheap factories all have their own customer segments that you can import and sell but should clearly distinguish between customers and investors. correct question.

To understand the steps when starting a home appliance business, you can refer to the article: How to make an effective home appliance business?

Tips for people in the office to do business with little capital and high profit 3

Side jobs of civil servants, offices – Household appliances business

1.4 Office workers want to do business to get rich – Clean food business

What business should office people do?

The side job of office workers – Clean food business

The trend of selling fresh fruits, vegetables and regional specialties online is increasingly being responded to by consumers. So, why don’t you take advantage of the available resources in your home country to implement business ideas for office workers, both introducing your hometown’s specialties to friends and colleagues, and being able to earn extra income? import.

Vietnam has many different provinces and regions, each region has its own food typical of that place. For example: Thanh Hoa spring rolls, Thai Binh fish cakes, Hai Duong mung bean cakes, Hai Phong spicy bread,… Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the source of goods when trading specialties.

In case there is no available source, you can go to the wholesale stores but must carefully check the product quality as well as food safety and hygiene. You should know the characteristics of each source as well as the steps and secrets of opening an online clean food store, and here’s what you need: Discover the steps to open an online shop selling clean food. That will help you sell more smoothly and affirm the trust in consumers. It can be said that the specialty business is an effective part-time job for office workers that you should consider.

2. A place to “realize” business ideas for office workers

business for office people

The ideal place for office people who want to do business and get rich

2.1 Website

If you really want the side job of this office worker to become your main source of income, then more than anyone else, you have to think and act seriously. Website is the foundation channel of all other online sales channels. Having a reputable website design is like buying a real property to sell. Customers easily identify, trust as well as buy.

Not only that, the website channel also gives you more opportunities to reach potential customers through tools such as SEO, Google Adword advertising, Email Marketing…

2.2 Social networks

Social networking is one of the channels that spread quickly and widely, if office workers want to do business to get rich, this channel cannot be ignored. You can sell right on your personal facebook, Instagram, and Zalo address in combination with setting up 1 more sales fanpage.

To sell on social networks is easy, but selling or not is another matter. First, let’s create a beautiful online store, “full of electricity and water” by updating enough information, taking beautiful and eye-catching product photos. What you need to do is not to be hasty, introduce gradually, starting from acquaintances and friends so that they can promote themselves first. Increasing fanpage likes should be really interested likes, and at the same time, you should take advantage of your free time to learn about sales tricks on Facebook so that no one can refuse.

2.3 Forums

Forums are quite effective sales channels for office workers who want to do business and get rich if you know how to make the most of it. Some good interactive forums today like: Webtretho, Lamchame, Eva… You just need to create an account, post your products and promote them. It is much better if you already have a website. See more effective selling tips on the forum.

2.4 Blog

Blog is an ideal place for the side jobs of office people. Blog is a personal site, before it was mainly about sharing personal things, but now it has become a communication channel, selling online. All you do is how to create content that attracts readers to see and know the Blog site. The best way is to combine other channels to “incubate” blog posts.

2.5 E-commerce floor

Currently, many people have succeeded with the side jobs of office workers with the e-commerce floor market. Having a product, you can choose to sell on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, etc. However, to sell on this channel, your product must be outstanding, in price or design. , quality.

Check out more cool work-from-home ideas in the video below.

The above are business ideas for office workers in 2021 as well as ideal places to realize the side jobs of these civil servants and office workers. Hopefully, the above ideas will partly guide those of you who work in the office who want to start a business but do not know what business to do. – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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