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Top 5 most effective money making ideas for students today!

What business should students do? How to get rich for students effectively? Which business items for students are “hot” in the market? The following article will share with you the top 5 unique business ideas for students, helping you to make a lot of money while still in college.

The dynamism of today’s students has been proven through many successful start-up stories. With the knowledge learned at the school and a fairly “open” schedule, many students want to take advantage of their free time to do business, have more income, and learn and experience many things.

However, being passionate about business is one thing, but many of you are still wondering what business students should do, which business ideas for students are effective? With the explosive development of the Internet, many business ideas for online students were born.

A small amount of capital and new business ideas of the students have created jobs for themselves with quite attractive income. Let’s go with Blog Sapo to list the top 5 most effective ways to get rich for students today and choose the best student business idea for you!

Discover the 5 most effective ways to make money online for students

Discover 5 effective ways to enrich students

1. What business should students do? – Online fashion business

If you are studying economics, marketing and wondering what business students are here? Then an online fashion business is the perfect answer for you.

What business for students? Online fashion business

You see, the fashion business has never been “hot”, even for those with long-term experience or students who are still studying, this field is always suitable if the right strategy is built.

The first thing in this business model, you need to determine the audience you want to target, then choose the type of fashion products you want to sell.

In the field of fashion, business items for students are extremely diverse, from clothes, shoes, accessories to underwear products, bikinis, … you must consider whether your online shop should selling models, designs, popular or high-end products, etc., to suit the identified target customers.

Great way to sell clothes online to learn more effective business experiences!


If you don’t have capital, it’s okay, try to be a collaborator for online shops, gradually gain experience to start your own business. All you have to do is post pictures on your personal Facebook page of their clothes, shoes, or whatever other way you have to attract customers to your products. The amount you receive will be the commission deducted for each product sold from you. This way of starting a business for students is quite easy and requires no capital for you.

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The fact proves that many students from the time they were still in school have developed a few online shops for themselves, by the time they graduate, they already have a reliable business establishment with a stable customer base. Therefore, this is one of the business ideas for students that can easily earn profits that you can refer to if you do not know what business for students.

2. How to get rich for students – Blogging

In recent years, besides the growing trend of online business, blogs have stepped out of the world of poetry and into the colorful business world.

If you are a lover of words and have a broad understanding of a field such as marketing, human resources or finance, blogging is a great answer to the question of what business students are. You can build and develop your own blog, with an area that you are interested in and know deeply about.

It can be a blog specializing in marketing, where you can share effective marketing tools in the marketing era, marketing trends in the world or marketing success stories of famous brands.

And if you’re not interested in business information, but have an aesthetic sense and understanding of cosmetics, a blog that shares facials or trends in makeup is a great place for you. Start making money online.

Blogging - the most effective way to make money online for students

Blogging – how to get rich for students effectively

From blog posts you can supplement your business. Once your blog has gained a certain amount of readers and built up a reputation, you can fully profit from beautiful ad placements, product or service reviews, or sales links. with young brands. What business should students do, try blogging!

3. What business should students do? – Specialty business

Specialty business is a good suggestion for students in rural areas with famous specialties but still wondering what business to do for students.

If your hometown has famous and well-known specialties, why don’t you bring them on the internet and promote that product to everyone in the city.

Most people in the city love to enjoy country flavors because they are delicious and free of harmful chemicals. Business items for students with the sale of famous specialties can be mentioned as Trung Khanh chestnuts, Ha Giang highland sausages, Thanh Hoa spring rolls, Ham Yen oranges (Tuyen Quang).

What business student is this? – Selling specialties

The first thing to say is that the target market is your fellow students, they will support you if they know how to offer cleverly and reduce the price a bit. It will not be difficult for them to promote your product to other people they know to buy from you.

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Next, to reach more people, take photos of the products you are selling and upload them to social networks like Facebook, Zalo… to invite people. If possible, you can design your own sales website to assert your own brand.

If you want to expand your supply, you can contact your friends for sourcing. Usually students in universities are quite crowded, and each person comes to a different region. That is a huge advantage for you, just contact them and consider the entry price to make a profit.

You see, the specialty business is an extremely effective way to enrich students, both to introduce your hometown’s specialties to everyone, and to earn income.

4. Business ideas for students – Translation

This is a business idea for students dubbed “the goose that lays golden eggs”. Why do people call it that? Because of the “huge” revenue and the huge amount of knowledge that translators receive. If you are majoring in languages ​​or are fluent in a certain language, translation is a very suitable suggestion for you if you do not know what business students should do?

When Vietnam becomes a part of the world, in parallel with the development of tourism and media industries, foreign books, newspapers, and online stories are like a huge wave flooding in, causing the need for translation. Art becomes hotter than ever.

You just need to go to google and type the keywords “online translation”, “at-home translation”, “translation work” and you will see hundreds of different websites related to this field, proving the irresistible attraction of this industry. this translation. So why not turn your foreign language talent into a business idea for students.

What business should students do? – Translation

Translation work is suitable for people with strong foreign language skills, understanding many different languages ​​such as English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean…

With this business model for students, you can set up a website to introduce translation services, then cooperate with friends to form your own translation team.

In the early stages, you can connect with professional translators through online jobs to access business. After you are strong enough and have a wide relationship, develop your translation team, professionalize your website, maybe in the future you can form an online company specializing in translation. how about art.

You can also search for translated content that matches your personal preferences. For example, if you love comics, you can visit a website like, blogtruyen, goccay or xomtruyen… to join this huge comic community. This is a way to get rich for students, a real gold mine if you know how to mine.

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Translation work not only helps you bring in a significant source of income, but it also helps you review your foreign language knowledge, refine your language, and obtain a huge amount of foreign information. So, if you are wondering what business to do for students, try to consider translation work!

5. What business should students do? – Selling handmade goods

Selling crafts, also known as handmade items, will be a great business idea for students, suitable for those who are skillful, know how to create beautiful and unique items by themselves.

If you are not sure what business students should do, you can choose these business items for students to sell, as long as you are a skillful person who can make unique products yourself, you do not have to worry about not making money. get money, this will be a very effective way to enrich students.

What business should students do? – Sell handmade goods online

Nowadays, young people are always looking for unique products, personality, expressing their own style….so doing business in handmade crafts is still one of the business ideas for students that is very hot and attractive. many young people.

You can sell online, or rent a small store to display your products. For details on how to do this, students can see in the article Experience of selling handmade goods online. These are not simple pen-and-paper experiences but real experiences. If you choose this business idea, you should remember to read this article once.

In this winter, you can knit products about scarves, gloves, beanies, even knits… Currently these items are available in the market, and the price is also quite soft, so you need to create a difference on their products, such as knitting with motifs, names of people, names of couples in love, etc. will make people enjoy and buy from you.

How to get rich for students It’s not too difficult, but the Internet environment is a place with many potential risk factors, many people have been scammed, appropriated user information or abetted bad guys.

Therefore, if you choose one of the five fastest ways to make money online above, you should also choose a unit that provides full information, or clear payment methods to preserve information. and your income.

Above are the top 5 business ideas for students that are extremely effective for those of you who do not know what business students should do. Hope you can choose for yourself a suitable idea and wish you a successful start up!

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