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Top 3 best banks for unsecured personal business loans

Capital is an essential factor to bring success to individuals and business households in Vietnam. Unsecured loans for individual businesses are a form of loan that many people are interested in because Vietnam is one of the countries with many business households and small shops. This article will help you to know the Top 3 most reputable business mortgage lending addresses today.

1. What is an unsecured business loan?

Unsecured business loans are a form of banks or financial institutions that lend without collateral, depending on the creditworthiness and ability of customers to repay debts. The purpose of this loan package is to solve the financial needs and strengthen the business capital of customers.

The form of business household unsecured loans is an effective help for business households who are looking for capital to invest profitably. Borrowing in the form of unsecured loans, customers will not need to mortgage any assets. Most banks now have two forms of loans for business households to supplement working capital in installments and loans for business households with fixed assets, which are flexible according to the needs of certain customers.

What is a business mortgage loan?
What is a business mortgage loan?

2. Advantages of unsecured business loans

Unsecured loan packages for individual business households are increasingly being chosen by business households and individuals. What is the reason that many users believe so? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that this form of loan brings.

– Customers can get quick loans without collateral with flexible interest rates for customers who are business individuals or business households. Helping customers have more business capital, upgrade facilities, expand business scale, …

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– Customers can be supported with a loan of up to VND 500,000,000 for up to 60 months without a business license or collateral.

– Conditions and loan procedures are very simple and the disbursement time is fast within 24 hours after completing the loan application.

– Installment payments of both principal and interest are flexible according to financial plans and competitive interest rates.

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3. Top 3 banks providing unsecured loans for individual businesses with preferential interest rates

Currently, there are many financial institutions providing loans for household businesses with competitive interest rates. Loan needs of individuals and individual business households are also met faster than ever. Sapo will provide you with 3 reputable personal business unsecured lending banks with preferential interest rates.

3.1 Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank (TPBank)

Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank is one of the leading units in the field of digital banking with low-interest lending services that attract the attention of customers. You can completely trust and feel secure about information security as well as low interest rates when taking unsecured loans at TPBank.

You can contact TPBank for a loan for business households with a maximum loan term of 24 months, a limit of about 100 million VND back. TPBank stipulates the lending rate for unsecured loan packages for individual business households at about 6.8%/year, up to 85% of demand. This is the lowest interest rate in the market today. Besides, TPBank also supports to lower interest rates for special customers, as well as comes with other utilities for opening payment cards, savings accounts…

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Sapo cooperated with TPBank to launch unsecured lending products based on the seller credit scoring model on Sapo system. Accordingly, the seller will be rated and approved for a loan limit based on business history on Sapo’s sales management platform with a 100% online process.

Sellers have the opportunity to borrow unsecured loans up to VND 150 million with an interest rate of only 2%/month (calculated on a decreasing balance) and a loan term of up to 36 months. With the advantage of extremely simple and convenient loan procedures, customers register right on Sapo’s sales management platform, providing ID/CCCD photos and portrait photos. Sapo and its partner TPBank (Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank) appraise and approve 100% online within 24 hours.

Sapo associates with TPBank

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3.2. SHB Finance

SHB Finance is a large financial bank with many years of experience in the field of unsecured business loans, always ready to serve customers. When borrowing money here, customers will enjoy many attractive incentive programs and be attentively served by a team of professional staff.

Sapo cooperates with SHB Finance to support loans with business households and individuals to stabilize capital during the epidemic season with competitive interest rates and special incentives for Sapo customers.

For shop owners/business owners, when choosing a consumer loan at SHB Finance via Sapo, they can access a loan of up to 90 million with an extremely attractive interest rate from only 2.66%/month, the time for Flexible loan up to 36 months. The longer the time of using Sapo software, the more incentives for customers. Moreover, the application procedure is extremely simple, easy to apply for a loan online will also be a highlight of this product.

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SHB Finance
Super fast loan – Flexible debt repayment with SHB Finance

Check it out now: Sapo cooperates with SHB Finance to launch flexible loan products on sales management software Sapo

3.3 VPBank

Unsecured business loans at VPBank integrate many attractive advantages such as:

  • The maximum loan limit is up to 80% for business households to borrow working capital, 90% for business households to borrow full of fixed assets.
  • The loan period under the business license is flexible from 12 to 60 months depending on the loan purpose.
  • The method of repayment is loan by item (periodical interest and principal/terminal payment) or limit loan (monthly interest and principal payment at the end of the period).

In terms of the general market, lending interest rates for individual business households at VPBank are low, averaging about 0.93 – 2.17%/month, equivalent to each specific loan limit. You can easily choose a short-term unsecured business loan, the amount that suits your financial needs.

Customers who apply for a loan online will be supported by a credit staff with dedicated advice without having to pay for the application service and any other costs. Customers also do not need to prove their own income.

Sapo always tries its best to make it easier and faster for traders. Sapo customers will receive a lot of privileges when borrowing. Shop owners need a business loan, please contact immediately for advice and support from Sapo staff.

Business household loans are a solution to help individuals and households have more favorable conditions for capital to develop their businesses. Please choose for yourself a reputable unit to borrow business capital. Good luck with your business – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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