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TOP 20 frequently asked interview questions for sales staff

What are the frequently asked interview questions that wise employers use to interview their candidates? With these 20 sales interview questions below, you’ll learn the interviewing skills and experience needed to identify the most talented and brightest candidates.

There are many candidates participating in the sales job interview but not everyone can succeed for one of the reasons such as unprofessional, not quick, disorganized, too aggressive. or not strong enough, stance…

If you don’t want to have such unsuitable employees, be more certain in your sales interview questions when hiring. The answers will reveal the “nature” of the good candidate, you will have a better basis to choose easily and properly.

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TOP 20 interview questions for sales staff when recruiting

TOP 20 interview questions for sales staff when recruiting

20 frequently asked interview questions when recruiting salespeople

1. What is your opinion on the importance of learning in business?

This question will show whether your candidate is forward-thinking and eager to learn at least in the field of sales.

2. Explain something…?

This isn’t really a question, but it will help you gauge if the candidate has a positive attitude.

3. What do you do when you don’t fulfill monthly sales or have no satisfied customers?

How candidates handle this will show their determination as well as their work style. Wouldn’t it be surprising if a “talent” replied that they needed to take a look at themselves and set SMART goals for the next month to make up for the last “bad” month?

4. How would you approach the short-term sales cycle and the long-term sales cycle?

Short cycle means quick order closing, long cycle requires a more careful approach. They are completely different and your candidates should recognize and take the right approach.

5. When do you stop chasing a client?

The good answer here will depend on your company’s strategy but in general more persistence and effort will make a good salesperson. TOP 20 interview questions for sales staff when recruiting 2

TOP 20 interview questions for sales staff when recruiting

6. Who are you most comfortable selling to and why?

Listen to how they respond with a description of an ideal buyer or a particular individual in the buying process. Then evaluate how the candidates view the specific audience in your field.

7. What do you love most about the sales process?

If what they love the most is an important part of your company, that would be a vote for that candidate. The question can also alert you to limited aspects of your side to consider.

8. What will motivate you?

Money, achievements, benefits to customers… among those would be potential answers to this question. And the good answer will hinge on your company culture. For example, if teamwork is paramount on your sales team, a candidate motivated by internal competition might not be a good fit.

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9. What is the ultimate destination in your career?

Lack of growth opportunities will be one of the top reasons why your salespeople are looking for another new job. If the candidate demonstrates a desire to pursue a career that your company can’t deliver, you may consider hiring that candidate.

10. Can you name 3 adjectives that a former customer used to describe you?

Listening is a virtue for almost all jobs and salespeople are no exception. A salesperson needs to know who he is and how his customers value him. This is also a way for you to know the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

TOP 20 interview questions for sales staff when recruiting

TOP 20 interview questions for sales staff when recruiting

11. How do you keep a smile on your face for a day?

Assess the candidate’s attitude in dealing with customers. This question helps you to know how optimistic the candidate is, whether they will easily get rid of discomfort, work positively or not…

12. What made you want to apply for the position of salesperson?

Ask to better understand the candidate’s goals and motivations when applying for the position of a salesperson.

13. Have you ever failed and how do you solve it?

Everyone will fail, big or small, so beware of people who claim to have never failed. There is nothing wrong or surprised with a temporary failure, the important thing is how they got up and learned and learned from the experience.

14. What do you think our company/sales team can do to make it better?

This salesperson interview question serves two purposes: how many candidates have researched your company prior to interviewing and it demonstrates their creative thinking and entrepreneurial abilities. .

15. How much time do you spend nurturing customers versus “hunting” new customers, and why?

Some companies want and value customer retention more than finding new customers or vice versa or 50-50 parallel. And that strategy needs to be clear in the minds of employees from the outset.

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TOP 20 interview questions for sales staff when recruiting 3

TOP 20 interview questions for sales staff when recruiting

16. Have you ever asked a potential customer who didn’t buy from you to hear why you failed in that deal? What did they say and what did you learn from it?

Tracking deals to learn how to do better next time will increase your odds of winning in the future. A salesperson who takes time to learn from both their successes and failures can be a great value addition to your team.

17. What role do you think social media plays in your sales process?

Social media is becoming a focal point in all industries. If candidates don’t use social channels to research prospects or find opportunities, they’re slower to respond to your current requirements.

18. What do you think about collaboration in a sales team?

Collaboration may be less important at some organizations, but candidates not willing to cooperate with other members will make work uncomfortable and make it difficult for your team to thrive.

19. How will you cherish your goal until “times, favorable conditions, human harmony”?

20. If you were hired for this position, what would you do in your first month on the job?

Candidates need to have some action plan in place as soon as they join your company. This is a question that assesses the preparation as well as the willingness to contribute to the company as soon as it becomes a part of the company.

TOP 20 interview questions for sales staff when recruiting 4

TOP 20 interview questions for sales staff when recruiting

Above is 20 interview questions Salespeople often encounter you need to include in interviews to find suitable candidates. Hopefully, these experiences and interviewing skills will be useful to you in recruitment. If you have any other interesting questions, you can share them right below this comment section. – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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