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To be successful, you must remember the following 7 things

Fruit business Currently, this is one of the many directions of young Vietnamese people when they want to try their hand at the business environment. In fact, fruit business is a promising field with a small amount of investment. Especially when recently, some bad information related to Chinese fruits and vegetables has appeared, which is not guaranteed, causing confusion and adversely affecting the health status of people.

Below, we would like to share with you the necessary things to be able to open a successful fruit and fruit shop:

1. How much capital is needed to start a fruit business

When doing business with anything, capital is always the first problem that makes us wonder. Selling fruit is no exception.

This completely depends on your financial potential as well as the business model you are aiming for. But normally with a fruit shop, you will need to invest with an amount of capital in the range of 40 – 60 million.

fruit buffet business

Fruit business requires a capital of several tens of millions

In addition to using this money to import fruit products, you can use this capital to cover expenses such as renting space, hiring staff, cooling cabinets, fruit display racks, … .

However, you should also note, the first stage of business is always the most difficult, not yet profitable. So make sure you have enough money in your budget to keep the activities going for 6 months.

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2. Conduct market research and survey

fruit business

Capturing market information is essential

“Knowing people know me, a hundred battles a hundred wins” This saying is very true in today’s volatile and competitive business market. You need to know who your direct competitors are, what their strengths and weaknesses are, what products are mainstream, which products are of interest to many customers, the prices that how they are selling… to come up with a suitable business strategy.

In addition, a good fruit sales location will determine the success of the store. Choose areas near residential areas, high traffic areas, convenient traffic and pay attention to the distance compared to neighboring competitors.

3. Find reputable and quality fruit sellers

Today’s customers are really smart and sophisticated. They are willing to leave, go to the fruit stores of competitors if you violate food safety laws or your fruit is not really fresh.

selling fruit

Find reputable fruit sellers

Trading in fruit is different from many other industries such as electronics or cosmetics. If these areas require a period of time before the customer can discover the problem, the product error, the fruit is not like that. They can easily tell if your products are fresh just by their color.

Therefore, if you want to make a good first impression, you should choose reputable domestic fruit suppliers or fruit importers with clear origins and labels.

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4. Give a reasonable price

Customers are always interested in comparing prices, especially if there are many competitors in the market.

Besides the fresh quality of the fruit, the price is a very important factor to attract customers to your fruit shop.

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Especially in the early stages of business, a reasonable price will attract your customers most of all. Just because of a little initial profit, you can accidentally lose those loyal customers.

5. Building brand and reputation

sell fruit

Never assume that a small fruit business does not need to have a brand.

It can be your personal brand, helping you appear easily in the minds of customers whenever they have a need. Once they have built a brand and reputation, they are willing to ignore the small mistakes you make and still happily buy. Or simply still walk into your fruit shop even though the store next door is having promotions and discounts. Loyal customers are amazing, aren’t they?

6. Build a Sales Website

With the development of the Internet, users increasingly tend to shop through the Website. With just a few basic steps right at home, or at work, customers can buy fruit easily without having to move out.

Thanks to the website, the store will reach a large number of potential customers in all parts of the country, as long as you can afford to operate as well as have a team of good staff to take care of, build and optimize the website. frequent. For simplicity, you can design your own sales website extremely quickly on the online sales platform.

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7. Choosing the most optimal sales management method

With a specific business such as fruit business, tracking the source, import batch and quantity is extremely important. Because in fact, each type of fruit will be classified according to the number of imported batches and types of goods to set prices as well as offer appropriate programs to stimulate demand and ensure consumption.

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Inventory in fruit business is always the most important factor that sellers need to pay attention to to ensure product quality. Controlling the time of arrival and the ability to consume not only helps the store owner make a suitable consumption plan, but also evaluates the supplier as well as the profitability of this type of product such as: how.

selling fruit

Sapo POS sales management software with many effective store management features

With a large and diverse product range such as fruit business, control by sales management software is an extremely important factor to minimize errors and effectively manage supply and goods. best.

The application of technology in management and sales, replacing the old manual model, helps store owners minimize payment time, eliminate errors with a convenient barcode and price stamp system. At the same time, it is easy to control orders at the counter or ship orders, promptly handle all problems in the business process.

Fruit business is considered as one of the relatively complex business models in inventory management as well as sales. Because, for a specific industry of food business such as fruit, business owners need to pay attention to many important factors that directly affect the quality of goods as well as revenue management. That is why mastering the perfect business solutions is the key to limiting risk and business success. What was the secret? Join us to find out in the comments below.

We believe that the above fruit selling experiences will answer many of the questions you are having. Good luck with your fruit business!

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