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Tips to make tons of money from opening a tea shop and selling tea dishes online

How much capital does it take to open a tea shop? How to design a tea shop to be beautiful? What does it take to open a tea shop?, perhaps the above questions are always the questions of many people when they want to open a tea shop. If you do not know where to start, read the following article to gain more experience in opening a tea shop for yourself.

Today, the percentage of office workers is increasing rapidly and snacking is a “bad habit” that is often mentioned a lot. In addition to sweet and sour fruit dishes such as apples, guava, toads, etc., women are also very fond of sweet and sweet tea dishes throughout the three regions of the South, Central and North.

Therefore, the idea of ​​tea shop business suddenly became hot and everywhere you go, you will see tea shops opening. That is why, if you decide to penetrate this market, you will have to face a lot of competition in both price and quality.

Tea business is not difficult, the main thing is that you find your own direction. Here are tips to help you succeed and earn a “huge” income from the business of snacking tea for office workers.

1. Determine the type of tea that you trade

First, you need to determine the type of tea you want to trade, such as: Black bean tea, mixed tea business, Khuc Bach tea, green bean tea… Next, is to identify the target audience. You need to know who you are selling to, be it students, students, office workers or family audiences.

If you only focus on the teas that are popular with office workers such as jackfruit yogurt, sticky rice yogurt, jelly tea, lotus seed tea, black bean tea, tao pho, etc. after” only. Then, if you don’t really excel in price or quality, you will have a hard time competing with the old brands.

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Instead, why don’t you try new tea dishes to arouse the interest of customers and penetrate the potential niche market.

Here are a few teas to help you out:

Grandma’s tea:

tea business

Tips to make “tons of money” from online business of snacking tea for office people

The dish has bold characteristics of the people of the South, made from many different ingredients, but the main thing that creates the salty flavor is the greasy coconut milk. The blend between the sweet taste of tea and the coolness of the crushed ice will make women feel extremely excited.

Banana tea:

Banana is a very healthy fruit, but perhaps few people know this simple but extremely cool tea. With the blend of the sweetness of bananas, the flesh of pearls, plus the moderate greasy taste of coconut milk, the sisters will be extremely surprised and quickly turn this tea into a favorite dish. it’s my password.

Corn sweet soup:

tea business tips

Business tea buffet with Corn tea

This is probably the most familiar and cool tea dish, but it is still not widely available online.

Banh Loong Tea:

open a tea shop

Tea cake is the most favorite tea

Only made from flour and coconut milk, but somehow this tea is so attractive to many other foods. The sweet taste plus the coolness of the ice in this tea always make people enjoy it forever.

Once you have identified the tea dishes for business, you need to design a menu of dishes. You should create a tea shop menu with a variety of dishes to easily attract customers. In addition to the tea dishes suggested above, you can refer to many other tea dishes in the tea shop menu below:

tea shop menu
Tea shop menu

2. Choose a place to open a tea shop

Then, choose the location to set up the shop to suit the audience you target. And the important thing that you need to control is the amount of capital. From the amount of capital you have, you plan to divide it into items that need to be spent and prepare accordingly.

Sales achieved 50% thanks to the location of the premises, so you need to survey the market to choose a favorable business location. For a tea shop, the space does not need to be large, but requires cool, clean, seating and parking space for guests.

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You should rent space in places with easy access roads, near residential areas or schools and limit the areas where there are many famous tea shops. For those who open a tea shop with available space, this is a great advantage because the rent for the premises usually accounts for about 20-30% of the total capital.

If you have to rent, you need to pay attention to only rent places with clear contracts and ask for a deposit in advance to avoid the case when the business has gone into stability, the premises will be taken back. In addition, if you are a beginner in business, you should also avoid choosing places that are too close to big, famous tea shops because it will be difficult to compete.

3. How much capital does it take to open a tea shop?

How much capital is required to open a tea shop is a question of many people. The amount of capital not only affects the size of the restaurant, the way it operates, but also the success of the business. For small-scale tea shops with about 20-30 seats, you should prepare a capital of about 30-50 million VND.

As for the larger size of about 50 seats or more, the capital to prepare must be more than 50 million. This figure includes the estimated expenses incurred and is sufficient to rotate in the first months of opening the tea shop.

Prepare capital to open a tea shop

Prepare capital before planning to open a tea shop

Currently, the price of a cup of tea ranges from 10,000 to 20,000 VND/cup. When the shop has a stable number of customers, every day it earns millions of dong and can recover its capital after only 4-5 months of operation.

Next, is to prepare for the design and decoration of the shop and buy the necessary tools, such as: cups, spoons, cups, tables and chairs, decorative lights, tea cooking utensils… Find a place to sell things with Reasonable price can save you a lot of cost. And for the tea shop to come into operation, you must find a long-term, reasonably priced source of cooking ingredients. From there, determine the appropriate selling price and quickly recover capital.

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4. Design a beautiful tea shop when doing business

Good tea is not enough. Your shop must have an eye-catching and unique decoration so that you can be busy all day serving customers.

Most people will choose shops with beautiful and novel designs to be able to talk with friends and relatives and especially to save beautiful moments and then share them on facebook to show off to friends.

beautiful tea shop design

Beautiful tea shop design is a way to attract customers

A special restaurant space is also an important point to help customers remember you longer and always want to come back to you.

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5. Online tea shop business

The demand for snacks is increasing, but office workers do not have much time to go out to buy. So selling tea online will be a good idea for you.

At first, you can start an online tea business on the social network facebook, then when it is known by many people, you can link it to foody, Now, or a place to eat so that customers can easily order and you also more convenient for delivery. It can be said that selling tea online is the current business trend.

sell tea online

Selling tea online is becoming a business trend of young people

A new dish of tea can be a tea that you invented yourself according to your own recipe or a tea that has been around for a long time but is not known to many people and is also not offered by many online tea shops.

If you go in this direction, ensure quality and price, and are liked by customers, your path to success is very close and you can completely dream of becoming a “market leader” rather than a “market leader”. should be the “follower”.

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