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Tips for 5 sources of genuine cosmetic products at wholesale prices for profit

Want to open a cosmetic shop where to buy goods? What are the sources of genuine cosmetics at wholesale prices? This is 5 source of cosmetics help you wholesale genuine cosmetics to do business for profit.

Currently, there are many sources of cosmetic products. You can easily find the source of cosmetics at wholesale prices Online, if not, you can take the trouble to search for big cosmetic shops to get genuine cosmetics wholesale, which is also a great form!

Cosmetics are one of the essential products that we use every day. In this day and age, beauty is no longer a “privilege” of women, but men also need to be beautiful. Especially when the Tet holiday is approaching, the demand for this item increases even more.

If you look at the demand and profit of this item, this is a very potential business. Many of you who intend to sell cosmetics online have gone to forums and social networking sites to ask about finding source of cosmetics where quality and reasonable price can start the business.

In the article below, Sapo Blog will suggest some wholesale cosmetics to answer this question of young people who want to start a cosmetics business!

Sources of cosmetics that you do not know

Source of genuine cosmetic products at wholesale prices for your business to make a profit

1. Get goods from wholesale shops

If you have a cosmetic business idea but have little capital or only have a small business, you should choose to buy goods from wholesale shops. You can easily find the source of cosmetics wholesale online, otherwise you can take the trouble to search for large cosmetic shops and buy wholesale products for sale.

With this way of getting wholesale cosmetics, the advantage is that when you first start your business, you can buy in small quantities and sell to see how the market needs and then decide to buy goods. However, the disadvantage of wholesalers is that the source of cosmetics is sometimes not verified, so the product quality is not guaranteed.

In addition, if you take back the goods from the shops, you will have to get them at a slightly higher price because the goods have passed through one or more clues, so the price of your product will be less competitive. Therefore, before buying goods from wholesale shops, you should consider and carefully consider the source of cosmetic products as well as compare prices to be able to choose a reputable shop with a reasonable price.

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2. Acting as an agent of genuine cosmetic distribution companies

Currently, there are many foreign cosmetic distribution companies in Vietnam, you can register as a reseller for these distributors. This is a reliable source of genuine cosmetics, you can be assured of product quality.

In addition, the wholesale prices of distributors are very competitive and you also get attractive discounts and many preferential policies.

This is the main source of goods for cosmetic shops today because of its convenience, reasonable prices and many support policies such as taking goods first, paying later; price protection policy, commission; supporting catalogs, flyers, business documents; receive product training, business knowledge training; Return policy…

But to be able to become an agent, you need to get goods in large and stable quantities. Therefore, you can choose this way when you have sufficient capital and professional business scale, not a small one.

source of cosmetics

Are you looking for genuine cosmetic products? Acting as an agent for cosmetic distribution companies

3. Import of portable cosmetics

Portable goods, although without papers, can be guaranteed of origin, quality, and very affordable prices, chosen by many cosmetic shops. There are many ways to import hand luggage, the most common are some of the following methods:

  • Thanks to relatives and friends: If you have acquaintances who are living, working or studying abroad, you can ask them to buy some products of famous brands and bring them home each time they visit.
  • Hire flight attendants, pilots: Each airline employee serving international flights is allowed to bring 20kg of luggage, you can contact them to pre-order the products you want to buy.
  • Going abroad by myselfCosmetics products are mostly compact, not large in weight, so many shop owners often personally go abroad to “carry” back, consider it as traveling and shopping. If possible, you can also apply this method.
  • Re-enter of hand-carried agents: This method is similar to the first method we shared, except that the wholesale shops only specialize in portable cosmetics, so their quantity of goods is very rich.

Note, this source of portable cosmetics to be successful, you need to have a certain amount of attention on the sale season, especially the relevant knowledge about the brand.

Why does the source of portable cosmetics need to pay attention to the brand? Because customers looking to this source are often people with good income, the mentality of using genuine, genuine goods and often cannot be bought in Vietnam.

This is the high-end user segment and has a certain reference to cosmetics. So if you want to attract and advise customers, you must update your knowledge about portable cosmetic products!

Portable cosmetics are a popular source of wholesale cosmetics

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4. Order from abroad

Currently, when ordering from abroad to Vietnam is no longer too difficult, many shop owners also choose this way to import goods to sell.

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Buying goods directly from abroad will help you get the “genuine” goods at the origin. If you don’t have relatives abroad or can find wholesale “portable” cosmetics, the service of buying for you at a reasonable cost will be the solution for you.

You can order on the websites of cosmetic brands or on overseas e-commerce platforms and then ship them to Vietnam. However, because you can’t choose to buy it yourself, you also need to carefully research the source of cosmetics, choose reputable websites or stores to order.


Ordering from abroad helps you get “unique” – “strange” goods

5. DIY handmade cosmetics

Currently, the trend of using handmade cosmetics is very popular in the world as well as in Vietnam, especially among young people. If you are a little skillful, you can make handmade cosmetics for your business.

The ingredients for making cosmetics are quite easy to find, and the method is not too difficult. You can easily find articles or videos on how to make handmade cosmetics online.

Besides, the business of handmade cosmetics does not require a lot of capital, you only need to prepare 30-50 million VND to be able to start a business.

In addition, with this business form, you can unleash your creativity, customize formulas and designs to have really “unique” products to bring to customers.

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Above are 5 sources of cosmetic products that you can refer to if you are planning to sell cosmetics online or open a cosmetic store. You should choose for yourself a source of goods that is suitable for the size and form of your business.

How to manage a cosmetic business store effectively?

How to accurately manage daily revenue, product inventory, sales orders, employee performance…


The secret to identifying genuine and fake cosmetics

The cosmetic market today has many products labeled as genuine to deceive buyers. Many newcomers to the cosmetics business have difficulty distinguishing the real from the fake during the import phase.

Prestigious cosmetic products are often faked but the price is not smooth at all. Blog Sapo will share some tips for you to import cosmetics without being confused.

How to identify real cosmetics – fake to find the source of genuine cosmetics.

1. Distinguishing real and fake cosmetics by sense

You test products such as lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, etc. by dabbing a little on the skin under your hand.

If it is a real product, you will feel comfortable, with a light and long-lasting fragrance, the coverage of the powder is smooth and glossy. If it is a fake, you will feel the skin feels heavy, rough, has a strong scent. Because Fake Fragrance Oil has a lot of alcohol, the strong diffused smell causes headaches.

2. Look at the form to identify real and fake cosmetics

You can see many indistinct presentation patterns prominently on counterfeit packaging. For example, the words are too small or the font is not standard by the manufacturer.

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There are also fake cosmetics with overly vibrant colors. You need to know the product you intend to import, counterfeit products often have variable product names such as: Lamcome instead of Lancome, Kenzzo instead of Kenzo, Lokasta instead of Lacoste…

The words on the real goods are always short and clear. The packaging is usually sturdy made from good quality cardboard or paper. Unlike genuine cosmetics, counterfeit products often have sloppy packaging. On some fake lipstick boxes, there is usually a hole that doesn’t know what to do.

Fake cosmetics often have shabby packaging

In addition, fake cosmetic products are very easy to fly. You try rubbing 2 fingers together to get some oil and then rub it on the shell to see if the color fades easily.

The fake box also has strong reflective properties, when taken with a phone it will be quite bright.

3. Based on barcodes to identify real and fake cosmetics

In addition to helping to identify product origin, barcodes also help you distinguish between real and fake products. Therefore, each cosmetic product has its own barcode number. If there is no product, you should not import it because it is very easy to be a fake.

You only need to see the first 3 numbers to know the origin. For example, the first 3 digits of Vietnam barcode is 893. You can refer to the following list of barcodes:

Once you know where it comes from, to know if it’s real or fake, you take the sum of the even numbers by 3 plus the sum of the odd numbers, minus the 13th digit. Then you take the number you just calculated and add the 13th number. If this number ends in 0, it is genuine, if the tail of this sum is not 0, then it is definitely a fake.

For example, let’s try to calculate if this barcode of Vietnam is real

A=8+3+6+2+0+0=19 B=9+4+0+0+1+7=21 C=19 + 21*3 =82 D= 82+8=80 The tail of D is number 0, so I can confirm this is the real thing

Many of you wonder why they have faked the product and then why not also fake the barcode. They will never dare to fake the real barcode because then the genuine company will be sued as a fake company right away for copying. So the barcode is always correct, cannot be faked.

Here are some tips to help you avoid fake cosmetic products during import. Please continue to follow Sapo Blog for more business tips and experiences!

Sapo hopes the above suggestions of genuine cosmetic products as well as ways to distinguish real cosmetics will be useful experiences for those who are starting to step into the cosmetic business.

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