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The ultimate dairy business secret to help you earn hundreds of millions per month

Next to business idea kids fashion milk business It is also chosen by many people in the field of mother and baby. The demand for this item is quite large, according to estimates, the average milk consumption per person in 2014 is nearly 20 liters per year, by 2020 it will be 28 liters, achieving a growth of 9%.

This shows that dairy business is very potential, the number of stores opened has increased continuously recently. However, the more so, the higher the rate of competition will be, if you want to grow, you must find your own secrets. In this article, we would like to share some such tips to help you make a successful dairy business.

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be a milk agent

The secret to successful dairy business

1. Import less but variety

Market research is an extremely important step of any business plan, it will help you know who to sell to and what to sell. However, there is always a certain gap between theory and practice, so don’t rush to look at the survey results and then enter a bunch of milk at once.

You should first enter each outstanding milk line according to the survey table a little, from 2 to 4 cans, after a while, the business will see which line sells better, then import more. This way both saves import costs and is safe for you.

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2. If you have a small capital, you can import goods from an intermediary agent

Currently, there are quite a few sources of milk, which we have mentioned in the article How to find the source of goods when opening a milk agent?, but the most common is to import the company’s goods from the distributor and through an intermediary agent. If you do not have a lot of capital, you should choose the second way, because to import from a distributor you will have to commit to the quantity each time you pick up the goods (usually quite large), and through the agent, you can depend on the situation to import more or less.

Looking for a source when working as a dairy agent?

It is recommended to import goods from agents in the milk business

In addition, when importing goods from agents, you will receive a percentage discount right at the time of picking up, not waiting until the end of the month, although the discount may be a bit lower. Thanks to that, you will not have to worry about backlog problems, lack of capital anymore.

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3. Should you sell a combination of mother and baby products?

When working as a milk agent, many people have the idea of ​​​​selling some other mother and baby products, such as diapers or clothes. This is also a good idea, but it will break your original orientation, which is “be a dairy agent”, making you easily confused when choosing a customer base, building a marketing strategy, etc.

Besides, this idea also reduces the professionalism of your store, significantly affecting the attraction of users. So it’s best to only sell milk, powdered milk, fresh milk, yogurt, whey, … there are many products for you to choose from.

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be a milk agent selling mother and baby products

Should mother and baby products be added to the milk agent model?

4. Which brand of milk is good to import?

This is definitely a question that everyone who works as a milk agent wants to find the answer. Actually, the market survey results also give you some suggestions, but that’s just theoretical data. You must first understand who and how “good” here is good.

If for business people, good milk must be easy to sell, strong consumption, high discount. As for customers, good milk must help their children grow up healthy and develop comprehensively. It is possible to list some milk companies that meet both these good things, such as Abbott, Friso, Enfa A+, Vinamilk, etc.

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Which brand of milk should I import?

Which brand of milk should be imported to attract customers?

5. Throw away the books

A dairy agent, even if it’s small, the number of products is not small, milk is a daily consumer product, so the consumption rate is very fast, you will have to import goods continuously. So do not think that a few notebooks can help you effectively manage your store, it is both outdated and carries many risks of losing product information.

Dairy agent management software

Applying technology to dairy agent management

So please replace traditional books with modern means such as sales management software. This software will help you store product information effectively, avoiding the case of expired goods without knowing.

In addition, expenses, revenue, inventory, etc. are also listed in detail and completely, so you will have better control of cash flow. You can sign up for a 7-day free trial of the software to experience the most advanced dairy store management features today.

Besides, buy some sales equipment such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, etc. to make your agent more professional, and at the same time save maximum time and effort.

Above are all the secrets of being a dairy agent for you to apply today. Sometimes just small notes can help you significantly increase revenue, reduce business risks, and develop sustainably. Wish you luck.

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