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The secret to opening a successful clean food business

Nowadays, clean food business is one of the right business ideas in modern life.

“The road from the stomach to the graveyard has never been so close” is the comment of many people about the current state of food. There are farming households and sellers who, out of greed for personal gain, sell poor quality products to the market such as dirty meat, dirty vegetables, dirty wine, etc., which has caused a series of poisoning cases and deaths. people or the sequelae, diseases smoldering in the body that lasts a lifetime. That makes consumers worried and timid when buying and never had such a big desire to consume clean, safe and hygienic products.

However, it is not as simple as selling vegetables in the market, to build clean food business model To be effective, you have to go through many different stages of implementation. Those who want to embark on this field need to do careful research before making an investment so that the business can be sustainable and effective for the owner. Include:

Phase 1: Preparing to open a clean food store

This is the time to lay the groundwork for your clean food business that you must:

– Name your brand, logo, create a slogan, affirm your mission, products and all that you will bring to society when doing business to create prestige and differentiate yourself.

– Find the place Open a clean food storeSales location is a very important thing that affects the number of customers directly determining the success or failure of the job.

A convenient clean food business location will be

– The area is densely populated with good income, there are many people passing by and convenient to visit shops such as markets, middle schools, and schools. Or large urban areas are far from markets and high-income areas, but this type of clean food business has not yet developed strongly.

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– Shop area for rent from 35-50m2 is just enough. Should choose a location with 2 fronts, the better it can be to display the goods for everyone to observe, and to be able to park and keep the car better.

– Room rent ranges from 6 to 12 million to ensure that it is not too expensive to sell, offset the cost of the premises, and generate profits for the seller. As for the prime location, the price of 15-40 million is also temporarily acceptable.

Investment capital needed to open a clean food store

According to experience in opening a clean food store, The current amount of capital falls from about 80 million to 250 million, which is reasonable, depending on each person’s clean food business model. Funding is only part of your success. Enthusiasm and will are the driving force for your business. You will then begin:

– Find clean food sources, learn how to prepare and preserve them:

  • Requires you to find your own source of clean, quality goods but at a good price, able to sell and make a profit.
  • How to prepare, pack, and store food in the refrigerator and freezer to keep it fresh when it reaches the consumer.

– Recruiting and training staff: At first, you directly do everything at the store, so you only need 1 to 2 more support people. If there are conditions to develop the business further or hire more people to reduce the burden.

– Marketing for the store: through the distribution of advertising leaflets, friendly relations with people in the area opening the store.

– Purchase equipment:

  • Need at least 1 large freezer, glass top to display frozen goods
  • 1 refrigerator for pork, chicken, beef, fish,…
  • 1-2 fruit cabinets to display, preserve vegetables when not sold out
  • Electronic scales, tables, chairs, shelves, computers, printers for operation
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– Decorate when opening a clean food store: should choose a bright paint color, choose a photo of you going to pick up the goods, a product certificate, a facade with an outward-facing billboard system to attract customers.

– Carrying out business registration procedures, certifying the establishment’s satisfaction of safety and hygiene conditions, and documents proving the origin of goods.

Phase 2: Opening, maintaining and developing a clean food business

Attracting customers on the opening day of the clean food business

Opening date is very important, it determines whether you leave an impression on customers or not, customers will want to come back to use your product or not. You should apply many measures to keep the store crowded and create curiosity for customers by:

  • Hang banners and slogans around the store, turn on speakers, invite friends to support.
  • Discount on items during the opening period from 3-7 days.
  • Free product tasting.
  • Give gifts to customers.
  • Distributing coupons, VIP cards to customers.

Quickly recover capital, grow business

To be able to recover your investment, you need a period of 3 to 6 months of operation. During this time, you must take many measures to increase sales if you do not want to close your clean food business:

  • Find out information about consumer needs of customers.
  • Organize programs to stimulate passersby to shop such as promotions, discounts, new product sales, etc.
  • Build strong trading relationships with customers.
  • Improve and perfect products, remove items with negative feedback, diversify products, import more products to make customers satisfied.

Establishing a business management model for quality clean food

You should directly shake hands and order from the supplier, check the quality of the goods to evaluate the quality of each source and then assign the staff to take charge.

Your management books must have the following forms:

  • Customer book records buyer information
  • The order book records the seller’s information on the date of entry
  • Customer’s debit book
  • A book of receipts and expenditures to record the store’s activities

Professional sales staff training

On the one hand, they are the people who work directly with customers, their attitude determines the buyer’s sympathy, going or staying. On the one hand, they are the ones who take over the store’s work when you’re away, affecting the store’s revenue and expenditure. Therefore, you need to train your employees to be professional, enthusiastic, dedicated to the profession, honest and open to customers.

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Measures to handle inventory that are not sold out in a day

You should only enter enough goods, check to detect and return defective goods when imported, need to pack and preserve well. During the sales process, they must constantly check and prepare to see if they are as fresh as when they were imported to promote sales by lowering prices. Or you can sell it to rice shops, process it into other products, etc.

Install a surveillance camera for a clean food business

This is an essential sales support tool for you, especially during your absence from the store. It helps you to observe the working attitude of employees, manage goods in the most general way to avoid theft and loss of revenue.

Online clean food business to promote the brand

After the store has recovered, broke even and started to make a profit, quickly use that profit to reinvest and expand the business. Investment here includes both quantity, product quality, food store management software, monitoring, customer care, brand enhancement, etc. to make the store more stable and sustainable.

When the store operation has entered its orbit, instead of sitting there and waiting for customers to come, promoting communication through the internet will be a good choice to help you bring your image to the public more, deeper. Wider. Think about investing in a professional website to sell and sell clean food online on it. Website channel is a trend and will help you earn more customers to earn a lot of money or long-term, sustainable food supply contracts.

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With our suggestions, we hope to help you along the way clean food business his coming! – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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