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The most complete cost of opening a billiards shop anyone can invest in

The cost of opening a billiards bar from affordable to high-end depends largely on the size and investment, so in the following article Sapo Blog will help you use the most appropriate budget to save costs and save money. bring high efficiency when embarking on this business model.

Billiards shops are now appearing like mushrooms and becoming more and more dominant to stand out from their competitors, so when doing billiards business, how do you need to use your budget to make a difference for yourself, have a start? Solid head? Let’s explore together.

1. Cost of renting premises

The cost of renting premises depends mainly on the area, the direction of the main door, traffic characteristics and location. Normally, billiards shops need to have an area of ​​80m2 or more, so the rental price falls between 30-50 million/month.

You should place the shop in densely populated places, near the university, office area to have a large initial number of customers, although corresponding to this advantage is the high rental price, but it is worth the investment because This is one of the key factors for the success of the restaurant.

The cost of opening a popular billiards bar

The rent of the premises accounts for the majority of the cost of opening a popular billiards bar

2. Billiards bar design cost

The budget for this stage usually falls between 5 and 50 million VND depending on the design style as well as the interior and materials you use. There are many billiards shops with extremely low design costs but high efficiency, there are shops that invest a lot but are confusing and annoying for customers.

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Therefore, to save money, you should carefully study your target customers, for example, if the shop is aimed at young people from 18 to 25 years old, it should be decorated in European and American style with a modern bar with tables. cafe for young people to gather and chat, the design cost will be quite high, but in return, it will create an irresistible attraction, surpassing competitors.

If the shop is located near the apartment, mainly the customers are married, have money to buy an apartment, aged from 25 to 40, just designing a simple billiards bar is enough. With this object, the space is as open as possible, ensuring a comfortable experience after tiring working days.

How much capital does it take to open a billiards shop?

How much capital does it take to open a billiards shop?

3. Cost of purchasing tools

When doing billiards business, investing in tools such as billiards tables, balls, buying billiards, lights, sound systems should be very important because it directly affects the customer experience.

Usually, the cost for all basic items in the shop falls between 400 and 800 million VND, depending on the quantity and quality you aim for. Some basic tools you need to prepare are:

  • Pool table: To save money, you should buy a table with an old rib and then install a new ice and stone surface, the efficiency of use is still guaranteed, but the cost is quite large.
  • Ball set
  • Shelves for guests: You should design cabinets close to the wall, small compartments, each compartment has its own lock for guests to store things. To save money, you should buy cheap cabinets, don’t need to be too beautiful, put them in a hidden place in the shop.
  • Ceiling fan, wall fan, air conditioner
  • Pool table lamps: Table lamps are usually designed upside down or customized to suit your design style.
  • Tables and chairs around: This is a place for guests to sit and wait or relax, so it should be a comfortable sofa, convenient to rest back, there is a table for guests to put a cup of water, to put a phone.
  • Shelves selling water, mixing water,…
  • Food and drink stalls
  • Dispensers, microwaves,…
  • Necessary kitchen utensils (bowls, plates, spoons, …)
  • Food import
  • Counter
  • Generators for use in the event of a power outage
  • 1 ball cleaning machine and accompanying accessories (grinders, speculators on behalf of customers, solvents for cleaning balls, …)
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billiards club opening cost

The cost of opening a billiards club includes purchasing equipment and tools

These are the basic tools for billiards bars, in addition, to provide the best service, you should equip additional billing software to automatically calculate the hourly total bill, avoiding errors caused by staff. confusion, negligence or inexperience. At the same time, it also shows professionalism, not keeping customers waiting for a long time.

This billiards management software also supports the shop owner to track revenue, manage employees, manage customer information remotely, easily capture the operation situation without going to the shop through visual reports on the website. software.

This seems to be one of the primary competitive weapons that will help you surpass your competitors in the market by improving service quality and reducing management costs. Try it for free here to discover more great features.

billiards management software

The most modern billiards management software

Efficiently manage empty tables, hourly bill, control from remote business on phone/ipad.


4. Employee hiring costs

Depending on the number of visitors, the frequency of visitors visiting during the day, the size you need to hire the right number of staff to ensure the best service. Usually at the shop there will be a cashier, a bartender, 2 waiters and a manager.

The rental cost will range from 25 million to 70 million dong. Because employees are in direct contact with customers, affecting customers’ emotions and experiences, it is necessary to choose experienced and well-trained people.

If you wonder how much capital it takes to open a popular billiards bar, by this point the total cost has fallen between 600 million and 900 million.

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The cost of opening a popular billiards bar

The cost of opening a popular billiards bar includes the budget for hiring staff

5. Marketing and advertising costs for billiards shops

Marketing and advertising are very important, especially when the shop is about to open, helping to attract a large number of guests to the experience and later can be loyal customers of the shop.

Currently, there are many free marketing channels such as exploiting social networks… but it is necessary to parallelize effective advertising such as distributing leaflets in the vicinity, designing billboards, prominent and attractive banners. , organize attractive incentive programs.

This cost ranges from 5 to 15 million depending on the scale of implementation. However, do not forget to take advantage of social networks to reach a large number of online customers on this platform.

the cost of opening a billiards bar and advertising

How much capital does it take to open a billiards shop?

Through the suggestions above, you can see that the cost of opening a popular billiards restaurant falls between 500 million and 800 million VND depending on the size as well as the organization and design of the restaurant.

Now that you have answered the question of how much capital is needed to open a billiards shop, let’s make a specific plan to save costs as well as use capital most effectively.

Restaurant management software

Restaurant management software – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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