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Survival experiences when doing real estate business

Real estate business is a money-making business, but the risk is not moderate. On the other hand, the value of property on each real estate contract is often quite large, if not carefully calculated, real estate investors are easy to get into trouble, even empty-handed, or fall into labor. In this article, let’s go with Bizweb to find out what is going on around the real estate market and what lessons we need to learn so that the real estate business never slips.

Real assessment of real estate projects to invest in

The more detailed the assessment, the more risks you can eliminate. To evaluate a real estate project, start with the location, then refer to the price and finally delve into the legality of this project.

Real estate project valuation

Accurately assessing the value of a real estate project is very important, because only when choosing a real estate project with a good location will you have a chance to make a profit, or the project will never be profitable. now closed. According to experience from real estate experts, we should only choose projects that are not more than 10km from urban areas, and it is imperative to find areas with good social infrastructure such as near hospitals, schools, centers. commercial centers, parks, public services… These will be extremely attractive places for people to buy/rent houses, and even if the market demand goes down, you can still sell the project. to recover capital.

Another point is to deeply understand the living space in the area you invest, the history of the apartment, the surrounding residential community, the convenient location, the feng shui factor… More details, Be as specific as possible for you.

Successful real estate business experience

Successful real estate business experience

Remember the period from 2008 to 2010, when housing prices were strong, especially in areas such as Soc Son, Ba Vi, Me Linh, Ha Dong, Tu Liem, etc., which attracted many investors. , but by the time the housing fever subsided, some projects had become the graves of many people’s capital. Tu Liem and Ha Dong projects also struggled when the market was saturated, but thanks to their favorable location, they still traded well.

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When investing in real estate business, you need to explore and grasp the market price clearly, this will avoid buying “mistakes” leading to investment losses. Many people often just think simply, just buy it and wait for the time the price will increase by itself, but they themselves do not know when to increase. Therefore, it is necessary to know the general price list of the real estate area to invest in and try to find projects with prices lower than the floor price, this will help you make profits immediately.

Learn more about the legal

Why should you carefully research the legality of the area you invest in? This will avoid dozens of risks in the future: Invalid red book, land you invest in is in the area of ​​planning/planning, or owes taxes… Real estate business that does it stealthily But when it comes to oral agreements, promises when dealing are very dangerous, no matter who the partner you are working with, you need to be sober, write clearly and have the legal signature of both. 2 sides to avoid any problems later.

How is the real estate business?

In the above 2 steps, you can clearly find out the history and price of the apartment you bought. So when you can buy it, how do you sell it, where will you find customers? Like any business, we all have a very diverse source of customers, if we know how to exploit the right channel. Here are the customer acquisition channels that you can apply:

Post real estate ads on classifieds sites

There are many real estate listing sites, from free to paid for you to choose from. However, you should filter and choose about 20 best groups to use. The way to filter is as follows: You type any keyword phrase related to real estate (For example, ‘sell Vinhome Lieu Giai’) on Google. The results that are showing up first are good SEO classifieds websites, we just need to save them and register for an account in turn. Note that you should post news in the right category, and regularly every day.

Run ads

Usually running real estate ads people choose Google Ads. If you have a cost and want to actively find customers, you can apply this method. However, without experience with it, it is very difficult for you to create a successful advertising campaign. At this point, you can ask for advice and support from Google advertising experts, they will help you get a campaign to get the most potential customers.

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To run ads for a project, you definitely need to design a real estate website, with an eye-catching project image, highlighting accompanying utilities, attractive policies… will help attract much more buyers.

Traditional marketing

Use forms such as distributing leaflets, advertising in commercial centers, office areas, or crowded residential areas. Try to create many attractive promotions to help stimulate buyers and attract more potential customers.

If the real estate business is your profession, it is necessary to have a real estate website of your own. Why is that? Regardless of whether a project is open for sale, you also need to have clear information about it, including: Apartment utilities, detailed images of the project area … And to do SEO, or run certain ads you also need a website

Choose a project with a well-ventilated entrance

Real estate business should choose a project with a bad house but a nice road with good infrastructure, or choose a project with a beautiful house but a winding road or a small alley, far from residential areas and public facilities such as schools and hospitals. , market,…? Which house do you choose to buy? If it’s a person real estate business professional they will choose option 1.

Even if you are not a real estate agent, when buying a home, you should still pay attention to the location of the house and the nearby infrastructure. No one is sure to stay in one place for the rest of their lives if they find a better place to live. Then the location of the facade will be a guarantee to help your house not depreciate. If the house is bad, the customer can fix it, but the bad road will give up, maybe it’s just buying a new house!

Instead of buying a new house, you can invest in buying an old house

After the facade, the old house is the second real estate business experience to remember. Why choose an old house?

  • The first is cheaper
  • The second is that you can renovate this real estate project to your liking if you want, but the cost is still lighter than if you buy a new house.
  • Third, you can be more confident about the sewage system, sanitation, tiles, etc.

With just this little trick, professional real estate dealers make a small profit. If those who are in need of buying a real house, they should consider carefully, not buying newly renovated houses, because all those repair costs will be added to the selling price.

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Prioritize investment in projects that need to be sold urgently

This is of course an opportunity that God has given you. For example, there will be people who need money urgently to pay off bank loans, or settle personal matters, sickness, etc. They will need money very badly, so you should take advantage of this to negotiate the best possible price. can for yourself.

If you like that house, do everything you can to negotiate the most reasonable price. So how to complete this task? Real estate business experience pointed out that only when you have a long history of the location of the house and the psychology of negotiating and making quick and decisive decisions, you can buy a house at a good price.

While negotiating, you should also pay attention to the mentality of the landlord. Because they need to sell their house urgently to get money, you just need to apply the “floating goldfish” trick, neither in a hurry nor slow, without a hasty offer of a price, etc. Then the seller will be even more enthusiastic. but lower the price, you will get a great deal quickly with no effort!

See the whole area instead of a certain apartment

When viewing a house or any real estate project, remember to see the whole area, if you can see the neighborhood, the better, not just that house. Compare how the same house in the same area, different areas will cost, what are the advantages and disadvantages to find the quality apartment with the best price.

Fun and clever

If the seller is willing to sell, the buyer should also be willing to buy. When they have lowered the price, you should also consider that if it is reasonable, the closing should not be prolonged to avoid losing time and not getting the job done.

And if the seller does not need to sell urgently, find out where the reason is, or see if the house has any disadvantages that are delicately “criticized” so as not to lose heart but make them hesitate to lower the price. sell down. Those are all the preliminary real estate business experiences that you need to know when entering this market.

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