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Suggest 8 steps to open karaoke for a smooth business start

Opening Karaoke is no longer an emerging trend, but it still promises to bring huge revenue to savvy investors. So how to improve competitiveness as soon as entering the market?

Help karaoke business overcome big waves like the recent epidemic? Let Sapo Blog suggest you 5 steps to open a karaoke bar to make sure you win.

1. Determine the type of karaoke opening model

Currently, there is the most popular type of karaoke bar that is visited by the most people today, you should rely on capital, target customers, interests, and human resource needs to choose accordingly:

Family karaoke, popular: This type of restaurant does not have too many utilities, average equipment, suitable for families, customers who do not have many high requirements for space and sound quality.

VIP karaoke bar: This is a type of karaoke with modern equipment, luxurious design, speaker system, high quality sound. Deliver a first-class customer experience.

In addition, before opening a restaurant, please remember the following regulations to ensure compliance with the law:

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experience opening karaoke

Experience opening a karaoke bar for beginners

2. Find a place to open karaoke

2.1 Choose a location to open a karaoke bar

The location of the premises is one of the very important factors that determine whether your karaoke bar attracts customers or not and has stable operation or not. First of all, the karaoke business location should satisfy the following conditions.

  • Not near schools, committees, military zones, funeral homes….So at least 200m away to be granted a business license
  • Should be close to restaurants, pubs, cafes, office areas because customers tend to gather to eat, drink, celebrate, and then move to karaoke bars for entertainment.
  • Convenient location to stop, park, travel because the number of guests coming to the karaoke bar is very large, traveling in groups, need to ensure a spacious parking space, arrange cars quickly, bring a good experience to customers.

2.2 Choose the area for karaoke business

As shared above, each type of karaoke bar will be suitable for a certain area. For example, for a popular, small-scale restaurant, each room only needs to have an area of ​​​​about 20 to 30 square meters, and for a VIP restaurant, a room must have at least an area of ​​​​over 30 meters to meet a spacious space for many people. .

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3. Allocate investment budget to open karaoke

This is one of the most important steps when opening a karaoke bar because if it is not clearly allocated, it is easy to fall into a state of ploughing in the middle of the road due to lack of capital or wrong investment, wasting capital.

At this step, you should clearly determine the budget for each item from space rental, shop design, material costs, labor costs to operating costs.

How much does it cost to open a karaoke bar?

Opening karaoke with how much capital is enough?

For a simple example, if you have a capital of about VND 500 million, the cost allocation is as follows:

  • Rent space: 60 million / 6 months
  • Cost of opening a shop: 10 million VND
  • Shop design: 150 million VND
  • Purchase of equipment (Speakers, tables and chairs…): 100 million VND
  • Shopping for food and materials: 20 million VND
  • Hire employees (1 manager, 4 service staff): 80 million / 3 months
  • Electricity and water costs: 30 million/3 months
  • Marketing and advertising expenses: 10 million VND
  • Other costs incurred: 40 million VND

In addition, you should also refer to how to manage karaoke bars in the following article for more stable operation.

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4. Renovating the premises, designing the shop

The design stage is extremely important when opening karaoke because as you can see, most of the crowded shops have very eye-catching interior and exterior designs with glass walls, decorated entrance doors, large waiting areas. The room is spacious and has a very good soundproofing system.

To ensure that the karaoke room has a standard karaoke room design, to avoid fire and explosion, you should hire a professional design unit, ask them for advice on how to save space and still ensure safety for guests. row.

At this design stage, if you do not do well the fire prevention part, you will not be licensed to do business or have to redo it, which is extremely expensive and takes a lot of time.

At present, karaoke bars are often designed in a modern, cozy and luxurious style. Bring the feeling of being lost in a world of live sound to customers, make a deep impression and keep them coming back.

open beautifully designed karaoke

Karaoke bar is open to welcome guests with luxurious design

5. Purchase equipment to open a karaoke bar

Equipment to prepare when opening a karaoke bar includes many items as follows:

Facilities in the lobby area: Including tables, waiting chairs, cashier counters, vases…In this area, tables and chairs do not need to be of high quality but must be arranged neatly and reasonably, creating a comfortable feeling when guests have to wait for housekeeping or cleaning. payment.

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In addition, at the cashier area, you should put an additional vending machine installed with karaoke management software to help automatically calculate hourly service charges, make payments quickly, reduce errors, and not make customers uncomfortable. have to wait a long time.

Karaoke room facilities: Speakers, radios, mics, TV screens, tables, chairs….This is the area where customers spend the most time experiencing, so it should be equipped with high-quality speakers, radios, tables and chairs, large karaoke screens, commitment. Vivid sound quality, comfortable and spacious seats, bring moments of complete relaxation to customers.

In addition, these items are used a lot and continuously, so the purchase of high-quality products also ensures that they do not have to be repaired or replaced often, and do not disrupt the happy atmosphere of customers when experiencing.

Facilities of dispensing counter: Refrigerator, dispensing equipment, glasses, cups, sinks, trays, plates… Usually, when customers come to karaoke bars, they usually order beer or bottled soft drinks, so the order of drinks to be mixed is not much. Therefore, you only need to equip the right preparation equipment to meet the menu items.

equipment when opening karaoke

Experience in opening a karaoke bar in equipment shopping

Restaurant management software, order and payment: Buying a management device for the shop is extremely necessary because it will save you a lot of time, reduce errors and bring quality service to customers with:

Order at the table: Karaoke management software supports ordering at the table on ipads, phones to help staff quickly record accurately customer orders. Avoid the case of customers going too crowded causing confusion and unprofessionalism.

Automatic hourly service charge: The software will automatically calculate the hourly service fee accurately and instantly. When customers come down to pay, they will be billed immediately, pay by card or cash conveniently, without having to wait long.

Detailed and accurate collection management: The software provides detailed revenue reports by day, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual compilation. This form also helps to reduce errors and save time.

Manage a professional bar/karaoke with Sapo FnB

Free Trial

6. Hire personnel for karaoke bars

Each karaoke bar usually has only about 5 to 10 rooms, so when opening a restaurant, you only need to recruit 2 to 4 waiters and 1 cashier. Usually, when customers come to the shop, there will be an employee to guide guests to choose a room and the staff in charge of each floor will take care of the rooms on that floor.

When a customer places an order, the staff only needs to place an order on the software and automatically transfer the order to the kitchen counter without having to move between floors. Thus, it is possible to ensure that one person can serve many rooms and customers at the same time, saving considerable labor costs.

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karaoke bar staff

Hiring staff to serve at karaoke bars must be over 18 years old

7. Procedures for registration of karaoke business

Before doing the procedure, you need to make sure your karaoke bar meets the following conditions:

  • Karaoke room area from 20m2 or more excluding auxiliary works.
  • The door of the karaoke room is made of colorless glass, the outside can see all the inside.
  • Ensure safety, hygiene, security, fire prevention.
  • Ensure state soundproofing requirements. The light in the room over 10 Lux is equivalent to 01 40W incandescent bulb for 20m2.
  • In the room that is not locked, it is not allowed to set up alarm devices when there is supervision.
  • Do not sell alcohol, customers do not drink alcohol in the karaoke room.
  • Karaoke tapes and discs used in karaoke rooms must be labeled with control labels according to regulations. The staff at the karaoke room is 18 years old or older, each room has a maximum of 1 waiter.
  • Karaoke bars open after 8 am and close before 12 pm.
  • There is no pornography, brokerage, prostitution, trading and drug use at the karaoke room.

Procedures for registering a karaoke business usually include:

  • Application for a karaoke business license
  • Application for certification of the adjacent household
  • A commitment to comply with business regulations and conditions
  • Certificate of business registration
  • Minutes of inspection of the theater room according to the prescribed form, certified by the head of the district Culture and Information Office
  • Theater room diagram
  • Curriculum vitae of the business household owner

In addition, you can also refer to the regulations on karaoke business in the following article:

Read more: Regulations on karaoke business you must know

karaoke opening procedure

What is required to register for a karaoke business?

8. Advertising and marketing when opening karaoke

Before the shop goes into operation, you need to immediately implement marketing and promotion activities so that many customers know and come to try the service on the opening day.

Marketing activities you can do by running ads on facebook, introducing the shop on review groups, karaoke groups, dining, and food.

In addition, you can also print flyers and organize attractive promotions and mini-games on the opening day to attract customers. Good initial experiences will be the premise to help you build solid relationships with customers, creating a large loyal customer base.

Above are 8 steps to open karaoke to help you have a good start and smooth sailing business. Apply today to take each step firmly in your upcoming business process. Good luck. – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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