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Store opening experience: 10 important factors to know for a smooth start

Scrolling through today’s forums and social networking communities, you may come across many questions about the experience of opening a store, what to keep in mind before starting. Sapo summarizes into 10 most important tips about the bloody experiences you need to know before opening a store.

Experience opening shops for young people

Most of the business people today are very young people from 16-35 years old. Many of them have no first-time business experience. In general, you need to keep the following points in mind before opening a store:

Store opening experience you should know

1. Having “profound” knowledge of the product

You can’t sell something you don’t know about. The more knowledgeable you are about the product, the greater the sales opportunity because it helps you convince customers when they are still wondering.

Knowing about the products you sell also helps you keep up to date with trends and customer needs. It will help you find the real needs of your customers, from which you will sell products that meet the needs of the majority of customers. There is a very good saying “Don’t sell what you have, sell what the customer needs”.

The essence of business is solving the needs of others. To be able to provide a good service you not only need to understand but also need deep knowledge of the product.

2. Sell the best products to customers

Anyone who runs a business is also interested in profit. However, that does not mean that you accept to sell bad, cheap, out-of-date products to customers. The loot trade will never last.

It may be profitable in the short term, but in the long run, it’s like shooting yourself. You will not have a good brand and of course gradually customers will know the true nature of your product, then they will abandon you.

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Lost money can be regained, but lost reputation is very difficult to regain. When you sell a good thing, you will get prestige, long-term profit.

What should I pay attention to when opening a store?

3. Business strategy suitable for the product

An effective business strategy is an extremely difficult problem for everyone doing business. To do business effectively, we need to have clear long-term plans. Ways and ways to accomplish goals.

First you have to define your goals and deadlines. Then plan the steps in detail. At each step, we break down the things that need to be done and specify the expected time and effort to do it.

After each small thing, we summarize ourselves to see if we did it right or not? Do you need to make any adjustments to suit? At each business moment, the strategy may change, but the goal may not. You have to be persistent and find ways to achieve the set goals.

In addition to paying attention to the goal, you need to understand which marketing strategy will be suitable for your current product and business conditions.

grocery source

Should have a business strategy suitable for each product

4. Defining the business model

Do you want a traditional business model or online? Or a combination of traditional and online?

  • Traditional business model combined with online

Pros: This is a pretty effective model because you have both a physical store at a few fixed locations and an online store. Customers can view the goods on your page and then go directly to the store to try, feel, and evaluate the product. Customers also trust your store more when you have 1 store.

Cons: You have to rent the premises at a rather expensive price. Not to mention other costs such as personnel, electricity and water, taxes and fees incurred. Expenses will drive up the price of your product. It will be difficult for you to compete with other stores that have lower costs or compete on price with stores that only sell online.

  • Online business model

Advantages: It is a model chosen by many starters because of its low operating costs, no loss of space costs, taxes, electricity and water, decoration …

Cons: Because it is an online business, you will not have a beautiful store location, you will lose the opportunity to sell to customers who buy in the traditional way (visitor customers, passing through the store to buy).

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Selling online does not have a store, so it will take you a lot of time to create a reputation for your store and make customers believe it.

If you run an online business, even if you don’t need a nice space, you should also rent a motel room (house) with an easy-to-find house number in the city center so that if customers want to come see it directly, it’s easy to find.

Experience opening a shop for beginners

Some store models you may also be interested in:

5. How to sell goods?

This is not a question of just anyone. To sell goods, you must first reach your target customers through advertising methods Facebook, Google Adwords …

Then your product must meet the needs of the customer. Product price must be good. The purchase method must be convenient such as support for door-to-door delivery, support for bringing many products for customers to choose…

In addition to sales, store management also needs special attention. In addition to knowing the sales and profits of the store, the owner must also manage the items in the warehouse, the list of suppliers or his employees. Now, let’s see where the store manager should start.

selling groceries
Learn how to effectively manage stores and prevent losses for retail stores


6. Should have a sales website

Whether it’s an online or a traditional business. You should also have a sales website. It is very easy to hire a design for a sales website and the cost of designing and maintaining it is not too high.

When you have a website, it will be easier for customers to track your products according to the respective categories. Easily call to order, order right on the page… when there is detailed product information on the website.

With Facebook Fanpage, the arrangement of posts is messy, and the posts are drifting very quickly. It will be difficult for customers to find the product they are interested in, and you will lose sales opportunities when customers cannot find the product they need.

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7. It is recommended to use a 10-digit phone number

If you are selling and you use an 11-digit phone number, you are bad. 11-digit phone numbers are often difficult to dial, easy to mistype, look like garbage sims (excluding super-beautiful, easy-to-remember numbers like Tam Hoa and Tu Quy). Customers will not trust a store when a contact number looks like a garbage sim!

Please choose to buy a 10-digit phone number that is quite easy to read and press. If possible, please use all 3 numbers for 3 networks Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone because many customers want to save money on the phone, so they really want to call on the network.

You should also include the phone number of Zalo, Viber … on the sales website for easy transactions.

8. Open multiple bank accounts

You should open many bank accounts, especially big and popular banks such as Vietcombank, Agribank, Viettinbank, BIDV, Techcombank… and register for SMS Banking, Internetbanking for these account numbers because when customers want to buy remotely, they can easily transfer the fastest money.

9. Learn about delivery methods

For customers in the area you are selling, customers often choose to deliver goods in the traditional way. You can deliver by yourself, hire a cheap professional Shiper team, hire transportation companies such as GiaoHangNhanh, Rent a motorbike taxi…

For customers far away: You learn how to deliver COD at the Post Office or guide customers to make bank transfers according to opened accounts and then send goods by passenger car…

10. Use sales management software

Until now, there are many shops that still conduct business very manually, recording through books encounters many obstacles, making it difficult for store managers to review the status of items. It’s still good, and it’s very difficult to quickly calculate the store’s revenue by day, month, quarter…

In order not to have to put too much effort into store management as well as bookkeeping, store owners should buy themselves a sales software. 1 Good sales management software will help shop owners calculate money, print invoices quickly without having to remember prices or calculate mentally.

You can learn and try the software for free right here:

Software sales

Software sales – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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