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Selling children’s toys, making money without much capital

Opening a store selling children’s toys is a potential business trend, especially smart toys, when the social living standard is high and the care of children’s intellectual education is increasingly concerned. than.

How to sell smart toys to potential children?

According to the report of the Committee for Population, Family and Children of Vietnam, the number of children under 14 years old accounts for nearly 25% of the population. And on average, more than 1.4 million babies are born each year.

For children of any age, toys are always an important part of a child’s daily life. But now, in the midst of a forest of toys of unknown origin; smuggled goods, imitation goods, counterfeit goods; contaminated, or produced from recycled plastic, wherever parents go, choosing educational toys for children is not simple.

It is noteworthy that, when living standards improve, the investment in developing skills and intelligence for children is always concerned by parents. They are ready to choose their favorite smart toys. This is a great advantage for those who trade in this item.

What does it take to open a children’s toy store?

1. Toy market research

When the market has potential, shops will rush into the children’s toy business. This will create a competition in terms of design, price, and product quality. Therefore, you should investigate the following factors to have a thorough preparation before investing capital.

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Firstly, people need to spend time looking at the toy shops around. Statistics of good shops, opening times of shops as well as which items are most popular. Second, find out about what age group is the number of children around your shop location? What kind of products do young parents like and can afford to shop?

The market currently lacks stores that provide educational toys for children from 1 year old to 3 years old

All of the above surveys should be done with the utmost enthusiasm, spend a lot of time on it and when completed, it will help us in orienting our smart toy business goals.

2. How much capital does it take to sell children’s smart toys?

The starting point for the business of intellectual toys for children is about 25 million, the maximum depends on your pocket. The initial capital is spent on things such as space rent, goods import, staff salaries, electricity and water payments, website design.

A sales website will help you advertise your toy products to more people, thereby increasing revenue for your store. You can try 7 days free for the superior experience that Sapo Web brings to your toy store.

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3. Smart toy store design

One of the important characteristics of smart toy store owners is creating their own color scheme. Please note that the products are attractive, easy to see, within the reach of children.

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Don’t forget, there’s a nice little space, selling extra drinks for parents and snacks for kids. This space will definitely be your connection point with customers.

4. Source of smart toys

The characteristic of parents when buying things for their children is to always choose products with a clear name and origin, good quality. Therefore, the shop needs to convince customers with its reputation.

Please choose Vietnamese companies such as: Smart toy factory, Antona, … instead of cheap Chinese goods. You should compare with the survey information and then choose the appropriate group of goods: smart wooden toys, intellectual toys for 1-year-old babies, Japanese educational toys, assembled toys, etc. to your sales location and customer target.

5. Employee management and training

Your intellectual toy store will retain customers if the staff knows how to choose toys that are appropriate for the child’s age, polite and friendly communication with customers.

6 ways to manage smart toy stores effectively, increase sales for shop owners


And don’t forget, managing people is always the hardest. So visit the store regularly at indeterminate times, checking any stock at the beginning and end of the day to see if the sales quantity matches.

You should also ask the staff to keep the receipt when the customer returns the goods for comparison when needed. We hope that the above sharing has further supported your children’s toy business idea, do not forget to refer to our other articles on this topic on the blog. Or comment your exchanges below the article. Maybe you are interested:

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