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Sell ​​bread, you only need 1 million capital but earn 5 million / month

For many people 1 million is just a meal, a meal out. But that 1 million for others is sometimes a source of capital to help support the whole family by selling bread.

If you have 1 million and do not have a business idea, selling bread is a good suggestion for you. But is it difficult to open a bakery? What to prepare? you already know it all. If not, read the article below to accumulate your experience of selling breakfast bread!.

Selling bread and making huge profits

Selling bread is becoming a familiar business model of Saigon

1. Bread business with 1 million, do you believe?

With a capital of more than 1 million dong in hand, what to do to get rich quickly? This is a question many people ask when they want to start a business from scratch. If you don’t have a large amount of capital to open a chain of bread shops like King Chef Minh Nhat, you can also open yourself a bread shop with a capital of about 1 million dong and also a bread shop. there’s a lot of profit.

It is not only with a large amount of capital that you can start a business, but with a small amount of capital, you can make it small. In fact, there have been many cases of starting a business with only 1 million VND such as: selling clothes online, selling handmade goods, selling bread, etc.

In which, selling bread with a capital of 1 million has generated a profit of at least 5 million VND/month. The amount of capital is small, but the profit is 5 times, maybe even 10 times more, why don’t you do it?

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selling expensive bread

Plan your bakery business carefully before opening the shop

2. What do you need to prepare to sell bread?

How to make a plan to open a bakery effectively? Business with a capital of 1 million, you need to have a clear selling plan and determine how you should sell to maximize profits.

With a meager capital of only 1 million in hand, you need to clearly define your business form, what your products include…

  • Business form: This is important and determines your profit. You can choose to sell bread online (buyers are office workers, busy people …), or open a bakery to sell in alleys near your house or school gate (related to the cost of space). Or if you work at the office, you can make a menu for your colleagues to choose and bring to the company.
  • Product: with such a small capital, you do not need to be too picky about the foods that come with bread. You just need to ensure 2 factors of cleanliness and deliciousness, then people will come to buy and support you. Some popular breads today: egg bread, grilled meat bread, pork belly, banh cha, filter flour bread…
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selling delicious and hygienic bread

Bread business is very profitable thanks to a unique recipe

  • Bread vending machine: this is important for you to attract customers from far away, the first impression will attract customers to stop at your store. A beautiful bread cart will make you stand out from the competition around.

According to Sapo, currently stainless steel bread carts have beautiful designs, quality and best prices on the market. Inox Kim Nguyen is a workshop for processing famous stainless steel sales trucks such as: bread carts, coffee trucks, milk tea trucks, smoothie trucks, rice carts, turkish bread carts, fish cakes bread carts. …., nationwide delivery and many incentives.

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3. Attention should be paid when renting premises to sell bread

Bread is a fast food and is suitable for sale in the morning and evening. Moreover, the target audience is office workers, students, students … should not sell in crowded areas, because this object will choose long-lasting food such as rice, noodles or sticky rice.

In addition, when renting space to open a bakery, you should choose the area of ​​​​restaurants, or food selling points. Avoid some routes that mobile police frequently visit (this you need to find out in advance to avoid unnecessary risks).

If you choose to sell online, you should set up a fanpage, sell on your personal facebook page, and then ask your friends to share and introduce to their office and friends.

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cool bread selling space

The opening of the bakery does not need to be too wide, but it must be cool

4. How much capital is required to sell bread?

Selling noodles at a profit is probably a question of beginners. Starting a business with a small amount of capital, you cannot invest in buying a bread trolley, but now you just need to buy a small folding table and a glass cabinet to make a point of sale. In addition, you need to determine the important items that you need to buy and the cost:

  • Folding table and chairs: should buy a rectangular table of 0.5 x 0.8m, about 0.5m high, priced at 250,000, about 6 plastic chairs, about 60,000.
  • Mini gas stove and pan should be used at your home.
  • Glass cabinet: buy a glass cabinet about 300 thousand VND
  • Signboard: when it is first opened, it does not need to be too ostentatious, luxurious, just a banner hanging in front costs 40,000.

Calculating the total cost that you need to buy is about 650 thousand, now you only have 550 thousand left to manage to buy other necessary items.

Selling bread requires little capital

Selling bread is considered “one capital, four profits”

Those are just the items, but every day you will have to do the following tasks:

  • Buy bread: contact the bakery that you have researched, first you get 40-50 loaves of bread / 1 day. The price to buy bread at the oven is about 1800 – 2500 VND / loaf depending on the type you choose.
  • Buy spring rolls: contact the place that provides the spring rolls (you can sell fish cakes, spring rolls… depending on where you live, people usually sell nothing). The price of spring rolls ranges from 80 to 120 thousand VND/kg.
  • Eggs and meat: you can buy about 20 eggs, meat can buy about 1kg and then process. You should buy about 100 fruits at a time to get wholesale prices, or after you get used to it, just say hello and they will bring it to you.
  • Other ingredients: In addition, you need to buy cooking oil used to fry eggs, chili sauce, large bottles, pickles, herbs, packaging….
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The cost of buying the above items is about 450 thousand, you have about 100 thousand, you can exchange money to make money back to customers and reserve for things to buy more. In case the sale is expensive, you can order more bread with that amount…

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In addition, you can also calculate the cost of equipping the restaurant management software, helping to order at the table, saving labor costs. Below are suggestions for the 5 most commonly used order software today, which have proven effective when applied to the bread selling model. Please consult and consider investing.

sell bread

Top 5 best ordering software trusted by many people

If you are the owner of a bakery, the order software is an indispensable helper. This tool helps you do business effectively from improving service quality to saving management costs. Watch now!

Selling bread is simple and easy to make

Selling bread does not require a lot of capital

5. Prepare psychologically – experience selling bread

Low sales: Not everyone sells expensive clothes on the first day, so you can prepare mentally if the first day of opening is sluggish. The cause may be due to the rain, the weekend… but usually there won’t be much loss, because your ingredients can still be preserved for sale the next day.

To avoid sluggish opening day, before opening the first sale of bread, you should create many relationships for friends and colleagues to buy and support.

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Conflict and competition with surrounding sellers: Even if the products you sell are not directly competitive, they still have plenty of other reasons to badmouth, bully, or make things difficult… Therefore, compete. Take advantage of your spare time to do good diplomacy to strengthen relationships around.

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selling bread with special recipe

Prepare to avoid risks before selling bread

Police order confiscation of goods: This is a horrible obsession of sidewalk vendors. If you don’t know how to “make the law” before with the ward, you also have to ask the surrounding sellers to get experience in selling bread for you and ask them to show you a few “tricks” to survive.

In terms of business form, you can choose to sell bread online or rent a space to sell bread on the sidewalk. However, if you sell sidewalks, you may face more risks, such as: selling poorly, competing with surrounding sellers, being picked up by the police, being made difficult by the ward management…

So if you want to invest in a long-term business and expand and develop, it is more effective to approach the online market.

And if you want to sell stable sidewalks, of course you need to rent space and have a real shop. Maybe one day, with just an initial capital of 1 million VND, you can build a famous bread brand throughout the neighborhood.

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selling bread on the sidewalk

Selling bread on the sidewalk is easy to fall into the sights of the urban police

6. Financial plan when selling bread

After a month of opening a bread shop, the business has come into operation, the revenue will certainly be more stable. Now that your shop has a certain number of loyal customers, you will rely on the daily sales report to know how much is sold and how to respond to customers.

According to the calculation based on the capital of 1 million VND, your profit will be 3 million VND. Subtracting the fees incurred, you also have nearly half of the profit.

And in the following months, the bread business, the cost is more stable, the more customers come, your profit also increases. Now you will consider investing more in your bakery.

First you will use that profit to invest in your place of sale, invest more in materials, if you open a new place, you need to hire more employees… soon you will also own a chain. bread shop.

financial planning when selling bread

Need a financial plan when selling bread

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It is said that opportunities come to us only once, and successful people are those who know how to seize that opportunity. Surely through the above article, you already know what it takes to sell bread, right, remember to plan when selling bread perfectly before opening a bakery.

Accumulate a lot of experience selling bread, you will surely succeed. 1 million VND is sometimes just a meal for the rich, but you can completely turn 1 million into 100 million if you know how to try and take advantage of new trends and technologies.

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