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Revealing today’s hottest youth business trends

What are business trends 2021? And which jobs will become the business trend in the future? What are the online business trends that young people choose? If you are still wondering with a bunch of questions above, please read the following article.

Business trends of today’s youth is gradually shifting to business ideas with small capital. If 2020 is the year of the rise of small businesses such as sidewalk iced tea, fashion clothing, handmade goods business, and self-designed clothing, the business trend for young people in 2019 is more about the following aspects: shop online, and only focus on a small niche.

Business trends of today’s youth are no longer confined to old, boring ideas, but instead are dynamic, new and closely aligned with the needs of the market. than. It is these new influences that have helped many young people start their businesses successfully and earn significant profits.


Selling junk food – Hot business trend of young people today

In this post, I will share the Online business trends of young people today are the most chosen by young people today.

1. Business trends of young people today – junk food

One of the business trends for young people today that needs to be mentioned is selling junk food online. Says it’s junk food, but the money collected is not “small” at all. It is not until this year that there is a snack business, but many years ago this form was still popular because it did not cost too much capital, but the profit was dozens of times and extremely fast. Customers of this type are quite diverse, from students to working people, in general, anyone who loves street food can become your potential customer.

The current business trend of young people is blooming, so to “bon chen” you must have experience for yourself. Choosing a location to open a store is also very important. A few small tips for you about choosing a location: should choose premises near schools such as high school, university, college, offices with many young people or places with many people. Products need to be diversified to meet the needs of customers. Some typical dishes on the must-have list such as: boiled/fried snails, fried spring rolls, quail eggs, chicken feet, spring rolls, cheese sticks… these foods should come with soft drinks, fruits, wine…

Business trends of young people today – junk food

What are the current business trends of young people? Snacking business is a way to start a business with little capital, depending on the size of the restaurant as well as the number of guests, the cost of buying raw materials for processing ranges from 1 to 10 million. The price of the dishes ranges from 5,000 – 80.00 VND. The snack business is not difficult, does not require professional qualifications, so it is suitable for all those who are passionate about business.

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A few notes for those who are about to open a snack shop: first, register your business in the ward, at the management agency to avoid trouble. Second, you should refer to crowded stores to learn from experience. If you do not have experience in management and sales, start with 1 or 2 other people.

Finally, do not ignore online customers, the revenue from this audience will definitely surprise you! Create your own junk food website to attract 40 million potential customers who are wishing to buy snacks online and increase your revenue.

2. Food/drink online – Business trends of young people

Referring to the business trends of young people today and in the coming years, it is definitely impossible to ignore the online food and drink business. Born from the fact that more and more people use the internet and access to social networking sites, the form of online safe selling has grown strongly and gradually created a trend in business. What are you waiting for? , let’s start an online food/beverage business right away! And this is also one of the business trends for young people today.

Food/drink online – Business trends of young people

First of all, it can be seen that the online business form really only needs to spend very little capital. No need to spend money to pay rent or hire staff, all your capital can be focused on making dishes, advertising on social networks and selling directly. In addition, dishes will be made when ordered by customers, so you don’t have to worry about cooking or mixing too much without customers buying.

When starting out, the amount of capital spent to buy raw materials for a day is about 100-500,000 VND, then as the number of customers increases, the amount of profit you earn can be up to millions of VND/day. Need to invest, focus on advertising for your product, do everything to let as many people see and know your product as possible. The cost for advertising is about 1 – 5 million depending on your choice.

If the number of customers is stable and crowded, you can design a professional restaurant or food business website so that buyers can order directly.

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And especially, when doing this type of service, you should have someone to assist with the delivery to ensure that customers do not have to wait too long, as well as keep the freshness of the food when it arrives.

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3. Trends of online clothing business

Trends in the business of fashion items of today’s youth more and more popular. It can be said that the need for clothing is one of the basic needs today. In modern times, people not only eat well and dress warmly, but also want to eat well and dress well. It is undeniable that our purchasing power for clothes is increasing, especially for women, they come to spend ½ of their salary on shopping. Grasping that mentality, many online and offline fashion stores gradually appeared.

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Business trends of young people today – online clothing business

What do you need to do to keep up with the business trends of today’s youth? The first thing to do is find a quality source. You have to find contact with garment factories to get good wholesale prices or go to wholesale markets, if you want your items to be richer, you can go hunting in China or Thailand. In previous posts, Sapo also introduced you to the secret to buying wholesale clothes, please see more at the link:

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Having a good source of quality goods, the next important thing is to find yourself a prime location to open a store. You have to decorate so that your store stands out from all the shops in the same row. The money invested in picking up goods also ranges from 15 million or more, and then the money for the location, decoration, and setting up the location is roughly 40 million. Indeed, this is not a small number for young people starting a business. If you do not have enough capital, or are not confident, you can start an online business to have a stable customer base and then open a store. You can create a sales website, freely decorate your store, you don’t need to worry about programming problems, now there are many service providers to make sales websites, the prices are extremely economical. thrifty.

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In addition, I have a few things to pay attention to when trading clothes. First, be consistent in style, all items in your shop should have a certain style, should not change much. Another important thing is to pay attention to the quality, the clothes are beautiful, the next time customers continue to use the shop’s products. Finally, never underestimate the power of marketing and advertising because this is the way to bring in a large number of customers for you. Please pocket the experience when starting with the business trend of today’s youth.

4. What is the current business trend? – Portable cosmetic

Current trend of young people’s portable cosmetics business quite a lot, especially selling portable cosmetics online. Besides the need to buy clothes, beauty cosmetics are also the top concern of women. They are willing to invest 2 million dong just to buy a lipstick or even tens of millions for a set of skin care cosmetics. The current source of portable cosmetics is very diverse, you can get it wholesale from flight attendants or relatives from abroad. Your goods shipped from abroad will not be taxed if they are goods sent to each other, but the shipping fee is quite high, it is safe to ship overseas, but when you return to Vietnam, you will often lose your goods, it is best to carry hand in hand, reducing costs, will be easy to compete. You can also order directly at the website of cosmetic brands, for customers who order many times with a large bill, they will receive a VIP member card from the company and a big discount. According to the share of longtime hand-carried traders, the lowest income is also about 15 million a month, this is probably an attractive number for young people who want to start a business.

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However, any form of engaging in business trends of today’s youth will have problems and this is no exception. Because shipping is a long way, if you are not careful, you may lose your goods or damage your cosmetics. Care must be taken during transportation to avoid loss to you.

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5. Business trends of young people today – Opening a beauty care store

Why is it said that opening a beauty salon is a business trend of today’s young people? Because the need for beauty has never been hot. Because everyone wants to be more and more beautiful, especially women or young women. Therefore, you can completely build your career by trading this service. Beauty is also a business segment with the business trend of today’s young people

Business trends of young people today – Opening a beauty care store

If you are planning to open your own beauty salon, start by identifying the beauty method and learning the profession. Hire skilled and dedicated staff so that your service is not only high quality, but also customer service or care makes them happy.

How to manage a cosmetic business store effectively?


6. Business trends of young people today – Growing and trading clean vegetables

Being in the top business trends of young people today and in the coming years, growing and selling clean vegetables seems to be a fragmented and less profitable form, but it is proving the exact opposite.

Because vegetables are an indispensable food in every person’s meal, every family and using clean vegetable products is really everyone’s desire By grasping the methods of growing and caring for clean vegetables. You not only limit input costs, but the price of clean vegetables is always many times higher than those of unbranded vegetables.

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7. Phone accessories business: Business trends of today’s youth

Stemming from the need for young people to like to buy something beautiful and unique for their phones, the accessories business really doesn’t cost too much capital but brings extremely high efficiency. The cases, headphones, spare batteries are sold at a reasonable price and have a beautiful design that is the reason that young customers especially love and use these products. That’s why cases are considered the business trend of today’s young people.

Phone accessories business: Business trends of today’s young people

Here are some suggestions for you Business trends of today’s youth promises to make money in 2019. Hope you will find yourself a business trend that is right for you to develop this year. And don’t forget that to start with the business trend of young people, equip yourself with solid knowledge!.

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