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Perfume business idea 1 capital 4 words, do you want to try?

One of the items that are considered luxury in the Vietnamese market is the perfume business. Because this business idea and goods management costs are not small and finding customers is not easy. With a large cost, customers will hesitate to choose a suitable perfume bottle.

However, this market is quite limited in Vietnam and the needs of customers are gradually becoming more comfortable as per capita income is increasing, so this is not a bad business idea for anyone who has an interest in food. this product. Moreover, the revenue with this product is also extremely attractive. Perfume business idea you want to try?

business idea

Is perfume business easy or difficult?

1. Perfume business ideas easy or difficult

First of all, the needs of the business item. On average, whether male or female, everyone owns a bottle of perfume. Whether it’s an expensive product or a cheap one. Seductive scents give consumers incredible confidence.

The beginning is not easy

This is considered a luxury business item, so this idea causes quite a lot of difficulties for business people. The first thing to mention is the variety of perfumes, from designs, brands, prices, scents and finding the right perfume bottle is difficult for every consumer.

In addition, with a small cost, this business idea will be difficult to find customers. And it is also difficult to create capital and maintain income in the beginning.

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The owner of shared that when the store first appeared, there were not many customers, so he had to make up for losses for several years.

So the basic difficulty with this business idea is the credibility of the business and the trust of the customers.

Why does perfume business need sales management software?


It’s hard but not this business idea is impossible

Once identified with this business idea, you obviously have planned a large amount of expenses you have to spend. So the next thing is to build credibility and create trust with consumers.

It is because of the real value, as well as the class, that the perfume requires the honesty and prestige of the seller. Sometimes customers can’t really distinguish what is real, and what is a fake perfume.

Therefore, the reputation of the seller will create trust in customers. By doing this, the perfumer will maintain long-term relationships. Trust creates value.

Moreover, the demand of this business idea is not limited, the competition in the market is not high. Because there are not many specialized stores selling these items, most of them are aimed at ordinary customers. Therefore, the opportunity for this business idea is quite large.

How for an effective perfume business idea?

As mentioned above, the opportunity for this business idea is quite large and not too complicated. You need to target 3 basic factors: Capital – source of goods, product reputation and consumer trust.

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business idea

Perfume business, do you dare to try?

Source of quality goods with high capital

You should start this unique business idea under reputable perfume companies, whether affordable or high priced, they all have clear brands.

In some countries in Europe like France or in the US, there are always big discounts, they can reduce up to 50% for genuine products. You can take advantage of the discount during the purchase and take it home to sell.

Or some products from Korea, Japan… you don’t need to spend time to find cheap products. What is needed is quality, and because in the consumer mentality perfume is a luxury product, they are willing to pay a high price when they need it.

Reputation of business people

Building credibility is important and extremely necessary. The first is good quality, then the guarantee and building long-term relationship.

This is an unlikely item to give you quick sales, but if you build your reputation you will get impressive results in terms of revenue for this business idea.

Building long-term customer trust

This means maintaining relationships with customers. Be it promotions, individual gifts for each customer or asking them how they feel are the simplest ways to maintain a long-term relationship in this effective business idea.

And did you know, when you have the trust of your customers, they will become your communication channel. This is also a way to create the “naturally aromatic” value for this great business idea.

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