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Opening a business restaurant with high profits to increase revenue quickly?

Although this field is considered to be quite easy to operate, not everyone knows how to open a restaurant with high profits. Right from the start of the idea, you need to firmly grasp the taste of your customers, choose the main dish and the list of side dishes that are suitable for them, only then can you increase revenue quickly.

Please refer to the suggestions below to answer the question of opening a restaurant with high profits.

What business is opening a restaurant with high profit?

The experience of opening an expensive restaurant

1. Mistakes when choosing dishes to open a restaurant

When you have a restaurant business idea, you will only need to pay attention to the capital first. Then research the market carefully, the food the market is in need, is hot and then choose the right product for you to do business. When intending to start a food business, most young people follow this direction.

1.1 Follow the trend

The thought that is always in your mind will be: “Whoever sells what makes a profit, I will sell it”. When I see people selling ground coffee, cheese sticks, lemon tea, etc., if I have a profit, I will sell it.

The type is that when you see a hot item, you can jump in regardless if you can sell it. A sweet mistake anyone can easily make. If it’s delicious, isn’t it the only one you know? Everyone sees, everyone wants to participate, supply will exceed demand and there will be some shops/restaurants eliminated, that’s natural.

Open a restaurant, what business is high profit?

Open a restaurant, what business is high profit, great revenue

1.2 Choose products that are famous but not suitable for the region

Many people boldly bring regional specialties, even foreign dishes, to Vietnam and believe that it will attract locals. However, the mistake here is not taking into account whether these dishes are suitable for the culture and taste of the people, and whether they meet the needs of customers.

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A typical example shows that many Korean food restaurants had to suffer a sad ending because they tried to bring the same native food back to Vietnam. While Koreans love super spicy, super hot food, few Vietnamese love this feature. When localizing dishes, the owner needs to reduce the spiciness of the dishes to suit the Vietnamese taste.

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What is a restaurant business idea?

Therefore, before putting any recipe into processing, you need to carefully study the taste of your target customers, only then will they be satisfied.

1.3 Choose the product “soon to bloom and fade”

The lack of trend updates, wrong trends can cause your restaurant to struggle because choosing the main dish is at risk of being outdated, only seasonal, not guaranteed to maintain in the long run.

In 2017, many owners put a lot of capital and even borrowed high interest to invest in opening a series of 7-level spicy noodle shops. Although the model quickly became a dietary trend of young people, it soon died out in just one or two years.

As a result, many restaurants close or have to add other dishes to attract customers, spend a lot of switching costs, and face the risk of restaurant collapse. Therefore, do your research before following a trend. Evaluate whether this is a suitable dish for customers in a long time or not.

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Open a restaurant with high profits with spicy noodles

7 levels of spicy noodles is a dish that made a storm for a while

2. Open a restaurant, what business is high profit?

So, my sincere advice to you is that when opening a restaurant or catering business, find yourself an idea that meets one of the following two conditions, if both are met, the better.

The first is “NEW”: On the unsold market, this item can be easily imitated. For example: Mango shake, Peach tea, ..

The second is “Strange, Poisonous”: No one has sold it but it is difficult to follow. For example: Coffee eats the whole cup, ..

Open a restaurant, what business is high profit, crowded?

What should you sell when opening a restaurant or restaurant business?

When opening a shop, most people have the opinion that the price must be “cheap”, but try to think the opposite. Because:

The increase in raw material prices affects costs and profits if sold cheaply;

Competitors will lower their prices even further to compete, making it difficult for you to keep up with the price reduction war and maintain the restaurant business.

Thus, invisibly, you put pressure on yourself, both affecting the profit of the restaurant, the market is at risk of being dominated by competitors when you do not have experience in opening a restaurant.

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Open a restaurant, what business is high and long-term?

What should you sell when opening a restaurant or restaurant business?

Why do we need to pay attention to 2 factors “NEW” and “POLY” when opening a restaurant? Simply put, you will have a safe niche, and less competition. Feel free to find business and marketing strategies to shine. You can sell snacks if the store is near high schools, universities.

But the problem is, how do we find new, unique or both new and unique dishes? Revealing to you the next few tips to know what to open a profitable restaurant.

However, to increase the success rate, you should equip more restaurant management software, order software to increase competitiveness. Currently, this software has been widely used in most restaurants across the country. If you don’t keep up with the trends, it will be difficult to attract customers and keep them coming back. Here are 5 attractive suggestions for you to choose the right ordering software. Be sure to try it out 1 to 2 weeks in advance to make the right buying decision.

Top 5 best ordering software trusted by many people

If you are the owner of a restaurant, the order software is an indispensable helper. This tool helps you do business effectively from improving service quality to saving management costs.

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3. How to find products when opening a restaurant

When running a restaurant business, it is certain that the question “what is a profitable business to open a restaurant” is given special attention by many people. Because when you open a restaurant and you don’t know what you have to sell, it’s like being ready to wait for the shop to be closed. Here are some restaurant business ideas that can help you figure out what you’ll be selling the most.

Octopus cake attracts customers

How to find products when opening a restaurant – octopus cake

3.1 Old people new me

Take advantage of outdated dishes from the world, other regions, or high-end restaurants and imitate them exactly in your area.

For example: In Saigon you can sell Da Lat grilled rice paper, or sell Octopus Takoyaki/Sushi- dishes from expensive restaurants on the sidewalk! This product belongs to the first category “NEW”: No seller yet but easy to imitate, and another limitation is that the price must be extremely competitive. Food business you don’t be afraid to try!

Baked rice paper is delicious food

What business to open a restaurant with high profit and low capital?

3.2 Thought it was old but new

It’s like you take an old familiar dish and put on a new shirt. For example, fruit bucket instead of fruit dish. Or recently, the ice cream roll dominated the market, the predecessor of which was the ice cream ball. You have to come up with a new coat that is so unique that it’s hard to imitate.

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If it’s easy to catch, the item will become Old quickly anyway. Like ice cream rolls, from New dishes, now they become dishes everywhere, because it’s so easy to follow, just buy an ice cream machine and you’re done. Food business you must grasp this!

3.3 Consolidate old into new

Two old dishes combined together will produce a product that is a new dish. For example, Neppy Sticky Rice is a combination of rice rolls combined with traditional Mexican sticky rice Burrito. Or like Luan Map milk tea shop in District 6, which has milk tea combined with tapioca (Inspired by Pomegranate Seeds in Suong Sa Hot Luong tea) and cheese balls are upgraded from Cheese Jelly.

open milk tea shop

Open a milk tea shop with unique flavor

These dishes are often created by the owner himself, they will have special secrets and talents, so it is difficult for anyone to follow. You can do it this way to know how to open a restaurant with high profits.

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3.4 Old island becomes new

Change the concept of a dish to create a completely new dish. For example: Fried ice cream, thinking of ice cream, everyone will say “ice cream must be cold” and “when fried, it will melt” into a normal “hot” fried dish! Or what is very popular today is coffee that can be eaten as a whole cup, changing the mindset of “cups only” to “edible cups”.

Following this option requires you to have processing skills. And your shop will attract customers and become famous quickly. Open a restaurant business what high profit? Here’s the answer, nothing more!

delicious food for business

There are thousands of delicious dishes for you to do business

After you have answered the question of opening a restaurant with a high profit, you should make a detailed restaurant cost estimate to see if you have the financial capacity to implement that idea.

The above are the secrets to help you answer the question of opening a restaurant with high profits. Through this article, we hope to help you create a menu that is reasonable and suitable with the financial capabilities of the restaurant, helping you learn from the experience of opening a restaurant and running a restaurant business.

Restaurant management software

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