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New and unique condom business idea, why not try?

Reading the title of this article, what do you have in mind? No, the things that we share below have absolutely no negative meaning, no promotion at all, it’s as normal as many other unique online business and sales management ideas, is it a product? The product is a bit special. Even if you think more broadly, this idea is helping society a lot. You don’t have to be shy to talk about this, let’s find out condom business idea then what’s the difference?


1. The idea of ​​condom business is not illegal, does not affect fine traditions and customs

Vietnam came up from a feudal country, the democratic process has only taken place in the last few decades, so people’s thoughts are still heavy on old concepts and habits from the time of grandparents that have not been abandoned. In which the matter of “sex, the bedroom” is a taboo topic and should not be discussed. That is why when I talk about the idea of ​​​​condom business many people often ignore, or put it aside. In this article, I would like to emphasize, selling condoms is not illegal and does not affect fine traditions!

There is no law in Vietnam and the world that prohibits the sale of condoms, nor is there any culture that considers condoms to be corrupt. Of course, here I am only referring to the “genuine” condom seller, ie not selling with other depraved products. If you often watch the news, the media, you will surely know that the authorities, who are experts, also recommend using condoms to protect health, for family planning. So what do you have to be afraid of here?

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Selling condoms first of all benefits society, limiting population growth in a densely populated country like Vietnam, and at the same time reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Then it’s for your benefit, of course, in genuine business, the proceeds are absolutely worth it. Selling condoms is also an innovative business idea that requires little capital, suitable for those who want to earn extra income.

Shops selling condoms today, although they do not advertise heavily, are trusted by many people, partly showing that the needs of users are not small. So why don’t you try this new and unique condom business?

2. How much capital does a condom business require?

First of all, it is necessary to confirm that selling condoms is a low-capital business idea, even if you only raise a few million dong, you can also start. With this idea, you have two options: selling online or traditional. And with each form, the amount of capital you need to prepare is also different.

Online condom business is the most popular form, partly because it saves costs, partly because it can limit “disagreements”. You only need to spend a small amount of money, about ten million dong is enough to open an online condom shop. Among them, the most payable is for goods, then to build a website, run ads, …

The second is to open a traditional store selling condoms. This way you need more capital because you have to rent space, buy equipment, etc. Due to the characteristics of the product is quite small, it does not take up much space, so the shop’s premises do not need to be large, just Just a row of cabinets is enough.

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3. Should condom sales be promoted?

Do not hesitate with this question anymore, because the first part we have already analyzed, you do not need to be afraid when you are doing a genuine business. Promotion is heaven and earth, which is very normal if you want to trade in any item. But if you are still hesitant, afraid of being judged, you can use more “silent” forms of advertising.

It is on forums, online groups that often have discussion topics around safe sex and family planning to introduce products. Or you put banners at websites in related fields. In addition, you can go to social health counseling centers to sell and earn a lot of potential customers.

A small suggestion is that you can apply the delivery method to customers, ensuring “secret and safe” for them. Will definitely get a lot of support!

4. Where do condoms come from?

There are many sources of condoms, but because this product is related to the health of the user, you must choose the goods carefully, ensure the best quality, and do not import fake goods. At first, you don’t know much, you can import goods from big stores specializing in selling condoms online, or from pharmacies, after expanding your business, you can import wholesale from companies. Some brands are chosen by many people today such as Durex, Number 1, Sagami, Okatomo,…

Above are some sharing about unique and new business ideas with condoms, you don’t need to be shy when selling this item, try it now!

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