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How to open a successful fresh seafood store?

Currently, seafood business is a highly profitable business idea for many individuals as well as businesses. However, to make a high profit from the seafood business, knowledge and experience are indispensable. The following article of will help you gain more experience in this food industry, let’s find out!

1.What is fresh and frozen seafood?

Seafood is now a very popular dish, but it is also a relatively expensive dish compared to other foods. However, seafood has high nutritional value and low toxic substances and stimulants due to farming, so many people choose seafood as the main source of food in their daily meals. Currently, seafood business is very profitable, so many people want to try their hand at this field.

1.1. What is fresh seafood?

Fresh seafood will usually cost more than frozen seafood. Fresh seafood will usually cost more than frozen seafood.

Fresh seafood is seafood that has not been processed, preserved and spoiled. Fresh seafood will be used immediately after being caught, so it has a fresh taste that gives consumers a sense of safety. Different from frozen seafood, fresh seafood often depends on the season and will be difficult to buy, difficult to choose fresh seafood and ensure safety for consumers. Fresh seafood is also easy to facilitate. for harmful bacteria and fungi to grow if not stored properly and dead seafood will have the risk of producing toxins.

1.2.What is frozen seafood?

Frozen seafood is a line of fresh seafood or seafood that has been preliminarily processed to preserve at low temperatures to preserve flavor and increase shelf life. Seafood storage temperature usually fluctuates between 0 and -18 degrees.

With frozen seafood, you can store it and use it whenever you need it. Stable supply is guaranteed With frozen seafood, you can store it and use it whenever you need it. Stable supply is guaranteed

If seafood is immediately frozen after being caught, then frozen immediately and through intermediaries are maintained at the required level, the freshness and nutrition are still very guaranteed, much better than many other types of seafood. seafood that has been defrosted for sale during the day in the market. If the seafood has been processed, frozen improperly or the meat has been spoiled for a long time, it should not be eaten because this case is very easy to be poisoned and stomachache.

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If you are looking to open a shop selling fresh seafood in combination with a restaurant serving seafood dishes on the spot, do not ignore the following article.

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fresh seafood shop

What do you need to prepare to open a seafood shop?

2. Experience in opening fresh and frozen seafood stores

To open a seafood store, you need to equip yourself with the following knowledge:

2.1. The potential of the seafood store business.

Fresh seafood food is often trusted by many people as the top food because of its delicious taste, nutrition and many different ways of processing. As well as the increasing demand for seafood by the people due to This is a food rich in nutrients and low in toxic substances due to being farmed or caught in the wild. At the same time, this is also an indispensable dish in big events and parties, so the quantity consumed is quite large.

But when it comes to frozen seafood, many consumers will be afraid because compared to fresh food, frozen food is assessed to have less nutrients but the price will be cheaper than fresh food. . Many businesses when starting a food business will often choose fresh food instead of frozen food. But is the frozen food business really less profitable than the fresh food business? The answer is no! The fact that the frozen business has shown growth in profits cannot be underestimated.

seafood store

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2.2.1. How to preserve in 2 business forms.

For fresh seafood

Preserving fresh seafood still retains its freshness and deliciousness
Preserving fresh seafood still retains the freshness and nutrition of the dish
  • The sourcing and shipping of seafood to the store is required to be fresh seafood, stored in oxygenated seawater tanks.
  • When seafood has arrived at the store, seafood should be placed in specially designed styrofoam containers or containers with oxygen tanks to maintain the seafood’s life.
  • Find a supplier as close as possible to reduce shipping time.

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For frozen seafood

After enterprises find a source of quality goods, imported seafood will be processed, frozen, refrigerated and packaged. The number of finished products after being cooled should be brought to a suitable storage place for storage before being sent to new stores/branches for sale.

Currently on the market there are 3 solutions to preserve frozen seafood:

  • Cold Room & Freezer: A place to store and display frozen seafood at stores and branches.
  • Mini cold storage: Self-constructed and installed by enterprises to store products.
  • Rent industrial cold storage: Is a separate storage service, where the centralized storage of many different companies.
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2.2 Determining the source of seafood when opening a fresh seafood shop

Sourcing is one of the key issues to help you succeed in the seafood business. For cheap price and guaranteed quality, get it from where it is caught or farmed. Avoid getting seafood through intermediaries that are not fresh and the prices are inflated.

If you live in Hanoi or the northern provinces with no sea, the experience of opening a seafood barn for you is to pick up goods at fishing places such as Cat Ba, Thanh Hoa, Cua Lo, Quang Ninh, Do Son…. In Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose to get seafood in Vung Tau, Ninh Chu – Ninh Thuan, Nha Trang …. Because the seafood in these places is caught and transported within the day, it is extremely fresh and guaranteed.

fresh seafood shop

Sourcing seafood before opening the store

With farmed seafood such as tiger prawns, crayfish, crabs, clams, mussels, oysters, scallops, etc., get them in farming areas and rafts for cheap and quality. Here you can go to the place to pick up the goods or make a contract with them to have them shipped to you. Before choosing a source, find out if they are safe and clean, then decide!

2.3 Find out the needs of consumers for seafood before opening a fresh seafood store

After the main source of goods is the needs of customers. You need to find out if the customers where you live, where you want to open a seafood business, they like to eat seafood, are they willing to spend money to buy seafood? Has anyone around you sold seafood? What advantages and disadvantages do they have?… Analyze customer preferences as well as the competitive market to gain valuable experience.

Learn the market, customer needs and offer a reasonable price to avoid too expensive goods that no one dares to buy.

fresh seafood shop

Understanding the market, customer needs

Next, determine what kind of seafood your customers usually eat? What kind of seafood do they like, what do they like to do to choose the right type of seafood. Avoid taking too many categories that customers do not like, you will not be able to do business.

In addition, if your place does not have the right condiments or accompaniments for this type of seafood, you can do more business. Please advise and guide customers so that they want to buy and try. If you do not identify the above problems, you will face difficulties such as:

  • The risk of stockpiling due to excessive storage, these items are not popular with customers, this item is too expensive compared to the needs of the population here.
  • Improper preservation of seafood causes seafood to spoil easily.
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2.4 Store management of fresh seafood business

Once your seafood business is up and running, you need to know how to manage your store. First you need to deal with the following problems:

  • The design of store display shelves and fresh seafood are really eye-catching and clean. Should clearly divide seafood types and prices clearly so that customers can choose.
  • Always ensure that the store space is clean, safe, hygienic and bright.
  • Prices must be clearly agreed, so there should be an accurate price list for customers to buy with peace of mind. Avoid pushing the price too high compared to the market, no matter how delicious and fresh your goods are, it will soon be empty.
  • All products on display should have clear labels and origins and clear barcodes. Therefore, you should attach or paste the barcode right on the product packaging. For more convenience, you should equip the store with a suitable barcode printer.
  • If dead seafood is found, it should be removed immediately to avoid customers buying it. And if the seafood dies when the supplier has just brought it, you need to report it to them so that both parties can solve it

6 effective ways to manage a fresh seafood food store for beginners

Control seafood products, accurate revenue, manage suppliers, customers, employees…


2.5 How to promote a seafood shop

Take advantage of social networks to promote your seafood shop. You can both sell in-store and combine with online sales to promote product consumption. If you sell online, you can refer to the high-profit online fresh seafood store business article.

Create your own seafood fanpage or you can also post it for sale on your personal page or Facebook group. It is important to clearly state the types, prices of each type of seafood, real pictures, etc. for customers to choose from.

From the experiences of opening a fresh seafood store mentioned above, we hope to help you orient your business goals as well as how to approach customers and how to sell your products. Try to learn these experiences, improve your knowledge to get the most profit.

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