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How to create a business plan for a book cafe from A to Z

Are you planning to start a book cafe business but don’t know where to start? How much capital does it take to open a book cafe? How to make a business plan for a book cafe? The following article will guide you on how to start a book cafe business from A to Z for inexperienced people.

The development of technology makes people reel in the chaos that modern life brings, no more space for quiet afternoons, no more cups of coffee to sip every morning, no longer lose a thick, fragrant book. old. Life is hectic but people need peace, so in the middle of a crowded city, sometimes people find a small corner of a book cafe. Therefore, the book cafe model was born.

Not only book cafe business, but also bring art into the souls of those who love each word, remember each poem. The person who opens a book cafe must also have a sensitive soul in addition to a sharp business mind, but there have been many book cafes that have opened and then closed. Book cafe business – more than art for that reason.

1. Make a business plan for a book cafe

1.1. How much capital does it take to open a book cafe?

Perhaps the first question customers are interested in when setting up a book cafe business project is how much capital does it take to open a book cafe? In other words, how much is the investment capital required for a coffee shop?

Business plan for book cafe from A to Z

The cost of opening a cafe you need to have the capital for renting the location, the cost of equipment, the management of the cafe, the cost of raw materials, the cost of hiring staff and other costs incurred.

With each different book cafe model, there will be different appropriate costs, it can fluctuate with a minimum investment of about 50 to 100 million VND.

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1.2. Apply for a business license

When setting up a book cafe business project, there are a number of documents that are required, which are a business license with a registered food business, you need to go to the economic – planning department of the People’s Committee of the district where you open the shop. to apply, including: Application form, tenancy agreement or red book.

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Food safety certificate: To have this dossier, you need to submit a dossier at the competent agencies on food hygiene and safety. Then wait for the authorities to re-evaluate the facility, if you meet the requirements, you will be licensed.

1.3. Make a menu of drinks in the cafe

The book cafe model will mostly be directed to customers who have a long time to come to the shop, they just sip coffee and read books. Therefore, in addition to drinks such as coffee, milk tea, smoothies, other teas, etc., you should also add snacks such as cakes, chewy foods to retain and satisfy customers. goods more.

And the price you should just keep at the average price, because with these customers, they don’t come to the book cafe for the purpose of refreshment, meeting friends, but coming to relax and find their own space on the books. book.

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1.4. Find raw material suppliers

Should look for units that specialize in supplying raw materials for beverage shops to ensure coffee quality, should not link new establishments that do not have a reputation in the market. And if you can find a supply of books for the store, that is also an advantage of the variety of books, new titles you will be updated quickly.

Find a distributor when trading book cafe

1.5. Make a PR plan for the book cafe

You can apply advertising forms such as social networks, flyers, etc. to promote and attract customers. Besides, discount vouchers to stimulate customers to come to your book cafe is also a good thing to do.

2. Experience of opening a successful book cafe

2.1. The art of choosing a book cafe business location

Business location is always an important factor in business, but when it comes to book cafe business, the requirements are much more stringent. Before making a final decision, you need to have a detailed and thorough survey of the area, considering the population, traffic, traffic, … of the places you intend to choose.

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The prerequisite of the book cafe model is quiet, but to ensure a favorable business you must choose a place with a lot of people, next to a school or an office. It is also worth noting that the landscape around the shop, to create a space that matches the style, the outside should bring a little peace, tranquility, suggest comfort, lightness, plant a lot of trees or do work. A small flower garden is not a bad idea.

2.2. Decoration inside the book cafe

The space inside the book cafe is also a factor that creates a certain success. The way you design the rooms, decorate the walls, arrange tables and chairs and other items will show your aesthetic, customers often appreciate a lot about the interior and decoration when first entering the shop.

With a normal coffee shop, just meeting the requirements of comfort and quiet is enough, but with a book cafe, you have to make guests feel like they are entering a real library. Bookshelves are arranged scientifically and logically, classified by different topics and genres. Tables and chairs are designed to be suitable for sitting and reading for a long time, creating maximum comfort.

Opening a book cafe needs appropriate interior decoration

A small trick to create atmosphere is that you should paint murals in combination with using decorative items with the same theme. Customers will feel like they are entering a private world, with books, with coffee, leaving the hustle and bustle out there.

Because of the combination of reading, you must ensure that the light of the shop is just enough, not too bright to break the layout, not too dark or colorful to cause eye strain. Ventilation and anti-termite systems are also important in protecting your precious bookcases.

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2.3. Choose ingredients to have a good cup of coffee

Of course, the main product that you trade is coffee, so special attention is needed to create the best cups of coffee. To do so, the first thing to do is to choose the ingredients, you can buy ready-made coffee to brew, simple, without much effort, but without special. If you want to be more sophisticated, you should roast your own coffee, it is this stage that will create a unique flavor for your shop.

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Not only depends on the ingredients, the barista also plays a very important role in producing the best cup of coffee. You should hire someone who is experienced, sensitive to coffee flavor and passionate about this drink. Besides, you should go to find out and learn how to make delicious coffee to create a coffee drink menu that is only available in your own shop.

2.4. Choose good books

Coffee is the main product, but books are what attract customers to your shop. Don’t think that just randomly searching for a few “hot” books and then filling the shelves will have many people read them. You need to orient your customer base, be it an office worker or a student to know what kind of books to import.

Books that share experiences, confide, and prose are often sought after by more people, because they are usually not too long and hit the reader’s psyche. As for stories or novels, you should choose some popular books that are not picky.

Sorting books is also an art, you don’t have to arrange it any way you want, but you have to know how to classify, rotate it in the right direction so as not to damage the book, etc. The details are small but always loved by those who love the cafe model. Note book, you must specifically save this issue.

2.5. Research competitors when trading book cafe

When planning a book cafe business, you need to learn about your competitors in the market, to know what brands are currently available in the area where you open a book cafe and their ability to attract customers. What are their customers like? Then plan your book cafe business to achieve the highest efficiency.

Art is sometimes not something too far away and sentimental, even in ordinary life there is a simple art. Book cafe is like a quiet corner for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle out there, so never put too much weight on it, let customers feel it for themselves.

Above are instructions on how to make a business plan for a book cafe and some effective book cafe business experiences for those of you who are looking to start a book cafe business. Hopefully with these luggage, you can start setting up a book cafe business project right away! – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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