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How much capital does a Spa business need, how much does it cost to invest in opening a spa?

How much capital does a spa business need? How much does it cost to invest in spa services? Whether you are planning to open a small budget spa at home, or run a modern, high-end spa service, determining the cost of investment is always a key factor in determining whether a plan is perfect. whole. So how much capital does it take to open a spa salon?

What is spa?

Spa is an abbreviation of the Latin word “sanitas per aqua”, which means “good health through water”. However, according to the flow of time, Spa is given a broader and broader meaning than the original meaning. In the Middle Ages, Spas were known for their steam treatments and natural mineral waters. Until the Roman era, Spa was understood in a higher sense. Spa includes forms of taking off clothes, soaking in a hot tub, sauna, massage and relaxation.

Until today Spa is understood in a different way, today’s Spa has expanded into a health care service industry, water beauty and beauty products from nature. And all are safe, no harm to the body.

How much money does a spa business need?

Capital for spa business includes investment costs for the following jobs: basic construction of the spa, investment in spa equipment, cosmetic machinery, investment in cosmetics and other monthly expenses. As follows:

1. Capital construction investment costs when doing Spa

Depending on the investment needs and the form of the spa salon, there are different capital investment capital and depending on the investment scale, the spa is invested in professional or simple construction. The spa simply consists of 2 spaces, a reception room and a service room.

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The reception room is used to consult customers, wait and relax. Including reception counter, document cabinet, sofa set for reception (depending on the size to prepare quantity), cosmetic display glass cabinet, air conditioner, other decorations… Estimated about 60 million copper.

The service room includes: wooden bed, used towel set, low wardrobe, separate curtain, stainless steel shelf, air conditioner, other decorations… For the most basic service room, the estimated cost is about approx. 35 million dong. In general, if you run a small spa business, take care of simple beauty services with 2-4 beds, the cost is about 200 million VND. A larger spa, intensive beauty care and serving a larger audience than 6 beds is about 400 million VND. With a large spa, beauty center, with about 6-8 beds, with a private VIP room, the investment amount is about 600 million VND.

2. Investment cost of spa equipment and machinery

Equipment and machines are an indispensable part in a spa salon, whether small or large, this is a tool to support the implementation of beauty treatments and beauty care for customers. Depending on the size and service of each spa, you can prepare different types of machines.

Spa business

How much capital is required to open a spa will depend on the price of imported equipment and machinery

The cost of basic equipment and machinery for small spas is about 100-300 million VND; Specialized machinery and equipment for larger spas is about 500-900 million VND. With large spa centers, large number of machines, the investment capital is about 1100-2500 million. You should investigate sources of good quality machinery and equipment at reasonable prices.

3. Spa business models

3.1. Day Spa

The Day Spa model focuses mainly on services: Relaxation, rest, body care,… So that customers can experience 1-2 hours a day. This type of Spa provides daily care to nourish the body and soul of customers, suitable for all ages.

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Day spa offers many different types of services such as Sasuna sauna, jacuzzi, massage, body care and facial care.

3.2. Beauty Spa

Currently, this spa business model is the most popular spa model in our country. Beauty Spa is a harmonious and delicate combination between beauty services and additional elements such as: The scent of natural oils, The sound of various music, the sound of running water, the singing of birds,… Together with that is the warm and elegant space of the spa staff.

Beauty Spa often has services such as relaxation massage, facial care, hair removal, skin whitening, acne treatment, scar treatment, slimming, …

3.3. Clinic Spa

Unlike the Day Spa which is in the affordable price segment, the Beauty Spa which is in the mid-range segment, the Clinic Spa is a high-end spa model. This spa model specializes in providing high-tech aesthetic beauty services. Using modern technology to bring confidence, overcome shortcomings for all customers, of different ages.

The most prominent Clinic Spa services such as: Buttock augmentation service – nose, chin – forehead implant or other areas intervention to overcome the disadvantages on the customer’s face and body to achieve the golden ratio.

With a spa business model like this, it needs a team of professional and highly trained staff and doctors, along with a closed sterile operating room that meets the standards of the Ministry of Health.

3.4. Home Spa

The model of Spa at home is still not too popular today, still strange to many people. This is a mobile spa model, just one phone call, customers will be taken care of by staff from Spa service facilities at the required address with modern and professional mobile equipment.

The main services of Home Spa are: Relaxing massage, facial and body care, acne treatment, hair removal, nail art, eyelash extensions,…

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4. Investment capital to buy cosmetics to start Spa business

The quantity and quality of cosmetics initially depends on the size of the spa. If it is a small and medium spa, the number may be small, but it must also be diverse. Depending on the type of cosmetics, you can choose the basic or specialized line. Cosmetics also play an important role in beauty care, so you should also learn the source of safe and good quality cosmetics.

You can refer to the articles The secret of getting wholesale cheap quality Korean cosmetics or Revealing the hand-picked cosmetics of longtime traders to gain more experience. Usually, the initial cost of cosmetics is about 40-50 million VND. Larger spas will cost more.

5. What are other expenses when doing Spa?

This amount fluctuates from 20-200 million VND/month, including: cost of space rental, electricity and water, staff, marketing, etc. For small and medium spa salons, it is about 30-40 million VND. /month and large spa costs more fluctuating. So with a capital of 300-400 million VND or more, you already own yourself a spa salon and also partially answer the question of how much capital a spa business needs, as well as the costs and money to spend. for each item. However, these are only estimates for your reference to have the best preparation.

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