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Household appliances business: A guide to opening an effective store from A

According to home appliance business experience, starting a store for beginners is not easy. How to sell household appliances effectively? Let’s find out with Sapo in this article.

Steps to take

Step 1: Market research

Household appliances are known to be one of the easiest items to sell, receiving the attention of many customer groups. Necessary items in daily life, making housework lighter always attract the attention of the sisters.

You should choose to sell essential household items such as blenders, kettles, brooms, etc. or utility tools with many features such as mini sewing machines, fruit cutters, etc.

Define where your market is? Targeting which objects? Answer that question thoughtfully before investing. Don’t know if you start sooner or later, how many people have done before you, but if you do better, the market will open.

Step 2: Prepare capital

Only from 10 to less than 100 million dong, you can own a home appliance store and earn a profit from a few hundred to a million silver in a day. The amount of investment capital will be commensurate with the size and group of goods you want to do business.

household goods business

Prepare capital for household goods business

This is an item with low investment capital, bringing high profits, minimizing losses when facing risks. The home appliance market is still very active because the needs of users are still very high.

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After a period of time when you have grasped the trend, you can change one or a few groups of products to better suit the market.

Step 3: Note the source of goods

  1. Acting as a distribution agent for major home appliance brands

Importing goods from big brands specializing in providing home appliances such as SunHouse, Panasonic, Lock & Lock or Song Long popular household plastic products… is the way many shop owners choose.

  • Advantages: Guaranteed quality. Convenient in distribution to the store. Good after-sales.
  • Cons: Cost can be higher. Diversified aviation resources.
  1. Pick up goods from wholesale markets, specializing in providing household goods

In addition to sourcing goods from large firms specializing in providing household appliances, shop owners have an additional supply channel, which is the wholesale market. At wholesale markets, you can easily source household goods for your store.

  • Advantages: Diverse models and types. Competitive price.
  • Cons: The goods are quite mixed, the quality of the real and the fake is mixed. Take time to choose and learn.
  1. Imported from abroad

In order to increase the variety and fully meet the needs of consumers, store owners can import home appliances from abroad. Some imported household goods are being favored by consumers today, such as Korean, Thai, and Japanese household appliances.

Goods imported from abroad

  • Advantages: Catching up with the trend of foreign students. Guaranteed quality.
  • Cons: Usually has to go through a third party to receive goods, sometimes not meeting current needs.
  1. Source goods from wholesalers

This is a source of goods that shop owners can refer to to get goods. Wholesalers can provide you with a wide variety of goods, ranging in quality from low to high end.

  • Advantages: Wide variety of goods. Pick up at home, competitive price. Actively pre-order.
  • Cons: Quality risk is not guaranteed. Delivery is sometimes delayed.
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However, store owners must monitor the consumption situation of each type of household goods to have a suitable import plan to avoid shortages or too many goods stagnation affecting capital turnover..

household goods business

Open a home appliance business for beginners

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Step 4: Distribution channel

Online shopping is a trend that many shop owners and young people choose to invest in. This is a potential market when associated with the practical needs in the daily lives of tens of millions of consumers.

However, the home appliance business has a very unique feature. Customers want to go to stores and electronics centers to buy goods because most products are of high value, need to touch them with their hands to choose the right product and suitable for consumers’ pocket.

Meanwhile, with the rapid development of the Internet and e-commerce today, customers can sit at home, sit in the office to consult countless different products, chat with a consultant before making a decision. to your store. So, even if you choose to do an online business to enter the market, you need to combine it with an offline store.

Return policy, online payment, COD ship, various forms and reasonable customer care strategy are also important factors contributing to your success when doing business online.

Step 5: Business cooperation

Have an idea but have difficulty with funding? You have capital but do not know where to invest to make a profit? Or you are hesitant to start alone, think of the idea of ​​​​business cooperation with other partners.

  • Business cooperation with manufacturers: Manufacturing companies and enterprises recruit agents at different facilities to increase market access to after-sales services and discounts.
  • Cooperate with individuals to share business capital or learn from each other’s business experiences to minimize risks as well as discuss the most suitable direction.
  • Keep in touch, share information as well as consumption, product orientation with other stores and agents.
  • Preparation of all services, as well as guaranteed customer care, unsatisfactory return and exchange, and a progressive listening attitude are always the keys to development.
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Household appliances business at the present time has always been noticed and is the start-up choice of many young people. The above is a summary, summarized in the hope that it will help you to be more confident when starting a business. I wish you luck and success!

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