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Great way to trade fresh seafood

Opening a shop selling fresh seafood to get rich is the career orientation of many people. Why are some people successful in the seafood business, while others fail with the fresh seafood business? Sapo will share tips for selling fresh seafood from experienced people in this article.

The story of the fresh seafood business is simple at first glance, but it is actually quite difficult. The first challenge is to quickly pack seafood and shorten the transportation time from the supply area (Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An) to the restaurant to ensure freshness. Ms. Thu – the owner of a fresh seafood shop shared:

Each shipment is quite difficult. From 2 a.m., boats and ships will arrive at the seafood market, usually seafood such as milk oysters, clams, boredom, … will be washed and processed through mud, packed into bags and crates according to orders. This work takes a lot of time.

So there are days when the ship returns late due to rough seas or fuel problems, I will not be able to process and filter out the dead ones, resulting in a bad smell, affecting the quality of seafood supply. fresh from the supplier.”.

Fresh seafood business needs to pay attention to what

1. Experience in trading fresh seafood

1.1. Careful selection and preservation when trading fresh seafood

Experience when opening a fresh seafood store is to do a good job of freezing during transportation. You need to have certain knowledge and certain know-how to be able to test and advise customers.

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For example, catching squid on moonlit days is not efficient, so from about 7 to 12 lunar month every month, almost all boats stop to go squid fishing, you should avoid taking delivery to customers. at this point.

The essence of the fresh seafood business is that the seafood received must be delicious and clean, so don’t be too greedy, regret a few dong and then lose the prestige of your brand.

In addition, the rise and fall of the “water” is very important for natural seafood… poor water, less quality seafood food (bob crab, crab… shrimp is better but not too big. ).

Experience choosing fresh seafood

1.2. Experience in choosing a number of fresh seafood selected for business

  • Shrimp: The body is firm, the shell is hard, white is not opaque or turns red, the claws are intact, there is no fishy smell and the head is firmly attached to the body, if still in the water, the shrimp needs to be swimming.
  • Crab, crab: The medium one will be more meaty and delicious than the big one; click on the non-concave bib; When lifted, the more it will shrink, the fresh crab will be.
  • Fish: fish is still swimming, bright fish eyes; If you press lightly on the body, the fish quickly returns to its original state, it is a fresh fish.
  • Squid: fresh squid should choose big (except sim squid), thick body, firm meat, squid bag is not broken.
  • Clams, oysters: because you choose a lot, you need to choose those that do not have a strange smell.
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1.3. Choosing the right source of fresh seafood

If in the North: You can choose a business form suitable to your capital scale and source of goods. The special thing is that there are 2 attractive sources of goods, seafood from Hai Phong and Quang Ninh.

Depending on the location of the restaurant and the supplier, you choose the appropriate seafood bowl. For example, it takes about 4-6 hours from Quang Ninh to Hanoi, if you receive the goods at 10 am, you need to arrange a car to deliver the goods from 4 am… This time frame is a bit tense because there are few vehicles.

If in other regions, you can import fresh seafood from Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, … the advantage is that there are fresh products in each region, variety and always the highest quality.

Fresh seafood business

The secret to the most effective fresh seafood business

1.4. Great marketing trick when trading fresh seafood

First, introduce on facebook to friends and colleagues first because these are the most potential customers of your fresh seafood business.

Starting a business is as simple as giving the product a try (for those you know, invite them home and cook it or bring some product to the office). Otherwise, promise free shipping on your first purchase.

On Facebook, you should also share more experiences on how to prepare seafood, addresses of seafood restaurants that are both delicious and cheap, secrets to choosing fresh seafood, preservation tips, how to get rid of the fishy smell, .. . to let customers feel that you are a conscientious seller.

With good and attractive articles, you can run ads for your articles to attract more visitors. Details on how to advertise are in the Facebook sales guide from A to Z.

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Next time, you can apply the form of preliminary processing to help, discount 5%, buy invoices over 500k, get extra packages of dried squid, sausages, dried fish, ….

You can also take orders for dishes made from seafood, you will be able to profit from this service. Absolutely follow the rule that seafood must be fresh and safe. That is the most important factor to your success when trading fresh seafood.

You should refer to the following article before starting to deploy it for your store.

High profit online seafood business. Do you dare to try?

Steps to start an online seafood business to make a lot of money.


1.5. Recruiting collaborators to sell seafood online at home

The current trend, buyers do not need to be connoisseurs of seafood or have to go all the way to the shrimp and fish stalls in the market, just go online to order or call and a few minutes later the product will be delivered to your doorstep. house with the best quality as committed.

Trading in fresh seafood is important to keep the credibility in the business, there is a commitment to quality, if the goods are not fresh, I am ready to exchange or return money to customers, they will sympathize and stay with me. Wish you more success with the above fresh seafood business experiences.

In addition, to manage the store’s fresh seafood ingredients and processed seafood dishes, you should use Sapo FnB management software. Using software helps the store not to lose raw materials, control goods in and out accurately.

Restaurant management software

Restaurant management software – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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