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Fashion accessories business ideas

Fashion accessories business is a hot industry for many women today, especially young people. Let’s find out with Sapo how this fashion accessory business idea is.

The development trend of Vietnamese and global fashion with the uniqueness of homemade products. It’s old homemade and restyled shirts, patterned shoes or simply pretty little fashion accessories that enhance your fashion sense.

Have you ever thought that your items can become a money-making item and with those items is your business idea and merchandise management. And did you know this is a profitable business idea with extremely low capital.

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The following Sapo will suggest to you the most necessary things for this idea:

business idea
The development trend of fashion

1. Get the source of goods

1.1 Diversity of goods in Guangzhou

If you have ever consulted many fashion products on online stores from the source Guangzhou, or have bought goods here, you also see the variety of goods. And this is also the place to get the ingredients for business idea your.

With a wide range of products and cheap prices, you can choose for yourself a lot of unique, cheap, strange and popular materials. You can choose in Guangzhou or order online through websites like taobao… For details on how to order from wholesale markets, please refer to the article 6 wholesale markets that cannot be ignored when doing business.

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1.2 Source of goods in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City

Some effective places in Hanoi:

  • Ninh Hiep Market: This is a wholesale market in Hanoi that provides clothes and shoes at slag prices, but the materials for fashion accessories here are also quite diverse and reasonably priced. All good tips when importing goods, you can refer to the experience of going to Ninh Hiep market.

Some suggested places to source for your business idea:

  • Dong Khanh Market
  • Kim Bien Market

These are 2 wholesale markets so you can get goods at the cheapest price, there are also many shops selling this product, but the product will not be diverse. In addition, you can refer to websites such as:,,…

Along with diversifying sources of goods, business owners also need to have goods management systems such as warehouse software and efficient import and supplier operations.

2. Accessory items of business ideas

I will suggest you accessories that are easy to make:

business idea

Bracelets, necklaces

These are 2 popular products with handmade fashion accessories business ideas, and these 2 products are also the easiest to make. With small chains and decorations, many other accessories can also become unique items to attract customers. This requires creativity and ingenuity.

Or you can refer to online samples and follow along, which is also a good way for an effective business idea.

Fashion accessories

Pretty hair clips, self-decorated belts, fake collars, clip accessories for active or gentle feminine tops, earrings, …. And many other accessories you can make from your own needs.

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Or the bags you sew and decorate yourself.

The needs of this business idea are always very diverse and the market is always open.

3. Business form of business idea

This business idea costs quite a bit of capital, so if you want to save more money for yourself, you can refer to our suggestions:

Business at home

Opening a small store in your friend’s family, you just need a small space right below the house about 15 square meters, or maybe smaller, and display your products on it. Save the cost of renting a store while convenient to manage products and make them. You can refer to the latest home business ideas in the article on starting a home business.

Online business

You do not need a store to sell products, but your business idea will be simpler when you have your own online business stores on social networking websites, or facebook, zalo…. This business form is quite simple, you just need to take pictures of the product, put it on the internet and then wait for customer feedback.


Selling accessories online with great revenue

4. Demand for fashion accessories

The demand for this item is always high. You may find this strange. And your target audience is young people. This business idea will show you that handmade fashion accessories always have a large number of customers, because the prices are quite cheap and bring many good effects.

Nowadays, young people always want to assert themselves with strange and unique products. Your 1 0 2 products are highly sought after. Moreover, the competitiveness of this business idea is not much.

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According to statistics, 1 in 20 fashion stores will have an accessory store, but the items are quite limited and mass-produced.

With your business idea, you can sell to individual consumers, or provide tailor-made fashion shops for them to sell with clothes and dresses.

Above are our suggestions for handmade fashion accessories business ideas. Hope this article gives you a lot of useful information.

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