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Experience in the pub business brings huge profits

Whether it is a sidewalk pub business, or an investment in a large-scale luxury pub business model, determining what to prepare, the amount of investment capital … are the very first steps. important. So what does a pub business need to prepare? Please read the information below.

the pub business is expensive

The experience of running a popular pub that attracts customers that you need to know

1. Three necessary conditions when running a pub business

You decided to open a pub because of the trend, because you see people opening and making a lot of money? If that’s the case, then it should be stopped. You should remember business is not a game. Must be really knowledgeable and enthusiastic to join. If you are a person who does not like alcohol or drinking, then the pub business is not for you. If you like quiet, it is better to replace the pub with a book cafe.

Next is you have to get a delicious, strange menu menu. That way, diners will come and come back to you, otherwise they will only come once and then forget right away.

pub business

Opening a pub needs strange dishes to attract diners

Third is the location. It must be a place with a large road surface, many people pass by and there must be a parking space for guests. If in Saigon, you should choose a place in a cool place such as near canals and rivers. Having someone to drive the car when guests come and go will make customers more impressed with your shop, helping the pub business run more smoothly.

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2. How much capital does it take to open a pub?

Next is the problem of capital when running a pub business. It will not be possible to determine how much money you need to spend, because it depends on many factors. For example, if you want a large area, the rent for the space will increase; If you want the shop to have “hard” experienced staff, the salary you have to pay will not be low.

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Or if you want your restaurant to have many delicious and strange dishes, you have to spend a lot of money to hire a good chef, of course their rent must be high, sometimes up to tens of millions of millions/month, etc. A little bit, no matter how much the cost is just over. Therefore, you must think carefully before deciding whether to run a pub business or not.

safe pub business

Opening a pub needs to prepare what capital?

3. What do you need to prepare to open a pub?

3.1 Need to prepare capital

Do not rely on relatives and friends. You have to be yourself to be responsible for your money. At least to open a pub you must have 50-70 million dong to spend on the following items.

  • Deposit for space rental;
  • Design, repair and decoration;
  • Buy tables and chairs, cabinets;
  • Buy appliances, tools, refrigerators, stoves, glasses, bowls, chopsticks,…;
  • Salary of employees, waiters, waitresses, chefs, parking attendants, cashiers, managers,…;

A separate account is maintained for the shop within the first 3 months, because this time the shop will have few customers.

3.2 Employee recruitment

If you run a small pub business, you only need a waiter cum cashier, a chef and a valet. Later, when customers are crowded or you want to expand, you will recruit more.

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What to prepare when running a pub business?

Experience in opening a pub the owner needs to know

3.3 Legal issues

You need to quickly go to the ward or commune where you choose to open the shop to complete the legal procedures and apply for a business license. If you open a popular pub, you will pay taxes in the form of an individual business household.

If the pub is large, has a large capital, and a large number of employees, it will pay taxes in the form of a Private Enterprise, One Member Limited Liability Company or a Limited Company, depending on which form you register.

3.4 Marketing – advertising

See and choose a good date for opening that suits your age. 1-2 weeks before opening day, you need to prepare banners, flower baskets hanging in front of the shop.

Preparing to open a pub business

Prepare well for the opening day of the pub

On the banner will start with the words “Happy opening… , followed by promotional information of the shop such as “Order 5 bottles of beer for 4,…” “Choose one, get one free…” or ” Drink 2 get 1 free”, … eye-catching to attract customers to the shop.

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On the opening day, it is advisable to prepare more promotions, games or lucky spins to increase the bustle and excitement of the shop.

4. Procedures for applying for a pub business

The pub business is also in the form of a restaurant, if you do not prove that your restaurant has achieved a hygiene and safety certificate, no diners will believe it and come, closing is the natural result.

Mandatory regulations and procedures in food production and F&B business:

  • According to regulations, production, trading and business activities related to food and cuisine need to have a business license in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law.
  • Pursuant to Decision 43/2005/QD-BYT issued by the Ministry of Health on December 20, 2005, all businesses, households and individuals trading and producing food in Vietnam must have certificate of having been trained in knowledge of food hygiene and safety in accordance with the lines of business registration.

pub business procedures

The procedure for applying for a pub business license is not too complicated

5. Green card registration for employees

On March 12, 2007, the Ministry of Health issued Decision No. 21/2007/QD-BYT, which stipulates that all individuals and organizations that employ employees or are employers of employees directly participate Independent food traders and producers (who are directly exposed to or participate in the processing of prepackaged foods or trading in edible foods) must have a green card certifying full health conditions. .

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6. Apply for a certificate of food hygiene and safety

According to pub business experience, always stick a copy of the certificate of food hygiene and safety at the most visible position in the restaurant, firstly for the management agencies to check, secondly, this is considered a This is proof that the food and food provided by the restaurant are all safe products, helping customers feel more secure and confident in your restaurant.

get a certificate of clean food when doing business in pubs

Certificate of food hygiene and safety

To guide the implementation of the Law on Food Safety, the Government issued Decree No. 38/2012/ND-CP, the Ministry of Health issued the Law on Food Safety No. 55/2010/QH12 and officially took effect from the beginning of the year. from July 1, 2011. Accordingly, all individuals, organizations, companies, production and business units related to food must have a Certificate of Food Safety and Hygiene to participate in business.

The certificate of food safety is valid for 3 years from the date of official operation of the unit. If any establishment intentionally fails to comply with regulations, it will be fined according to Decree 178/2013/ND-CP of the Government on administrative sanctions for food safety violations. Accordingly, the level of warning to close, the administrative fine alone is up to 200 million.

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7. Use restaurant and restaurant management software

A seemingly small factor that contributes significantly to the success of the pub business is to use restaurant management software as an effective assistant to help you arrange tables for guests in a single note, serving quickly. and professional, minimize order confusion and the manager can easily cover the pub.

Manage professional restaurants, bars and pubs with Sapo FnB

Free Trial

pub business equipment

Equipment to support pub business activities

  • Place orders for customers quickly: The service staff can view the visual table map by room, floor to arrange the table for guests, take the customer’s order request right on the handheld device such as phone, tablet
  • No mistake, order confusion: The order form from the order staff will be sent directly to the bar/kitchen and processed
  • Accurate and fast payment: When the service staff submits a payment request, the bill will be automatically transferred to the payment waiting list, making it easy for the cashier to know which table is in need of payment to charge the guest.
  • View business reports anytime, anywhere: Restaurant managers can view business reports, covering restaurant operations through the app at any time.

In addition, if you are looking for software to order at the table, help save labor costs, increase service speed, then immediately refer to the 5 best suggestions below.

The best pub management software for beer bars, snail shops, pubs

If you are the owner of a pub, pub management software is an indispensable helper.


Above are the experiences of opening an effective pub that can be applied to any size, whether it is a popular sidewalk pub or a luxurious festival place.

Hopefully through the article will help you answer the questions: how to make the pub crowded, How much capital does it take to open a pub, how to run a pub business, the difficulties of opening a pub and many other questions. After you have done your research and have some capital, please invest heavily in opening a pub for yourself.

Restaurant management software

Restaurant management software – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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