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Experience in the breakfast business to make money every day

Breakfast business would be a great idea if you don’t know where to invest this year. However, let’s learn the following article to accumulate valuable experiences when selling breakfast food!

1. Why should business breakfast food?

In modern life, people pay more attention to breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day, providing energy to work and study effectively. Instead of cooking at home like before, people often go to outside stores to save time and have more choices.

So opening a breakfast shop is always a never-ending idea for those who want to sell breakfast. Besides, the form of small, retail, spontaneous business has no long-term development direction and does not know how to attract customers, causing many people to suffer losses.

Earn millions every day with breakfast business ideas

Earn millions every day with breakfast business ideas

Getting rich with a breakfast business idea is a great choice, but how can you get the most profit? Let’s learn with Sapo the necessary experiences that need to be equipped when opening a breakfast restaurant.

2. Business object

Usually, breakfast business people have the mindset of selling as many goods, serving all, regardless of whether they are men, women, students, office workers or people. This is not wrong, but it has a huge impact on business operations.

Without a key audience, the direction of the shop’s development is unclear, and the lack of an approach is to entice them to return. So let’s define a specific target audience, that is elementary school, high school, high school or office workers. Never set the goal of serving everyone in society right away because that is just a fantasy in the first day of starting a business.

Identify target customers when doing breakfast business

Should clearly define the target customers when opening a breakfast restaurant

3. Breakfast business location

After identifying the target customer, finding a place to open a restaurant is also an extremely important factor to create success. Usually, the object and location factors have a close relationship with each other.

For example, the customer you target is students – students, the place to open a restaurant to sell breakfast for students must be next to the school; And if the object is an office worker, the store should try to be near large companies and corporations.

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However, according to people with a lot of experience sharing on forums, you should target office workers because first of all, the demand for this group is extremely large even though there are many shops open.

The second is the high affordability and often getting into the habit of enjoying a drink before starting the day. Besides, the number of office workers is increasing, so there will be no worries about no output.

breakfast business place

Choose the right business location for your target customers

4. Selling breakfast should sell what?

Business breakfast is a business idea with low capital and high profit, but if you have a large amount of capital, start a breakfast business with a diverse menu, with many options from bread, sticky rice, instant noodles or vermicelli.

In addition, if the customer has a high income, you can develop more Western-flavored “luxury” foods such as croissants or English muffins with jam, butter or cream cheese.

When you have lost money to rent a food shop in the morning, think about more items that you can sell all day such as: vermicelli, ice cream, coffee, etc., which are both breakfast foods and snacks. eat for the whole day.

Open a breakfast restaurant with an attractive menu

Delicious and convenient breakfast

If the investment is small, you can only open a sidewalk shop selling breakfast for workers or selling breakfast for elementary school students, focus on 2-3 types of food, the most popular is sticky rice.

I recommend making your own sticky rice and making ingredients at home to make sure everything is under control. Maybe some wholesale suppliers like Phu Thuong have cheap prices but can’t bring the best taste.

Or you are looking for a simple, low-capital business idea, you can choose a breakfast bread business. Because, bread is a dish that never goes out of fashion. But note when selling bread at a breakfast shop:

  • Make a menu of many choices when selling bagels and cream cheese, fruit jams.
  • Sausage bread, egg noodles, meat noodles and ham are familiar dishes to the taste of customers, so pay attention to create a unique and different taste with pickles or mannequins.
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Bread is a suitable product for breakfast business

Bread is a suitable product for breakfast business

Another idea is to serve guests with other breakfast items such as:

  • Shrimp noodles add some vegetables, eggs.
  • A bowl of sticky rice with some eggs, fragrant pork belly.
  • Fish vermicelli, crab vermicelli vermicelli with beef snails is also a good idea to sell breakfast in your hometown

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5. Choice of accompanying drinks

A breakfast business idea is indispensable for drinks. Even if most people don’t eat breakfast regularly, they will still drink coffee, tea or juice. When selling breakfast items, make sure you offer caffeinated and non-caffeinated options.

As well as all the extras, such as cream, sugar, soy milk and artificial sweeteners. Most grocery stores offer coffee in carry-on boxes, and take-away coffee mugs or milk teas.

If you want a more creative and upscale option, you can serve a variety of juices. Simply make them ahead of time and serve them fast with their busy schedule

choose drinks when doing breakfast business

When doing breakfast business, don’t forget to add drinks!

You can make orange juice, grapefruit juice, tomato juice and watermelon juice, you can even create your own signature juice for your breakfast shop.

6. Ensure food hygiene and safety

According to many people’s breakfast business experience, opening a breakfast restaurant not only requires a rich menu of food and drinks to meet the diverse needs of customers, but food quality and hygiene are key. factor in attracting and retaining customers.

To do this, in addition to food processing, you need to have a close relationship with the suppliers, how to import fresh ingredients, and create delicious dishes and drinks. delicious, while ensuring safety and hygiene for customers.

Ensuring food safety and hygiene when doing breakfast business

7. Uniqueness

If you often read newspapers, surely know the marketing story of the owner of beef noodle soup. What makes customers come back every morning and the number of customers coming more and more?

It’s not only because of the delicious food and great service, but also because of the lines that are universally poetic. It is the unique way of conveying that message that makes customers excited. You need to make your store stand out from the others around. Need to do how?

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selling crowded breakfast

Create a focal point to attract customers when doing breakfast business

Turn on music: Very simple, isn’t it, even if you run a sidewalk business with an ordinary sticky rice shop, you can do it. Choose soothing music by Beethoven or French music to give listeners a sense of relaxation. Thus, your breakfast business will attract many visitors.

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Evaluation table after eating: You can create evaluation cards for service quality after meals. The vote can be very simple, like – unlike pictures or funny icons and icons. You have both impressed customers and gathered ideas to change your breakfast business strategy.

Stories, funny videos: In the morning after waking up, people often feel tired. So, if you watch funny and funny clips, it will definitely create strong emotions with customers and they will come back the next day. Of course, you need to work hard to find stories, audio or video online.

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unique breakfast business

Attract customers with diverse food, enthusiastic service

8. Technology application in breakfast business

The use of technology in business in general and the breakfast business in particular not only helps you manage sales more quickly and easily, but also creates a professional impression in the eyes of customers coming to the restaurant. You should use restaurant and restaurant management software, equip cash registers for guests, in addition, you can refer to the order software in advance to deploy it for the restaurant. Here are the top 5 most appreciated and most useful order software today.

breakfast business ideas

Top 5 best ordering software trusted by many people

If you are the owner of a breakfast restaurant, the order software is an indispensable helper. This tool helps you do business effectively from improving service quality to saving management costs.

Watch now: Top 5 best ordering software trusted by many people

Surely through the article you have partly understood how to invest and manage the breakfast business, how much capital needs to be prepared, right? If you have some capital, why don’t you join this lucrative market by opening a breakfast shop for yourself. Wishing you success! – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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