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Experience in selling portable cosmetics to earn hundreds of millions per month

I am an office worker, the job is easy but the salary is just enough to live. I want to change, but with little money in hand, it is difficult to want to do any business. I have friends who are studying abroad in Japan, so I thought of selling portable cosmetics.

Because the initial capital is too small, I find myself more cautious in choosing products. Wandering on beauty forums, and then “beauty bloggers” I localize some of the most “hot” cosmetic products, then select the more popular ones to import and sell in a small quantity. . Therefore, the profit is not much.

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Everything is still the same. As a result, in the next 7 months, I spent another 25 million dong in profit from the cosmetics business. After 1 year, the profit I earned was 100 million VND. So my wish to open a shop selling handmade cosmetics for myself has already been fulfilled!

At first, I was also a bit confused hand-carried cosmetics business how? Want to open a portable cosmetic shop? need what? But just putting in the work, failing, then getting up again and continuing until you get the successes like today, it’s really not easy.

Below will be the sharing in my process of selling portable cosmetics, which will probably be necessary for you in this new start-up phase.

hand-carried cosmetics business

How to trade in portable cosmetics?

1. Trading in portable cosmetics does not need to invest too much in premises

Although I have a store, my revenue is still mainly selling cosmetics online. Therefore, I think when selling portable cosmetics, the selection space does not need to be too large and beautiful because it will be very expensive and redundant. After a while of searching, I also found a room on the 2nd floor with an area of ​​​​only 20m2, located on a quite famous street of Tay Ho district. Although it’s a bit small, but because cosmetics are items that don’t take up too much space, plus a scientific arrangement of furniture, my shop looks pretty good, pretty and pretty.

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Because I need to decorate my portable cosmetic shop, then find a way to display products, design the interior of the store, then install air conditioners and hire employees …, the capital of 100 million VND I have accumulated is zero. enough, I borrowed another friend about 20 million dong, the loan term is 3 months.

Going back to a new battle is even tougher than when I first started trading, and in order to have the current success, I always encourage myself to always try, not to be discouraged even if how difficult. The following are the experiences that I have gathered along the way, if you are also planning to sell portable cosmetics, please try to refer!

2. The business of portable cosmetics is to know how to sell online

In the current era of technology and the internet, selling portable cosmetics online is a “fatty” market that cannot be ignored. If you want to sell portable cosmetics online successfully, you should invest in designing a website to sell cosmetics together with multi-channel sales on Facebook, Zalo, and e-commerce platforms. As for me, I applied all kinds of tricks, of course, they were all decent, not “snatching” the customers of other shops, gradually I also gained a stable number of customers.

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If you want to invest in effective online marketing without spending money, you must make a plan for yourself, what to do and what not to do to avoid wasting capital. If you have free time, shoot review videos of some of the store’s main products, both creating prestige for the shop and attracting customers. An effective online marketing strategy is when you make your customers happy and come back again and again.

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3. Know how to capture market trends to sell portable cosmetics effectively

Experience in selling portable cosmetics The effect is that you have to regularly collect and capture information, the more sources, the more diverse the better.

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First, to know what the current trend is, I start with international websites. For example, what is the most popular makeup trend today, transparent make-up, bold or nude lipstick, pink or orange eyeshadow, foundation or cushion, etc.

Next is information from shop owners, ie your competitors to see which products they are selling best, how their sources are, etc.

Finally, customers: You have to find out what they need, what they want, …

Summarizing all the sources of information collected, I have an answer to what products I should import to meet the most accurate customer tastes.

hand-carried cosmetics business

4. Absolutely, don’t be greedy for cheap portable cosmetic products

Worried you can’t find a good source of portable cosmetics? Don’t be too hasty, we can still re-import wholesale prices from reputable large portable cosmetic shops, quality, guaranteed origin is ok. There is an experience of selling portable cosmetics that I remind you to consult the prices in many places, and remember not to be cheap. It’s not by chance that grandparents have the saying “what is cheap is mine”, or “whatever money you get”. Cheap cosmetics are often not genuine but fake fakes mixed in the market. Accidentally importing and selling these products, not only affects the health of users, but also greatly affects the reputation and brand of your shop.

As for me, because I have friends studying abroad in Japan with a friend who works as a hostess, I am very reassured, because all goods are purchased at big supermarkets with decent invoices. Trading in Japanese cosmetics, European portable cosmetics, Korean portable cosmetics… all of you can do business with friends or relatives who are living and working abroad, thanks to them Import products from genuine cosmetic stores.

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5. If you want to open a portable cosmetics store, you must have a service vision

Open a portable cosmetic store That means you are in the service profession, so our principle is not to make mistakes in customer service, the customer is always king.

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With such a clear definition, when recruiting employees, I spent a lot of time training them. My curriculum includes: Welcoming, consulting, storing and managing customer information, receiving customer feedback and processing, announcing promotions, etc. Employees must complete the task of “please guests come.” please, please”, always keep a warm, friendly attitude, enthusiastically advise and explain to customers to find the right product as quickly as possible.

Taking the position as a customer, like you, I don’t like a shop where the staff is superficial, unfriendly, not respectful to customers, etc. I’ve come back, but don’t say it’s a waste of time to come back.

Therefore, management training and employee compensation are extremely important. Must be very strict, fine fines and rewards clearly, the salary must also be reasonable compared to the work they spend. Only then will they focus and work hard for you.

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Now after more than a year opening a portable cosmetic shop, I have built a reputation and have a steady and growing number of regular customers. Not confident, but I think my success is well deserved. Because I have determined the right direction from the beginning, taking the word “Mind” – ie quality as a guideline to control the word “Money” – profit. Only when you have absolute trust from customers, everything will become much simpler!

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