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Experience for beginners

When trading in electrical appliances, learning from successful people is indispensable for beginners. Let’s find out with Sapo in this article.

Household electrical appliances are indispensable items in daily life. Manufacturers and companies are always trying their best to deliver the best products to consumers.

If you are intending to open a business store, then a few experiences of opening an electrical appliance store below will help you to have a more successful business. Please pocket these experiences to start a solid business!

Household electrical appliances are traded by many people

Business principles of household electrical appliances

There are 3 essential principles you need to know:

  • The first, interested in needs, ask where you opened up. The prerequisites help you decide on the accompanying factors such as location, size, approach …
  • Monday, try to diversify products. Product diversity means that the products you sell are products from many brands, with different prices and functions, customers can freely choose what is most suitable.
  • Tuesday, equip yourself with certain knowledge about the products you trade. Be a consultant to your own customers about those products and the layout for their needs.

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How to prepare capital?

Capital is the most important factor to open a successful home appliance store. You need a certain amount of capital to rent space, buy facilities and import goods or even pay employees. But if you do not have a lot of capital, a small business that imports less and less developed products is also a good way.

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Less capital makes it easier for you to turn around capital. And please leave working capital for your store to import goods during peak seasons. Because the money will not be able to collect immediately in a short time. In addition, you need to have a reserve fund in case something unexpected happens. Reserve capital is about 5% of total investment capital.

Choose a suitable business location

Business location is also a factor you need to consider when opening an electrical appliance store. Because it is a practical industry with people’s lives.

household electrical appliances business

Business location is very important in electrical equipment business

You should find a densely populated place, with a lot of people passing by such as residential areas, shopping, etc. The store does not need a large area, but it must have enough space to arrange products so that customers can see a lot of things. variety and variety of products that you trade. In addition, the store should be located in a location that is not out of sight and has parking space for customers.

You can choose an area close to where you live to have a relationship with your neighbors. It’s a source of potential customers that you don’t need to search for.

Prepare facilities, decorate, display

When opening an electrical appliance store, you need to prepare some necessary items in the store. Display shelves or counters are used quite a lot. Depending on the size of the store, arrange the shelves appropriately.

In addition, the management software application will improve the efficiency of your business. The most important thing when using management software is that you always capture the stock situation of best-selling and less-noticed items to capture the tastes of customers. There are three solutions to this problem:

Management by books: this is the traditional way. But in my opinion should not be used because: you will take a long time to update, product statistics; During the update process, there is a risk of writing it wrong or making a mistake. More serious is that if someone takes the book, it is done.

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Management by MS Excel software: if you don’t have enough capital at first, use this solution. This is also a good method.

Management by software: If the following conditions are available, a software management solution can be equipped. Because the software has the function of integrating devices such as cameras, barcode scanners, cash registers, etc.

Not only is the management of goods, inventory or quick calculations, a professional sales software also helps store owners easily track revenue, expenditure and the most accurate business report, thereby giving the most accurate business plans. Appropriate business plan, minimizing risks.

household electrical appliances business

Business experience in household electrical appliances for beginners

Business products from people who have experience in trading household electrical appliances

As mentioned above, choose to trade in items that are suitable for customers’ tastes and living standards of the location where the store is located. Not only suitable economically but also artistically. Try to satisfy customers with the products you have.

Choose a reputable supplier similar to those who have experience in trading household electrical appliances

You can rely on family relationships to see who has a good source of goods to be able to import, or you can go to the internet and enter Google to type in search terms such as: find a Japanese LED distributor, be a Humitsu LED dealer. ,… will issue the distributor information, you can contact for the best quotation and sales policy.

Create a friendly sales environment and relationships with other partners

Relationship building is most important in the business process. Doing any job requires people to work with, in addition to supporting each other, it is a trade link to expand the market.

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Electrical appliance stores are a highly competitive industry. Sales activities need to be supported by the price of suppliers. Therefore, building relationships with suppliers will help you receive more incentives.

Your attitude of service and advice will greatly determine the choice of customers, so try to bring them the best services. Remember that the customer is the one who makes the choice to buy or not to buy…

Online business of household appliances, why not?

Selling home appliances online will help you reach and sell to a large number of potential customers in more distant locations. To reach an online audience, start with a home appliance website with a professional and modern design. However, to sell, you need to post pictures and product information on the website. You can refer to relationships or learn more online to choose a designer with a modern website.

After you have a complete home appliance website, it’s time to attract customers to you. Through promotions such as “Big sale in opening week”, or “buy in golden hour to receive great promotion”… Don’t forget to run Google Adwords ads to attract customers’ attention. shop when looking for household products.

Branding and selling on facebook through a fanpage is indispensable in the current online business trend. For fanpage, don’t forget to do Facebook Ads to attract customers.

Along with that, the return policy, online payment in various forms and a reasonable customer care strategy are also important factors that contribute significantly to your success when trading home appliances online. The above information is only a small part of what you need to know when entering this market, however, we hope to help you feel more confident when starting a business with a home appliance store. I wish you luck and success !

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