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Elegant hobby to earn millions

Like other pastimes, keeping aquarium fish in the home and office has become popular and loved by many people. Not only businessmen raising ornamental fish because of feng shui meanings, many families and young people also choose to be friends with lovely fish as a hobby, bringing a little relaxation after stressful working hours.

Along with the development of the Internet, the trend of online shopping and selling has been increasingly expanding the product portfolio, no longer focusing on fashion and electronic products, bringing many business opportunities. more for everyone. And if interested in the idea online ornamental fish business then this will be a solution to make money online to help satisfy your love of opening a fish shop, as well as increase your income.

Online aquarium business: the hobby of making millions

Opening an online aquarium business: the hobby of making millions

1. Online aquarium business plan

The potential market for online aquarium business is still very attractive. For a long time, the harmony in the five elements has been interested and applied by Vietnamese people to life. Especially, the raising of ornamental fish is a measure to ensure the harmony of the five elements as well as increase the fortune of the family and the business. Therefore, the fact that the giants often only spend tens or even hundreds of millions to buy individual Arowana and Arhat fish is no longer strange in life. However, when choosing the aquarium business, your focus customers will not only be these giants, but also expand to households and individuals who have needs and love for ornamental fish such as employees. office, young family.

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Similar to other fields, to have an effective online aquarium business idea, you need to be equipped and regularly improve your knowledge about aquarium fish and consumer trends.

Currently popular ornamental fish: Most ornamental fish are now chosen to be raised because of feng shui meanings in the family or workplace such as: Arhat fish, Arowana fish, Discus fish, freshwater aquarium fish, Koi fish or Koi fish. sea ​​fish such as Clown fish, Two-color Angel fish, Mouse grouper …

Arowana fish - one of the favorite ornamental fish and high price

Arowana fish – one of the favorite ornamental fish and high price

Clownfish - a favorite marine aquarium fish

Clownfish – a favorite marine aquarium fish

Because of feng shui, buyers will need to choose beautiful and healthy individuals to raise, so you need to equip yourself with knowledge of fish selection. The way to raise and take care of Arowana and Arhat fish will be different from raising ornamental fish in the sea, in addition, these types cannot be kept together. For example, as with Arhat fish, expensive individuals need to have a slightly thick body, many individuals may be slightly round, full belly, the larger the head is hunched, the more valuable it is, the scales are shiny, the fish is colorful. red or bright red. In addition, you need to understand the living and reproductive characteristics of fish so that you can best advise customers.

With aquariums, there are some notes that you need to advise customers before choosing to buy and install products. According to the shape, there are types of tanks such as: round, semi-circular, triangular, square and rectangular, designed and decorated in the form of wall, wall, display …. The commonly used material is glass, which brings brightness to the room and is easy to clean. Depending on the requirements of the user, you need to choose and construct the appropriate aquarium. When buying and using an aquarium, you need to advise customers to ensure that the five elements with Kim are the fish tank (shape, material), Thuy (the water source in the tank), Fire (the color of the fish and other animals). objects in the tank), Moc (grass, aquatic plants, coral) and Tho (rock), both aesthetically pleasing and safe for aquarium fish.

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online business

Rectangular aquarium, wall mounted

Online source of fish business: You need to find yourself a good and quality aquarium supply. If you have financial conditions and a spacious location, you can buy fingerlings for self-care and selection. You can buy a large number of ornamental fish at Yen Phu fishing village or from foreign markets such as Singapore (mainly Arowana, Arhat), Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan through dealers or online. continue to research the market. You can buy a few pairs of ornamental fish and breed them yourself, but this requires experience and business capital.

Aquarama Fair in Singapore for aquarium fish and care accessories

Aquarama Fair in Singapore for aquarium fish and care accessories

Unlike other fields, customers often only need to buy 1 product to be able to use it themselves, when buying ornamental fish, customers will have an additional need for advice and purchase accompanying products such as aquariums. aquarium, water purifier, food (or automatic feed machine), tank lights, heater and other plants in the tank. According to the share of Kenny Yap, who is known as the King of aquarium fish in Singapore, with 1 $ to buy fish, customers will spend another $ 1-5 for aquarium accessories and food. These are also the expanded services that you need to aim for when starting an online aquarium business.

2. How effective is the aquarium business?

Online business in general and opening an online aquarium store in particular are gradually becoming easier thanks to sales solutions. If you want to sell fashion clothes, you can sell on fanpage or forum. But with aquarium fish, a prerequisite for an online business is that you need to have or design a website yourself.

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This will be a useful online store when customers can choose the type of fish, quantity, style or simply consult information before making a purchase. With publicly listed product and service information, along with a warranty policy for aquariums, your water filter products will create more impressions in the hearts of customers. Besides professionally designed aquarium website, you need to develop more fanpage or blog to exchange and update news and interact with customers.

Online aquarium business should create a website to increase presence

With an online aquarium business, you need to prepare a store or a place to raise fish to ensure the condition of the fish and create conditions for customers to come see and buy fish. You can invest in a cement or glass tank system and raise each type of fish separately to ensure the health and quality of the fish.

Before embarking on an online aquarium business, you need to raise and create a passion for aquarium fish yourself, becoming an ornamental fisherman will bring valuable knowledge and experience to the consulting and management process. your future business. – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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