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Effective shoe business tips for beginners

In the content of the article below, Sapo Blog will show you the difficulties in the journey of starting a business and Experience opening a shoe shop help you succeed. Watch closely, maybe you will see yourself there and find a better direction for the shoe shop in the future.

shoe sales experience

The experience of opening a shoe shop from successful people

1. What are the difficulties in opening a shoe business?

In the fiercely competitive market with many difficulties, no one can confidently say that they always have smooth sailing during the start-up process. Business shop owners in general and online shoe business in particular always face a lot of problems, such as:

  • Not being quick to grasp consumer tastes in terms of color, design and quality;
  • Don’t know how to find a variety of sources with beautiful products at reasonable prices to meet the needs of buyers; as well as reputable footwear suppliers, capable of meeting urgent orders.
  • Need a lot of capital to import goods in large quantities, because when importing less, the price is usually higher, so there is not much profit, or it is difficult to compete with other competitors;
  • Not knowing how to take advantage of marketing channels to attract potential customers and retain them for a long time;
  • Constantly having inventory, incurring additional inventory management costs and not knowing how to liquidate these inventory products.

shoe business

What are the difficulties in opening a shoe shop?

And many other difficulties that cannot be mentioned in the experience of opening a shoe shop shared above. So how to solve the above difficulties to promote business further? That is the concern of many shoe store owners today.

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2. Tips for effective shoe business tips for beginners

2.1. Tips for importing shoes

With Experience opening a shoe shop A traditional shoe store needs to ensure that there is a certain amount of stock available for customers to try on before buying.

At the same time, it is also necessary to regularly update new and diverse models to satisfy their shopping needs, because “connoisseurs” are always very sensitive to new footwear trends in the country and in the world.

shoe business experience

Experience in selling shoes

However, the flood of footwear products on the market today, mixed from foreign brands to VNXK shoes, or domestic footwear companies, even Chinese shoes, makes buyers as well as Chinese. Shoes shop owners must be “dizzy” not knowing how to choose goods.

Tip 1: What to import depends on the business orientation and the target audience. For example, selling foreign-brand shoes to luxury customers; VNXK shoes and domestic brands’ shoes for mid-range and affordable customers, for example.

selling shoes

Experience opening a shoe shop

Tip 2: Experience opening a shoe store should find goods from reputable suppliers with many preferential policies for shop owners such as inventory return policy, shipping cost support, etc.

For example, if you want to import VNXK footwear, you can rely on a number of suppliers that are popular with many business shops today such as the Shoe Factory of An Thai Minh Co., Ltd. has a warehouse at 111 Dinh Cong, P. Thinh Liet, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi;

Viet Hai shoe factory at No. 28 – Alley 389/17 Cau Giay – Hanoi; Shoe processing factory of Mai Nguyen Fashion Joint Stock Company at 144 Luong Ngoc Quyen, Ward 5, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City; or like xuonggiay,,, etc.

Tip 3: Assess the market price before importing goods, and at the same time, it is recommended to import from many different sources to ensure the most diverse and affordable models. Some addresses for you to check prices are: Dong Xuan market, Ninh Hiep market (Hanoi), Lim market (Bac Ninh), Tan Binh market (HCMC), border gates to China, Laos, Thailand Lan, Cambodia; even go to Guangzhou, Shanghai to find out the source of goods.

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To find a quality source, you can refer to the following articles:

* Suggest where to buy wholesale shoes at good prices

* Experience required when importing shoes from China

2.2. Tips for choosing a business premises

Open a shoe shop

How to sell shoes effectively

Location is one of the most important business factors for a brick-and-mortar shoe store. In order to attract customers and make them easy to find, you should rent space in a densely populated area, with many passersby, with ample parking space, convenient for buyers to visit the store.

It is best to rent a place on the street side of the streets with many shoe and fashion stores such as Ton Duc Thang, Nguyen Quy Duc, Cau Giay, Kim Ma, etc.

2.3. Product pricing tips

Open a shoe shop

Effective footwear business

Unless they are high-end products that meet a customer base that is not very price-sensitive, if you only trade in popular footwear products with no product difference compared to competitors, you will not be able to sell them. No one can compete without making a price difference.

Therefore, it is necessary to constantly update the price situation in the market, quickly grasp the promotional tactics of competitors to make appropriate adjustments for your store.

If your product is undifferentiated, pricing should be based on factors such as: what stage of the product life cycle the product is in; buyer’s tastes; and especially the popular selling price in the market.

2.4. Shoe store management tips

How to manage a shoe store effectively, avoid loss when you have hundreds of models of men’s and women’s shoes with all kinds of different sizes and numbers? Imagine that every time a customer asks you, you run into the warehouse to rummage around to find the size for the customer; And what if out of stock?

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Forget those things when using sales management software. You can manage each product by barcode, making payment super fast, no need to remember price and product information. Inventories are automated unless a customer purchases, letting you know right away whether stock is available or out of stock.

If you are wondering which software provider to choose, please see the article below.

shoe business

Top 4 best shoe store management software

Manage details of color, size, origin, supplier of shoes. Capture profit and loss by day.


2.5. Marketing and Advertising Tips

Experience opening a shoe shop

What should I pay attention to when opening a shoe store?

For effective marketing and advertising, you need to prepare in advance a specific plan of what you need to do to attract customers, such as handing out flyers; build an online community based on facebook fanpage, forum, forum, ..; run facebook ads, Google Adwords ads; offer promotions, discounts;…

In particular, the warranty service and door-to-door delivery will help your shoe business make a difference and score plus points in the eyes of customers.

Besides, you should sell on many channels to be able to reach many customers such as selling on Zalo, selling on Sendo, selling on Facebook…

If you are interested in this issue, you can refer to the following articles:

* Details of everything you need to prepare to open a successful shoe business

* 6 notes when opening a shoe store

Hope some Experience opening a shoe shop The above will help you in the process of pursuing your dream of a footwear business. Good luck!

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