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Earn millions per day with the fruit juice shop model

Model of fruit juice shop is being evaluated by the business world as one of the trendy and appropriate directions in the FnB industry. Why has the fruit juice shop model become such a potential model? What preparation is required before selling this item? All will be answered in the following article of

1. Why should you choose the fruit juice shop model?

It is no coincidence that many people entering the FnB industry choose the fruit juice shop model as a starting point, because of the following advantages:

1.1 Low capital investment

With the fruit juice shop model, you will almost be able to reduce a lot of complicated costs compared to other products. With a starting capital of 15-20 million, you can own a fruit juice stall,

For example: You choose a small business, you only need to spend a relative amount of capital to buy processing equipment such as grinders, presses, cap presses, raw materials…. was able to conduct business.

Notes on the fruit juice shop model
Model of fruit juice shop

1.2 High profit

Almost customers of the fruit juice shop model are students, students, office workers, working people… and especially this group of customers accounts for a very large proportion.

According to a survey with fruit juice shops, the profit from this fruit juice shop model can be up to 2-3 million / 1 day. If the location is good and the quality is stable even this number can be much larger.

1.3 Active business

The fruit juice business can almost be proactive about the selling position (except for those who choose the fruit juice shop model). Shop owners can choose potential locations or places with potential customers to do business.

Choosing this model, you can sell it in the form of take-away, drink at the bar… suitable for the needs of many customers today.

Why should you choose the fruit juice shop model?
The fruit juice shop model brings great profit potential

2. Current models of fruit juice shops

Depending on the purpose, audience and different capital, you can choose different fruit juice shop models. Here are the 3 most popular fruit juice business models today:

2.1. Model of fruit juice shop

With this model, the owner needs to have a certain knowledge of nutrition and health before starting a business.

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In addition, the owner needs to invest in more equipment to preserve machinery, process and sort fruits to ensure that the finished products are always fresh and delicious, and food hygiene and safety is ensured.

Note: With the fruit juice business model, this model is suitable for anyone with a relative amount of capital.

2.2. Fruit juice bar

Fruit juice stall is the most popular fruit juice shop model, especially suitable for those who are just starting out or entering this business for the first time.

Shop owners do not need to invest too much, just need a small car with full materials and eye-catching decoration to be able to sell immediately.

With this business model can bring unexpected profits if you find a prime location, reasonable price and have a variety of drinks.

However, the point to note with this fruit juice shop model is that it is necessary to choose places where there is no sign of banning sales to avoid being reminded and confiscated.

Models of fruit juice shops
Fruit juice bar is a model many people choose

2.3. Business fruit juice combined with sugarcane juice, centella asiatica

The reason you can combine and sell these 3 drinks together is because they all have in common that they are very popular, very popular and very easy to sell. Adding these drinks to the menu will help your bar be more diverse, customers will have more choices.

However, in order to ensure the quality of the drink, you should hire an additional 1,2 people to help because the preparation method is a bit different.

3. Things to prepare when trading fruit juice

Before embarking on a fruit juice shop business model, the owner will almost have to prepare a lot of work such as: Identify and research key customers, capital, find locations …

Specific job content is as follows:

3.1. Identify and research your target customers

Identifying the right target audience is one of the most important things. Because who is the target audience who will decide the capital, location, drinks and related advertising issues later…

For example, if you choose your target audience as a group of students / students, the fruit juice shop model is take-away, the business location should be near schools or student accommodation… Price into about 15-35k / cup to fit the wallets of these objects

3.2. Prepare capital

The most basic thing about capital that you need to know before embarking on a fruit juice business is:

  • How much is the initial investment?
  • How much is the maintenance capital?
  • How much is the capital to deal with the arising incidents?

Estimate all costs. Especially in the first 2-3 months, you need to determine not much interest. Because, this is the time when you need to create campaigns to let more people know about your shop, spend a lot of advertising costs….

3.3. Suitable sales location

Once the key customers and capital have been identified, the next step to deploy the fruit juice shop model is to find a suitable business location.

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Normally, when doing business in fruit juice stalls, you should give priority to survey at locations such as: Near office buildings, dining complexes, schools, dormitories, student hostels….

There is a small note before deciding to choose a business location, please consult your neighbors for information such as:

  • What was the business in the past?
  • Why stop doing business here?
  • What land is this restaurant built on? (residential land, planting land, land in the planning, cemetery land, …)

You need to understand the location of the shop you want to rent to avoid unnecessary risks in the trading process (land disputes, lack of customers due to unfavorable location, bad land …)

prepare when trading fruit juice
Densely populated places, near the school are very suitable for selling fruit juice

3.4. Prepare legal documents

You need to complete the legal procedures before putting your juice shop into operation. Any product, field and business model requires a business license and tax payment in accordance with the law.

In addition, you also need to apply for a certificate of food hygiene and safety from the Ministry of Health. In addition, if you want to expand your scale and increase revenue, you also need to link up with famous food selling apps and review companies such as: Grab Food, BAEMIN, Shopee Food, Feedy…

3.5. Equipment and supplies

Indispensable in a juice bar are tables and chairs, juicers, blenders, refrigerators, cups (short, long), take-away plastic cups, straws, milk, sugar… Value of these items are not big but you need to buy a lot so at this step, you will lose “quite” money to prepare.

In addition, to optimize operating costs and make the process more professional, many shops also need to purchase more Sapo FnB management software to increase service efficiency.

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3.6. Make a menu for the restaurant

In addition to traditional drinks such as toad/guava/watermelon/mango juice…You can modify other drinks to make the menu attractive and increase the competitiveness of the fruit juice shop model.

However, if you let yourself think of it, the success rate is often very low and sometimes causes problems such as allergies, intestinal effects, poisoning …

To be on the safe side, sign up for basic bartending classes to master the recipe for each fruit combination. This not only enhances the taste of the drink, but also ensures the health of the customer.

3.7. Advertising/Marketing of the store

Brainstorming promotional ideas and organizing a grand opening program will help your juice shop brand be known more widely.

The advertising/marketing ways that you can refer to are: Posting on personal Facebook pages, on groups (residents, business groups..), creating Website Order, using other famous communication channels. such as Tiktok, Instagram, Google to share the address and the main drinks of the shop.

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3.8. Name the signboard

The more eye-catching and impressive the business sign is, the easier it is to attract the attention of customers. Regarding the name of the shop, the simplest formula you can refer to is: your own name + the main type of business.

Example: Thanh Tam fruit juice shop. Or Thanh Tam – Specializing in fruit juice..

In addition, you can also use impressive names such as: My friend’s shop, Cam’s restaurant…

Name the signboard
Put an impressive sign to help customers remember your shop longer

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3.9. Regularly decorate the shop in accordance with the holidays and New Year

One of the ways to attract more customers to the shop is to own a beautiful, modern space with many corners to take pictures to check-in. If the model of your fruit juice shop is small, or mid-range, arrange the shop so that it is neat and orderly.

It is not necessary to spend too much money to redecorate the shop every holiday, but you still need to make subtle changes such as hanging more lights, renting Christmas trees, apricots, peaches, kumquats, etc. increase customer satisfaction.

4. Notes when trading fruit juice

Although implementing the fruit juice shop model is much simpler than other products in the FnB industry. However, with the current fierce economic competition, if you do not equip yourself with sufficient skills and knowledge, it will very easily lead to failure.

If you have chosen the fruit juice shop model, keep the following in mind to make your business plan smoother.

  • Should combine traditional sales with communication channels to increase revenue faster.
  • Business fruit juice suitable for hot weather. So take advantage of promoting the business campaign at this time.
  • For the winter and fall, research fruit drinks that can be drunk hot such as hot peach orange lemongrass tea, hot cinnamon orange tea, etc. to suit the weather.
  • Developing door-to-door delivery services, improving the process of packaging and preserving drinks to make customers feel satisfied.
  • Create a highlight for your drink menu, this will help customers feel more impressive than other fruit juice shops.
  • Optimize service and quality by retrofitting coffee shop management software, juices, to avoid mistaken orders, delayed ordering and quick payment, saving time for both customers and employees. .

Above is all information about the fruit juice shop model, the things to prepare as well as the notes before trading fruit juice. Wish you successful business with FnB industry.

If you are about to start a fruit juice shop business model and are referring to coffee and juice management software, please find out below.

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