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Business Lessons for Beginners

In business it is a fact that successful people fail more than unsuccessful people, nothing is absolutely perfect from the first act. For those who are just starting out, it is very useful to take the time to learn business experiences through the success stories of those who have gone before, you do not need to learn too many things, but you need to learn the necessary knowledge. necessary to become successful and become rich. 5 business lesson Here are the bloody experiences that we want to share with you to help you get the fastest success.

business lesson

1.Lessons on market assessment methods

The first business lesson comes from a classic story “Shoes in Africa” ​​that teaches us how to evaluate the market in business.

The two shoe manufacturers simultaneously sent employees to Africa to explore market development directions here. The employee of the first company, after reviewing, called the corporation: “There is no hope of developing the market here, because the people of this country only go barefoot”. As for the second company employee, excitedly called to his company: “Come here quickly, because this is the perfect place to sell shoes. People here don’t have shoes to wear.” As a result, the second company immediately planned to develop the market in this continent and succeeded. Lesson learned here is that the same thing but two people have two different ways of seeing and evaluating. African people walking barefoot is just a habit in backward economic conditions. If it is considered a constant factor, it will ignore a potential market like the first person did. On the contrary, seeing that the habit can change with the development of the economy like the second person will be successful.

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2. Lessons on business strategy

Letting customers compete with each other is a wise secret, both helping to spread information quickly in the community of potential customers and helping to boost sales. Business you need to know customer psychology, most customers have one of the desires to express themselves, express personal opinions and contribute something to the community.

It is letting these three customers compete with each other, making everyone actively participate, creating an exciting competition movement in the customer community itself.

Just like a beggar holding a placard that says “Which religion cares most about the homeless” and as a result, followers compete to give alms to this beggar.

business lesson

3.The lesson of choice

The success or failure of people lies in how they see the world and determine their place. If you have positive thoughts, the world as you see it will be the best fulcrum for you to improve yourself. If you have negative thoughts and a dependent attitude, the world as you see it can only be a capital for you to squander. People who always see and seize opportunities in every place rarely fail because “successful people see opportunity in difficulty, losers see difficulty in opportunity”.

4. Work for passion instead of responsibility.

We can’t control our fate, but each person has the right to choose his or her attitude to live. If you want to live a happy life, why not take a few minutes to write down what will make you happy. When you get to do what you love, you feel happy, that’s the most important thing. What if the results don’t work as expected? You also don’t want to do a job you don’t love in exchange for money.

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When you care, give love, you feel happy. If you get even a little response, enjoy that “little”. Since people’s greed for love and money is boundless, if you already have the will to receive more, this “more” will never be enough. This does not mean that you choose a pessimistic lifestyle or lack motivational dreams. Your passion is still there, your dream of doing great things is still there. What’s different is that you chose to behave differently in the face of unexpected things. It will help you have an abundant source of energy that will never run out on your journey.

If one day you face things that don’t go as expected, remember the saying: “Look at the half of a glass of water instead of the empty part.” – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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