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Business experience in children’s play area for beginners 2022

Currently, children’s play area business is a potential “money-making” model and has many development opportunities in the near future. You want to start a children’s play area including steam house, ball house, trampoline, fishing, horse wheel…but don’t know where to start, how much capital is enough,…All the above questions will be answered by in the article below to help you run your children’s play area business more effectively.

1. What is a children’s play area? Why is the “children’s play area” worth the investment?

Children are often hyperactive and quite interested in entertaining games. Children’s play area is a place where many different games are gathered in one space. Here, children can freely play, participate in their favorite games from motor games to intellectual games. Not only children, but parents also love it because it will help children develop in the most comprehensive way, help connect family feelings and especially form social communication skills.

What is a children's play area?
What is a children’s play area?

Currently, the children’s play area is developing with two forms including:

  • Children’s play areas are located in typical homes such as in commercial centers or apartments, large supermarkets in provinces and cities. This place mainly focuses on movement games and video games. On a normal day, indoor children’s play areas can serve up to 1000 guests.
  • Outdoor children’s play area combined with sightseeing services at parks and zoos. This form of play area helps children immerse themselves in the natural world to learn more new knowledge such as animals, trees, …
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Currently, children’s playgrounds are very lacking in quantity and weak in quality, so the idea of ​​​​a children’s play area business will have a lot of development opportunities, helping you to make a lot of money. Besides, this form of investment is less risky and can be implemented for a long time. However, in order to do business effectively in this field, she needs to combine the factor of “geographic advantage, human harmony”, in which the geographical factor has a great influence.

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2. Business experience in children’s playground for beginners

2.1 Location is key

The place needs to be large enough to accommodate the devices, with a safe distance between them as well as a wide aisle. Not only that, the place also needs a parking area for parents to pick up and drop off their children as well as a clean toilet area. You can consider locations that are close to residential areas but do not affect people’s lives, flower gardens and parks are also options for her to consider.

Location is key

2.2 Managing children’s play area has never been easy

Do you have experience in business or store management? Because when you start operating, you need to have full staff in positions such as security guards, car parking, game operators, food vendors, etc. Each person has a job, but under the management of the system. Only the manager can ensure that the children’s playground business goes into safe and orderly operation.

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amusement park management
Managing children’s play area has never been easy

2.3 Where to rent play equipment?

You can contact one of the following units to ask to rent or buy new amusement equipment:


These units can advise and design the construction of equipment as well as have a professional warranty for you.

2.4 How much does it cost to open a children’s play area?

The cost to start a children’s play area business is usually around 500-700 million for a small play area. Whether you invest a lot or a little, you should also calculate and divide it into sections for easy tracking as well as a suitable fare calculation plan. The first payments will be the rent or purchase of equipment at the amusement park and a deposit for the premises.

How much does it cost to open a children’s play area?

Later, each month you will need to spend other expenses such as: location rent, staff salaries, electricity, water, equipment maintenance… So, right from this moment, you should start making the first details. output, input capital to balance and give appropriate ticket level. You also need to find out information related to the necessary documents to open the amusement park with the People’s Committee. During the business process, the amusement park should ensure the safety of equipment as well as maintain a clean and safe environment for the children.

2.5 Combination of snacks business

This is the way to increase revenue for your children’s play area business model. The entrance price to amusement parks ranges from 100,000 to 200,000, but parents often pay up to 50% of the cost for snacks to help their children recharge and lose energy when participating in activities. You can trade in fast and convenient foods such as hot dogs, bread, soft drinks, … because these are almost all favorite dishes of children.

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combined snack business
Combination of snacks business

The number of visitors to use the service and buy food is often very large. If you sell many products at the same time, you should ask for help from Sapo FnB restaurant management software. The software helps you to order accurately, pay automatically, multi-method. Currently, Sapo FnB is having a free trial program within 7 days. Please quickly click on the “free trial” button below to experience this effective restaurant management solution.

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2.6 Marketing how to attract customers

In the early days of opening, you can apply programs such as discounting tickets or giving away balloons and toys to attract attention. Propaganda through leaflets and posters near the opening of the amusement park. You should also list and calculate specific advertising items, printing leaflets, designing banners….and allocating budget accordingly.

Above are the children’s playground business experience that you should know and apply. Sapo Blog hopes you will be really successful with your business model. See you in the next posts. – Biên dịch & Biên soạn Lại


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